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Beyond Social Justice

A discussion with Ian Mayes, Nexus X Humectress, and Keith Preston about how social justice activism has led anarchist movements astray and lots of other stuff. Topics include: Anarcho-pacifism Intentional communities Beyond Social Justice: how historical opposition to valid injustices has now evolved into something absurd. How totalitarian […]

Anarchism and Spirituality

Attack the System Anarchism and Spirituality: An Interview with Jay Cypher February 22, 2014 Keith Preston interviews Jay Cypher, anarchist anthropologist and scholar of the relationship between spirituality, religion, and social movements. Topics include: Topics include: Her recent lecture “Anarchy and Spiritual Practice.” Libertarian tendencies within various religious […]

Women Against The State

Attack the System Women Against the State February 1, 2014 A panel discussion with M.K. Lords, Becky Belding, Trista Rundatz, and Keith Preston about gender issues in the libertarian milieu, and wider issues facing the libertarian and anarchist movements. Topics include: Topics include: Why anti-state movements attract more […]

Beyond Partisanship: The Fundamentals of Pan-Secessionist Activism

Attack the System Beyond Partisanship: The Fundamentals of Pan-Secessionist Activism January 5, 2014 Keith Preston gives a comprehensive overview of the ARV-ATS strategic outlook and clarifies certain misconceptions. Topics include: Why the philosophy of self-determination transcends ordinary partisan boundaries. The need to distinguish the meta-political and meta-strategic concepts […]

Attack the System: Who Are the Power Elite?

Attack the System Who Are the Power Elite? December 29, 2013 Keith Preston dissects the American ruling class. Topics include: The difference between power elite analysis and conspiracy theories. Power elite analysis versus theories of democratic pluralism. Classical elite theory as developed during the interwar period of the […]

Attack the System: An Interview with Todd Lewis

Attack the System An Interview with Todd Lewis November 24, 2013 Keith Preston interviews Christian philosopher Todd Lewis. Topics include: Anti-state traditions within historic Christianity. The essence of the Christian faith and the nature of an organic Christian community. The Christian pacifist tradition of thinkers such as Leo […]

The Next 30 Years of American Politics

Attack the System The Next 30 Years of American Politics October 13, 2013 Keith Preston discusses how American political culture will likely develop over the next few decades. Topics include: Why the American Empire will continue to implode due to loss of legitimacy and fiscal constraints. Why American […]

The World According to ARV-ATS

Attack the System The World According to ARV-ATS September 29, 2013 Keith Preston discusses contemporary events from the perspective of the ARV-ATS philosophy and strategy. Topics include: How Putin’s upstaging of Obama over Syria indicates the American state’s loss of legitimacy. The possibility of a bloc of “rogue […]

Grand Alliance Theory and Fourth Generation Warfare, Part Two: In Defense of Revolutionary Struggle

Attack the System Grand Alliance Theory and Fourth Generation Warfare, Part Two: In Defense of Revolutionary Struggle September 22, 2013 Keith Preston continues the discussion of revolutionary action within the context of contemporary political and military circumstances. Topics include: The unfortunate tendency of many contemporary radicals towards lifestyle […]

The Life and Times of Jerry Rubin

Biographical Podcast The Life and Times of Jerry Rubin September 21, 2013 Keith Preston examines the career of a 1960s radical leader and how it symbolizes the history of American society over the past 50 years. Topics include: Rubin’s role as an early anti-Vietnam War protest organizer, founder […]

Grand Alliance Theory and Fourth Generation Warfare

Attack the System Grand Alliance Theory and Fourth Generation Warfare September 15, 2013 Keith Preston discusses the definitive elements of the revolutionary struggle. Topics include: Common criticisms directed at ARV-ATS including accusations of reformism, crypto-statism, egalitarian populism, and reactionary nationalism. The need to strike a healthy balance between […]

Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right

Attack the System Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right September 8, 2013 Keith Preston revisits some of the core ATS documents in light of contemporary events. Topics include: How the neoconservatives have been eclipsed by the liberal internationalists as predicted in the 2003 essay “Philosophical Anarchism and the […]

Weekly News Update: September 2, 2013

News of the Week Update September 2, 2013 Keith Preston discusses American saber rattling against Syria. Topics include: The role of the Power Elite in building the American Empire. The amazing continuity of U.S. foreign policy regardless of which party is in power. The convergence of interests that […]

Cascadia: Interview with Casey Corcoran

ATS editors Keith Preston and Vince Rinehart discuss Cascadia and bioregionalism with guest Casey Corcoran.

Topics include:

-Defining Cascadia as a place rather than a political entity.
-The ideas and history of bioregionalism as a movement.
-The commonalities shared by colonized peoples.
-The relationship between ecological crises and colonialism.
-The need for food sovereignty.
-How technological and ecological values can co-exist.
-Why radical localism is the path to resistance.
-The film “Occupied Cascadia.”

Update August 18, 2013

News of the Week Update August 18, 2013 ATS News of the Week Commentary with Keith Preston. Topics include: The harassment of Glenn Greenwald’s partner in London. The emerging left/right unity in opposition to the surveillance state. The work of writers like John Whitehead and William Norman Grigg […]

Where the Right Goes Wrong

Attack the System Where the Right Goes Wrong August 18, 2013 Keith Preston replies to conservative critic Todd Lewis’ critique of his work. Topics include: The actual origins and meaning of historic conservatism and why the contemporary American “conservative movement” is in fact a leftist movement. The roots […]

The Necessity of Defending the Undefendable

Attack the System The Necessity of Defending the Undefendable August 4, 2013 Keith Preston says too many anarchists and libertarians are falling down on the job. Topics include: A discussion of Walter Block’s classic work “Defending the Undefendable” and Sean Gabb’s new book on the decline of free […]

Weekly News Update July 23, 2013

News of the Week Weekly News Update July 23, 2013 July 28, 2013 Keith Preston reviews recent articles that indicate ARV-ATS ideas are now moving into the mainstream. Topics include: Chris Hedges’ admission that the liberal class is a failure and has abandoned the poor in favor of […]

The Growth of Black Anarchism

Attack the System The Growth of Black Anarchism July 28, 2013 ATS senior editors Miles Joyner and Keith Preston discuss anarchist influences on radical tendencies in black communities. Topics include: The reaction of the black community to the Zimmerman verdict. The obscuring of the Bradley Manning trial by […]

Attack the System and the Question of Identity

Attack the System ATS and the Question of Identity July 8, 2013 Keith Preston discusses the theories of Daniel Byman of the RAND Corporation on the development of insurgent movements. Topics include: The identity of ARV/ATS as a challenge to the stagnant political ideas of the anarchist establishment […]

Attack the System: Robert Nozick and the Evolution of Anti-State Thought

Keith Preston discusses the work of the late Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick.

Topics include:

-Nozick’s “Anarchy, State, and Utopia” as a landmark work in political philosophy and its influence in academia.

-How both the Left and Right often read Nozick selectively and vulgarize his thinking.

-The relevance of Nozick’s concept of the “ultra-minimal state” to fourth generation warfare theory.

-Nozick’s concept of a meta-utopia of self-determined communities and how this presents a model for the evolution of anti-state radicalism beyond both leftist anarcho-social democracy and vulgar libertarian plutocratic apologies.

Keith on Bilderberg, Leslie Van Houten, the Surveillance State, and more

ATS News of the Week Commentary with Keith Preston.

Topics include:

-The participants in the current Bilderberg gathering.

-The shooting in Santa Monica.

-The parole hearing of former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten.

-The death of a young Antifa in France.

-Obama’s culpability in the growth of the surveillance state.

-A discussion of Jeffrey St. Clair’s article on the decline of the American Left.

-Scott Locklin’s article on why Americans are too fat and lazy for a revolution.

-The need for an American Hezbollah.

For a Libertarian Legal Revolution

Keith calls for a revolutionary reorganization of law along libertarian lines. Topics include:

-The non-aggression principle as the basis for libertarian law

-Conflicting interpretations of the NAP among anti-state radicals.

-How legal institutions in a stateless society might be organized.

-Much needed reforms within the realm of criminal law.

Neither Big Government nor Big Business

Keith Preston criticizes the mainstream narratives that promote the myth of big government and big business being antagonists of one another.

Topics include:

The false narratives maintained by liberals and conservatives alike regarding the relationship between State and Capital.

The rise in recent years of popular movements rooted in economic discontent.

Radicalizing the Center, Part Two: Reflections on Movement Building

Keith Preston continues his discussion of how to bring revolutionary anarchist ideas into the mainstream.

Topics include:

How the prevalence of cultural leftist fanaticism within the anarchist milieu is undermining the growth of the movement and outreach efforts.

Why the state is a unique institution of oppression and why efforts to equate statism with other forms of authoritarianism are misguided.

Beyond Sectarian Anarchism: Radicalizing the Center

Keith Preston reflects on recent violent conflicts within the anarchist milieu and discusses more constructive approaches.

Topics include:

How the variety of hyphenated forms of anarchism will continue to grow as anarchism becomes a more prevalent political ideology.

How the many hyphens within anarchism need not be a source of division but of strength and potential outreach to an ever greater number of constituencies.

The need for leaders and activists to emerge in different anti-state movements who recognize the need for a united revolutionary front against common enemies.

The Legacy of the New Left: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Keith Preston offers a critical evaluation of the movement that shaped the cultural life of contemporary Western societies.

Topics include:

The intellectual and political origins of the New Left as a “fourth way” movement beyond capitalism, fascism, and communism.

The convergence of social forces during the 1960s that made the growth of the New Left possible.

The success of the New Left at carrying out a comprehensive cultural revolution in Western civilization.

The failure of the New Left at opposing American imperialism, challenging the hegemony of plutocratic capitalism, and preventing the subsequent growth of police state repression.