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“First They Came for the Fascists…”: Reflections on White Nationalism

Attack the System
“First They Came for the Fascists…”: Reflections on White Nationalism

July 21, 2013

Keith Preston strives for an objective analysis of the most taboo political philosophy.

Topics include:

  • The need to defend freedom of opinion and association for everyone.
  • The lack of objective scholarly analysis of white nationalism.
  • The backstory to the odd relationship between ATS and white nationalism.
  • The many variations in white nationalist ideology.
  • Issues raised by white nationalists.
  • Failures and excesses in the white nationalist milieu.
  • The reasons for left-wing hysteria over white nationalists.
  • How the Left and white nationalists often mirror each other.
  • The probable future of white nationalist movements.

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  1. i just wonder WHY the “white power” and nationalists worldwide missuse our sacred symbols? do they think the ancestors from the north would have been proud if they knew that the suncross (who was used to celebrate the power of the sun and love) now are used as a symbol for hate?

    • ‘Hate’ now so commonly litters the public discourse that it is all but meaningless. Anything that anyone opposes – especially if it is politically incorrect (in that it deviates from the cultural Left’s hegemonic status quo) is now labelled ‘hate’. This has done a disservice to intelligent discussion.

    • Do you think our ancestors from the north would gasp in horror at the thought of defending our kind as an exclusive group and keeping outsiders out of our blood and off of our soil? To ask the question is to make an absurd joke. If our ancestors were ethnomasochist submissives like you, we wouldn’t exist.

      • I’d think your ancestors would be shocked concerning the way some of you WN’s act, if you ask me. Go ahead and preserve your own kind for all I care, but your behavior in general makes me not want any part of it.

        • I will put the character, intelligence, and actions of White Nationalists up against those of any other group, ideological or biological, any day. In a world of yellow ribbons, Wacoesque massacres, clear patterns of a one-sided race war in the streets of every political unit with a history of White majority or White rule, and the explicitly stated intention of destroying White, and only White, culture from every center of political and cultural power, you are appalled at the actions of White Nationalists?

          Gee, wonder Why that is. Keep sucking the teletube, homey.

          • Not watching TV at all. Just know by experience what many of you are like, and I don’t like it. Has nothing to do with what I assume my fellow ‘whites’ do, most of whom don’t tear off people’s Thor’s Hammers thinking they’re ‘poseurs’ or any stupid assumption. I’ve taken your word for it anyways — I’ve no part in ‘White’ Nationalism so I shouldn’t have bothered wearing such a stupid piece of jewelry in the first place.

            And I’m just as sickened by what went down in Waco (and Ruby Ridge for that matter even though again I don’t believe in Nazism) as you are. Don’t accuse me of supporting what is obviously a tyrannical government.

            • But here you are complaining about people who simply seek to protect themselves from said “tyrannical government.” You join in the chorus directing your indignation at the group most demonized by the masters of contemporary Western culture, even throwing in the dismissive ‘ ‘ around their identity. Oh do fly that rebel flag high, you brave iconoclast.

              • Huh! Well you just didn’t seem to want me to be a part of it anyways, mister. Not that I ever wanted to. I’ve got no time for exclusive elites, much less pseudo-intellectual ones. Exactly what being ‘white’ makes you so special or smart pretty much eludes me.

                I consider this discussion ended.

                • If being White automatically caused one to be intelligent, you wouldn’t have popped off with that ridiculous and cliched mischaracterization of pro-White ideology.

                  • Oh really. I think people like you are a cliche, not to mention a cartoon. Not much different than the cartoon that the Other, the powers that be or those pathetic Antifa types picture you as. How come you don’t create great art or music for example? I’m sure you think tunes like Boot Party Buffalo Style or Faggot Give Rainbows a Bad Name are classics, but if that’s true I wonder why no one else thinks so? True it may be yet a conspiracy how shitty today’s music is, but I don’t think Rock Against Communism or NSBM really offers much as an alternative to cack like Britney Spears. That’s just an example.

                    Look, can we just leave it at that? You go your way, I go mine. If you think fighting punk rockers at hardcore shows is great, you’re welcome to such a thing. I’ve got better things to do, especially than arguing with someone wrapped up in ideals such as yourself. So long.

                    • So you’re just talking about the art scene? That’s rather specious. Perhaps the reason your understanding of “White Nationalists” is some people in the punk scene is because you hang out in that scene yourself?

                      If you just want to draw isolated comparisons, perhaps suggesting that fans of Bad Religion aren’t as uncouth as fans of Max Resist, we could play that game all day long, perhaps comparing the civility of the dozen or so pro-Whites rallying in DC this past May Day to the typical aggression and obnoxiousness of the tired-ass Social Democrats playing at anarchy who engaged in their usual hissy-fit.

                      Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for underground music, whether it’s the Velvet Underground or Fortress, and the subcultures associated with them, but it is outright absurd to treat that as the whole of a wider ideological understanding and solidarity.

                      Is your superficiality strategic or sincere?

                    • @blackacidlizzard, I really don’t know what you mean by my superficiality. I really don’t think everyone is so wonderful that everyone should be integrated or mated until the human race becomes just a monotonous sameness if that’s what you mean.

                      Generally one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as far as music goes. I’ve yet to hear anything in the RAC or the NSBM genres that was any good much less intelligent, I’m not saying there isn’t. (In Neofolk at least there’s Cult of Youth however…)

                      I’m just saying my experience with WN people haven’t been pleasant to begin with. I wish it was different, not that I’d really want a part of it (iconoclastic non-conformist me, lol!)

                      That said I don’t feel hatred for you at all unlike alot of those Antifa who would get themselves worked up over anyone who even had some kind of non-PC thought. I mean, if you lived in my town we could continue the discussion at the bar in a bit more friendly terms (or I would suppose anyways.)

                      I’m just saying some of what you WN’s do just gives me a bad impression. And anyways I’ve always been an outsider so exactly where I fit in with that stuff I’m doubtful that such a thing is for me in the first place.

      • Wonder why he got his panties in a wad over this. If it weren’t for white nationalists “misusing” his sacred symbols, nobody would know WTF it was. I guess he’s just having his period.

    • Your ancestors from the North did not and would not have condoned miscegenation. That is a primary reason why why White people still exist in relatively unadulterated form as Nordics. Really, in history, the only people that widely miscagenated were Southern and Eastern marauders with Europeans upon their defeat. It isn’t a coincidence that the Arabs for instance, did not noticeably miscagenate with politically weaker tribal Africans. Lighter skinned peoples were always the target.

      Last, your view of the world and history is laughable. As if your notion of “hate” is anything but an invention of the 20th century Bourgeoisie globalists. Your view of history and its peoples is akin to a cartoon. The Northerners hated, and they did so with pride. Everyone did. Grow up; and these symbols are not yours.

  2. “do they think the ancestors from the north would have been proud if they knew that the suncross (who was used to celebrate the power of the sun and love) now are used as a symbol for hate?”

    – It’s not used a symbol of hate. It’s used as a symbol of European racial identity. “Hate” is projected onto it by it’s opponents.

  3. Nice presentation Keith. Heard about you from Sean Gabb’s page at the LA.

    I am about half-way through your podcast and you talk about why people put labels on your group. We’ve seen a rise of ‘hostile cliques’ in the West, who seem to have a zero tolerance towards other belief systems. Don’t know if you’ve seen this video, but I think it sheds light on the phenomenon:

  4. We do not need to wait for White minority to see if Whites will be treated as a targeted group for violence, legal and illegal. With 70% of the US, the disparity between inter-racial violence and “racially motivated hate crime” charges, when coupled with the barest understanding of the attitudes among Whites and non-Whites on the issue of race, shows that caught between the pincer of the mostly White anti-White ruling structure and the partly White anti-White street action, Whites, even anti-White Whites, are already the “figure of hate” in Empire America. It is already open season on Whites, even though it is the White race which still holds the majority of bodies, wealth, weaponry, and official state positions.

    The settling in of white identity politics as just one more minority opinion begging for scraps from the bloody maw of the state is exactly what is being aimed at, exactly what the ruling class wants, and exactly what must be avoided. There is no option both viable and acceptable which does not include crippling this New World America.

  5. @ljp711

    The superficiality I speak of is simply that which I referenced in the same post: your critique of “White Nationalism” seems to be solely a complaint about a subculture centered around music. That’s no different than the jackasses who dismiss “anarchism” because of the obnoxiousness and nonsensicality of most of those willing to get in your face with the red-and-black.

    • Oh, OK. It wasn’t that particularly, I just base my own opinions from the bad experiences/dealings I had with Nazi skinheads.

      I guess despite giving stuff like Boyd Rice and Death In June lip service, I just wasn’t gonna fit in with your “New Order”. I dunno, I’m proud enough of my European lineage, sure. Maybe that segment of WN’s are not the real picture of what you stand for? As you say, the protests you do are more well behaved than that of the raucous PC punk crowd? Not that I really knew or that most other people know.

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