Armed Revolution Possible and Not So Difficult

By Bill Bridgewater

The only “newsies” that I have ever met that I didn’t believe wasted oxygen by breathing were Dickey Chappell and Bernie Fall, both of whom were killed in Viet Nam because they believed that you couldn’t report battles in the field from a bar in Saigon.

It is not easy to admit that a newsie stopped me cold the other day in the middle of one of their silly interviews. He had asked me to enumerate the reasons that I believed to be valid to support the private ownership of firearms.

We did not disagree over personal protection; he even admitted that hunting is legal in every state. But, when I stated that I believed that the founding fathers intended that we be armed against the possibility of our own central government overstepping its bounds, he quite bluntly asked me if I thought that an armed American citizenry had a snowball’s chance in hell in an uprising against our own federal government.

Now, when was the last time you put some really serious thought into that proposition? Not counting the slaughter of the American Indians, we have not seen a serious effort to pit Americans against Americans since the end of the War Between the States that ended 130 years ago.

Is there even a shred of possibility that an armed citizenry could succeed against the strongest military power on Earth today?

Perhaps we should review the years 1960-1975 again. The United States blindly stuck its oar in the muddied waters of Viet Nam very shortly after the French got their heads handed to them on a platter and were invited not to be a colonial power in Viet Nam any more.

Finally, we found ourselves in the position of guaranteeing the survival of an independent South Viet Nam when the Northern part of the country made it clear that they were interested in reuniting the country under their particular brand of socialism.

For a decade and a half, we changed the leadership of South Viet Nam quite regularly; increased the pressure on the Johnson thumbscrews; bombed, quit, bombed, quit, ad infinitum; quantified the war; and finally turned it into an electronic war. At home we kept telling the citizens that we were just about to win decisively and elected another president to drive crazy with this goofy little war.

Finally the president declared that all was over and the troops could come home.

But they did not return home in triumph with the bugles blaring. They came home with their tails between their legs just like every other defeated army in the history of the world. And the reason that they did so, my friends, was that the world’s most powerful nation got its backside severely whipped by a small, backward, agrarian nation who started the war against us with an assortment of ancient bolt-action rifles, no lines of support, no manufacturing base, and no infrastructure that the country absolutely depended upon.

It is not a joke that they made sandals from cut-up truck tires – it’s the truth. They fought the only kind of war they could hope to fight and win successfully – a guerrilla war.

They had two good models: the American colonies against the British in our war for independence, and the American Indian wars, where the value of slash-and-run against a superior foe was escalated to a fine art by the world’s finest light cavalry.

Twice the North Vietnamese allowed themselves to be suckered into main force set-piece battles, and they got cut into ribbons for doing it. Otherwise, they stuck to General Giap’s plan of guerrilla warfare to the finish.

The North finally *did* get to mass their troops and tanks during their final sweep to victory into Saigon.

Why did this happen? Why did the world’s most powerful nation get its teeth kicked in and sent home in disgrace? Because we forgot our very own origins! We forgot that we were the ones who hid behind logs, berms, and bushes and shot British troops and their mercenaries as *targets of opportunity* while denying our opponents a target of any kind.

We used the skills of the mountain and plains Indians against an Army that was trained in only one form of combat. We refused to engage in the British methods of combat until we had superior forces and the odds were highly in our favor.

General Vo Nuyen Giap did exactly the same thing against us in the 1960s and 1970s while we used our superior firepower and technology to create ten million deaf monkeys and water buffalo. We defoliated tens of thousands of acres of jungle forest to prove that Giap’s troops weren’t there. We constructed every kind of trap known to mankind to capture and destroy divisions of enemy troops where there weren’t any.

We very patiently fought a European theater-type of warfare against a steadfast foe who fought a completely different kind of war that simply made our complex weapons systems useless. By inflexibly insisting on doing it our way, we lost the whole shooting match to a man who played it his way and won.

Meanwhile, on the exact opposite side of the globe, another shooting match was gearing up that pitted the second most powerful nation in the world against an enemy whose armament consisted of ancient bolt-action rifles, who had no lines of support, no manufacturing base and no infrastructure that the nation depended upon.

Though the Russians were determined that *they* would not be sent home with their tails between their legs, the Afghans were paying particular attention to those tactics that had worked so well for General Giap against the American forces. Even with the advantage of being able to totally ignore world opinion and to essentially ignore the opinions of its own citizens, Russia followed us down the long winding trail to disgrace by doing exactly what we had done in Viet Nam.

High-ranking politicians (some of them in uniform), with absolutely no idea what was going on in the day-to-day conduct of both wars, made stupid decisions and then stuck by them despite advice to the contrary from both American and Russian on-scene commanders.

The Russian methods of combat – mass maneuver and firepower – that were developed against Napoleon and Hitler proved no more successful than our methods against an aggressively waged guerrilla war.

Both major enemies failed to fight the enemy that they faced. Both, in fact, fought an historical enemy who was not present on the field of battle. Both of these superior armies truly believed that superior strength and technical abilities would win the day. Both major armies believed that time was on their side and was working against their foe. Both were totally wrong because they underestimated the growing dislike of the supposedly neutral or “friendly” indigenous forces whose cities, villages, towns and homes were being destroyed by the ongoing flow of large-scale battles by the two major armies.

Whatever the levels of dispute between the Vietnamese, the American forces eventually became the common enemy simply because of the massive damage they were doing in behalf of the south. Exactly the same thing transpired in Afghanistan. The Russians became the common enemy and went home in defeat.

Our armed forces used everything in our weapons inventory in our effort to win except nuclear devices. So did the Russians. They even used some chemical weapons that we didn’t try.

What does all this have to do with the question the newsy asked me? Everything.

A revolution could be waged against the current American government far easier than you might imagine without careful examination. Consider:

* The sheer numbers of firearms of all kinds in the hands of the American public would have made the American commanders in Viet Nam quake in their boots. We’re not talking junk equipment here, either. The average deer hunter with a .270 or .308 could give a platoon of regular troops more grief than they want. There was a special on the tube recently about military armaments on sale in the black market (including Stingers).

* The population base from which revolutionaries could be recruited is *massive* – 250 million.

* There are literally millions of well-trained men who served as officers and NCOs who learned face-to-face how guerrilla warfare works. They haven’t forgotten it, either.

* There are millions of young men out there with military training and experience with weapons of every conceivable kind, who would make top-quality guerrilla troops.

* Every one of the 100 counties in the state of North Carolina could field at least one full company that would be formidable in capability. If one assumes that North Carolina is no more capable than other states, that could amount to 180 divisions. These potential rebel troops would be fast-moving light infantry, with the capability of melting into the general population when necessary.

American military leaders would be in the position of having an inventory of high-tech weapons that they would be dependent upon your son or nephew to use against you. There would be no enemy states in which you could say that any weapon could be used against the rebels. They would be from each and every state and major city.

By the same token, there would be no sanctuary for the federal troops anywhere in the land. No matter where stationed, they would be subject to attack and harassment. The infrastructure on which the federal government depends would be rather easily disrupted by those who live there. Airfields and major lines of communications could be shut down and kept down for days at a time. Disruption of supplies to major bases and to centers of government would be simple. You don’t have to cut them off, just keep them hungry.

The federal government would be denied the use of all their major weaponry because they would still “own” the cities and villages. How do you justify bombing your own city just because there is a rebel company in it? One bombing would be the biggest recruiting drive ever for the rebel forces.

Now just how powerful do those 12 Army divisions and those three Marine divisions really look to you? Just how scary is the Air Force against America? What will the Navy do, shell all coastal cities? I don’t think so.

One of these days a truly charismatic individual is going to walk out of the heartland of America and point out that the Declaration of Independence has never been repealed and that it *requires* all citizens to rise up against an oppressive government. With the current attitude toward our government and the people who populate it, a massive groundswell of support for throwing the current crop to the dogs and starting over again might not be so difficult.

As for the *ability* of the American citizens to successfully wage a guerrilla war on their own government, the likes of which this world has never seen nor contemplated before, I am absolutely convinced that it could be done, and a lot more swiftly than many might believe possible. How many highly-capable long-range snipers can your county put together?

Reprinted in “The Bullet Trap” by permission from Bill Bridgewater, “Alliance Voice”, August 1994

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  1. Right now we should be spending most of our time spreading propaganda rather that making war preparations.
    It is interesting to read though that Nathan Freir of the U.S. Army war college wrote on the subject of U.S. insurrection.
    That was around pg. 31-33 of his 2008 paper “Known Unknowns. “
    Lt. Col Freir posited that insurrection was then very unlikely but was a “Black Swan” possible event that needed to be looked at due to it’s sever implications.
    Freir came down on the side that the U.S. military would be both unwilling and unable to quell any serious uprising.

    • Goofy little war. Huh. In south East Asia American armed forced are responsive for the deaths of over 3 million human beings. You can take a guess at the wounded and te damage. If you fuckers were going to stage an armed uprising you would or should have done so already. You are a nation of Kapos.

      • Probably from some corner of the world that cannot or will not comprehend the massive force array within the US when it goes. American revolution is inevitable at this point- it’s just a matter of if, not when.

      • I cannot speak for all of us, but I’m willing to wager that the majority of us Americans are scared of the power of our own government. And if not all of us then the majority. And that number is great enough to suppress any act of the people against our treasonous government. This article points out a few very powerful ideas. I’ll admit that I’m a member of the DoD in the United States. I agree completely that we should have already formed an insurrection. But saying we would have already is a bit of a leap. Please don’t forget the government, and especially the military does not act according to the peoples wishes. It really has become the opposite. This nation has already destroyed everything we faught to free ourselves from almost 250 years ago. at least in heart, mind and spirit. And that is most likely the reason that such an insurrection hasn’t taken place. As weak as it is, we as a people already feel defeated, even if we speak the opposite. And most won’t stand up without someone stronger than them to show them the way. Our belifes and purpose were good, not perfect. However in the 1760’s they were a huge step in the right direction for freedom from enslavement. Time has corrupted those values, and blinded many. And here we are now. But as this article suggests there are many people in this nation with similar ideas. Those with former military training and those in service who would, given the opportunity, strike back at our current system.

        • Very well said…USS SPRUANCE DD963…..i beleive that we need to rise and revolt.throw of our tryanny and go back to the values of our forefathers….

      • I’m game. Tell me where and when. Fuck the government. Let’s build EMP weapons also. Fuck….I’m game. Let’s start a war. I am an amateur scientist who can make bombs, traps, etc. Let’s do this.

        • The goal would be to first show the citizens the wrongdoings of the govt. not make us look like terrorists, otherwise, true freedom wanting people probably wouldn’t join, and we would have already failed.

    • This President is guilty of crimes against the Constitution which he swore to uphold. He needs to be Impeached and removed from office. The Congress is too corrupt to do the job. Congress and the President continue to spend us over a cliff. I see revolution as inevitable. The problem is how does own put the country back together (once enough liberals, socialists and communists are gone via flight or death) under the Constitution as it it was written.

      Congressmen have their own slush funds which are not taxable. Congress continues to buy and sell stock using insider info. They forgive their own tax cheats like Charlie Rangel. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is a lobbyist. This President violates the Constitution on nearly a weekly basis. Federal employees owe the government hundreds of millions of dollars in back taxes.

      Obamacare was put in place over the wishes of the majority. In case on one has noticed the standard of living for many Americans has been driven back into the 1980’s. This President is a socialist/communist who hates this country. He has taken millions of jobs and even greater numbers of work hours from our work force. He has no problem with this.

      The Democrats and the President have no problem lying to the people of this country at every turn. The alone should be reason enough to violently remove them. The President and his (let them eat cake I mean vegetables) wife have spent ten of millions of our dollars on their private vacations. His wife has a staff of 21 or more when the average staff for the wife of the President is two. She is wasting millions on their salary. The President with his Czars which are not in the constitution are running the country into the ground.

      This President has a cult which thinks that any comments about the quality or lack there of is racist. He and the DemoNazis have more in common with the Nazi Part of pre-WWII Germany.

    • With puppets like Bushes, and Obam, wanting a new world order, and Obama signing executive order 16651, (think i got right, I downloaded it and readit) the united nations can come on American soil if asked by the president.

    • Today’s so called Patriots are weak, fearful cowards. Of course there is about 5% of us who would definitely give our lives to save the American founding & our freedom and Liberty. Our founders said it is not only our right but our duty. It’s much to late for talk. It’s definitely time to get (organized) real Patriots. The fear of death is the weak fearful cowards problem…

  2. 10 million citizens or more now own a weapon, many hunters that equate to being long range snipers would reek havoc on federal troops if they ever tried to take down our 2nd amendment or the 10th amendment. After the election where an unkown man like Obama was relected and most likely due to fraud would go against the constitution just to reach his goal of a subjegated, enslaved, beholden citizen to the Government! The pantywaist liberals would cower like cowardly skunks and lay down like sheep, but people like the veterans of the marines, army and airforce would fight and fight like no other people have fought bvefore. Don’t ever think American Citizens are not armed with high powered weapoins….. I don’t think we have to fear the Military, we have to be ready for the “Super Criminals” being created by Obama and Bush by allowing illegal Aliens tro cross our border and run wild on our citizens! 12 Citizens right here in the USA are murdered everyday by an Illegal Alien Criminal…… over 4,000 per year…..

    • Semper fi…I know, on a very intimate level, many of my Marine brethren despise what our government is doing to our nation and citizens. We cannot wait! By the way, our military that is “ordered” to arrest or even shoot citizens would sooner go to jail than to follow such an unlawful order. We need more Americans to wake up and join the fight!

      • I agree John. but remember the Federal Government and State and Municipal Governments add up to almost 60% of the work force, People will fight for their money, food , shelter. Remember during the Revolution there were many Tories who remained loyal to the King. Look what happened to the Ranchers, Bundy’s gang the people turned on them calling them scum and rebels without a cause. You control the masses by controlling the money, then their Healthcare, I would fight but so many would not.

      • US navy here..we need to fight back..revolt and restructure back to our core values… is time for us to lead the way……

      • We need to remind the American people what it means to have courage and willingness to stop the tyrants that are stripping our Rights away day by day. Say when brother, say when.

    • Im all for an armed uprising. If this is starting, please lt me know so I can participate. This country is being taken over and taken down, it will not exists as we have known it if something isnt done NOW!

  3. This is not just Americas problem, but the entire worlds. If just America is freed it is only a matter of time before it is infiltrated again. You would not only have the support of your own people but also many other citizens in other countries. Normal people who live under the shadow of criminal banking cartels and corrupt puppet governments. There are far more “have not” people than “have”, nearly 99% to 1%. Since the corrupt and wealthy start wars for money and do not personaly fight them, a victory for true freedom can easily be achieved. The key is to “remove” select institutions/individuals as well. In Americas case the Fedral Reserve needs to be wiped off the planet and those who OWN it. In Britian the monarchy needs to be abolished and in gereral all monarchies in Europe. In the worlds interests, all private banking corporations/media empires and those who OWN it need to be abolished. The current “western style” government system needs to be reformed, it is too easily corrupted. The larger religious institutions need to be reformed as they are really corporations corrupt like every other. This would be a good start and the new beginning our world sorely needs. There are a select few who rule the many. Most have been identified despite their efforts/propaganda. These people are not human and need to be demonised and publicly executed. There are very few real enemies of freedom, it’s just they have most of the money and media/propaganda. I would say power, but only a nations people truely have that and its time to use that power again.

  4. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but it seems incredibly arrogant, ignorant, and outright stupid to think that the Vietnamese based their guerrilla warfare tactics on the American revolution/ Indian wars. Sun Tzu, plus like 5 thousand years of Asian warfare i’m thinking….?

    • He was not saying they based it off of the british revolution he was simply saying it was the same type of war. If you have no idea what you are talking about you should study up than we can never have enough soldier’s on our side with a firey passion in their heart to over throw the government.

      • I fuckin’ love you guys, minus the classisms. We could already be in a better reality if the masses would achieve enlightenment, it would take no time to get our country back and peacefully. I can’t get anybody to care about a damn thing besides their unfulfilling mundane indulgence. So many are conforming, completely pacified(a plastic existence) it’s a low conscious state that there minds are in constantly that prevents them from the true passion of life. “The science of enlightenment” so many things are wrong with the way this world is right now. I fight the idea that they truly deserve the current population control agenda since so many CHOOSE to stay ignorant completely oblivious to everything that is going on.

  5. Guess what…. this has happened in the past and the other countries are already prepared to deal with it. Remember Germany…. chances are that whatever you were taught, or believe to be true about the national socialist movement you are probably wrong or have bunk information. The numbers of dead in “internment camps” were created by the allied bombing of supply lines and factories…. Judea DID declare war on Germany first. BUT MY POINT…. remember a while ago… probably over 10 years by now. China had a complete internet blackout….. with that being said… every nation has the ability to cut off communications and transportation with ANY OTHER COUNTRY…. the best part of it…. THEY CAN CLAIM WERE THE ONES BOYCOTTING….. If there was an armed revolt and any change DID come its probably pre-arranged…. Then to the rest of the world we will start to be viewed as “isolationists”…. and the strange thing about nations that become “isolationists” (keep in mind the root word ISOLATION)… these nations are almost ALWAYS eventually accused of attempting GLOBAL DOMINATION…..

    The people behind this that created the cesspool we are currently living in are also responsible for exposing that same cesspool…… think about this topic and be prepared for what is inevitably coming….. population control. Seriously though, you need to start seeing how “they” plant the trees that “they” later chop down…… War is for control…. and that’s ultimately it. Think about it in ANY context. American Civil War…. Lets take as many able bodied members of society who have families or will inevitably have families…. both sides…. take them and line them up… then have them shoot each other…. who gets to raise that next generation and instill new values into THEM. WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam etc etc etc etc etc……. go back and look at the TOTAL numbers of deaths and ask why like with ww2 we are always pressured to remember the jewish victims… in my opinion every single soldier and every single member of the affected societies were victims……especially in the long run…..population control people…… ITS COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU……

    • I do completely agree with you. But until we find another inhabitable planet we need population control if we did not have are world would be absolutely full. we need to kill the mentaly challenged and the sick and the week anyone who doesn’t contribute for the better in society should die. they should not be hung or shot they should kill themselfs for the better of the human race they are a waste of human time caring for them. they are a waste of time feeding them when there are starving people all over the world and they are a waste of space. I know i sound like the worlds biggest douch bag but we need to start putting emotions aside and thinking about the greater good of human civilization. if it does not happen now then it will happen when the world becomes full.

      • Are you insane or stupid. Sad that you once took the oath to protect and defend. If someone isn’t hurting you, you have no right to kill them. People like you who don’t respect natural rights are the ones that need to be done away with.

          • If you actually believe that, then you have absolutely no understanding of Natural Rights. And need to go do some research before spouting that crap.

        • We veterans took an oath to “….protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC…”. We are well within our rights to overthrow a tyrannical government (like the one in power now). As for ‘not hurting us’, you obviously haven’t been keeping up with current events if you think that (just look at “gay marriage”, or the deaths at Benghazi, or not continuing to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan; not to mention that we should have nuked Iran back into the stone age (shouldn’t take but an afternoon) since DUMBOEARS is LETTING them obtain nuclear weapons WHICH THEY WILL USE AGAINST US!. As for Natural Rights, those were well articulated in our Constitution and the associated writings of our Founders. “Respecting Natural Rights meant FIGHTING AND KILLING” to maintain them for the decent folks. I wonder if, like the gunny and I, you ever wore your nation’s uniform, took the oath, and have the foggiest notion of the history of our nation’s founding. As for me, I’m with the Gunny.

          • I’m betting that you who took an oath and were previously brainwashed and indoctrinated and have still not figured it out. Do. You know what the backing for US currency is? I would put almost anything on a bet that says you do not. If you did you would know why you and others like you are really fighting. If the majority knew there would already be a revolution.

          • Semper Fi. God, Country, Corps. As for me, I took an oath at 17, to defend against all enemies, foreign AND Domestic. Enough is enough. It’s time we band together for the survival of our Country. Waiting on the General’s order……

          • Semper Fi. God, Country, Corps. As for me, I took an oath at 17, to defend against all enemies, foreign AND Domestic. Enough is enough. It’s time we band together for the survival of our Country. Waiting on the General’s order……

        • Actually the elitists would suffer a large depopulation event. All the Hang Around the Fort types, from a Native American perspective-hangers on and welfare generations, would suffer the same fate. None of them can even feed themselves if it is not from the super market.

          Natural Rights depend upon the Natural Order and that set of laws have been ignored for some time. When we get a big correction in the demographics those who did not observe the Natural Order will be gone.

          While Gunny, actually echoing communist/socialist sentiments, may be a bit Jaded in his perspective and his aims he is not far off. As an informed and prepared population we will not be caught off balance. Nature will take care of itself if we allow it. The trouble is that we have not allowed it and the politicians have seen value in the artificial support they give to the needy class.

          I do not advocate the killing off of groups, they are doing that to themselves already. If a revolution starts they will suffer the most as they are not prepared. The system has set these things in motion. It will suffer for it eventually. Although those determined to correct the system and set it back as it should be do not have the Hang Around the Fort Types in their sights, there will be much collateral damage in the events as they unfold.

          So while Gunny’s demeanor is a bit terse and pointed, he points out the truth and inevitability.

          Even Jesus told his Disciples to try only three times to convince the lost about the truth. He said to the young man intent on burying his father, “Let the dead bury their dead”. It was a tradition invented by the Pharisees to stay in the family and take care of your father until his burial. The young man’s father was still alive and wanted Jesus to wait until he had dies and was buried. Jesus merely informed the young man that his father was already spiritually dead and those lost in the “traditions of men” and not the Law were already dead; thus let the dead bury their dead. In short it becomes the right thing to do and ignore those who choose to be victims of their self induced ignorance.

          Like any other aberration in nature those folk who do not see the threat coming will certainly pay for their own short sightedness.

          After it is Natural Law…..

      • You are a disgrace to America and its people,who do u think u are,you decide who lives or dies,only god can do that u piece of shit!!!

        • And kraft,and coke,and pepsi etc., and Monsanto,dupont,syngenta.etc. its why the kids are coming out messed up, its why we need nursing homes etc. If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget you were our countrymen! Samuel adams-1776 there is a list of companies that continuously spends money against our enaliable right to know. Checkout the prop 37 list+ BOYCOTT EVERY ONE they are also funding the media. If you refuse to than it is my opinion you deserve to be depopulated.

      • Population control already exists in several ways, the main one is the food, then the healthcare,but the one I hate and disagree with hardcore is this one “Arctic Methane Monsters Rapid Rise(84Min) talk about some research. This is how most or all of the world dies. This video is the most detailed and has sources.

        FUCK ALL GLOBAL GOVERNMENT “YOU” are the mentally ill, the emotionally impoverished; the mentally insane, “YOU” think you have everything
        But “I” have news for YOU!
        Death is nothing but moving to another plane of existence YOU GOVERNMENTS AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU WILL BE WIPED OUT AND EXPOSED FOR THE SHAMELESS POOR HAPLESS SLUGS YOU TRULY ARE NOBODY is afraid of you!
        It DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY YOU KILL. This world is made to break
        AS SUCH. This shall be proven BY THE YEAR 2018.

      • I hope one day you are crippled and someone euthanizes you. People who talk like you are disgraceful, especially when they claim to want to uphold the constitution, and by proxy the bill of rights. LIFE(yes that includes the weak, sick, or mentally challenged), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The day your child is born with autism, or you are crippled in a car accident, or have become older will probably be the day you realize you are a hypocrite as you desperately cling to life or fight to keep the person you love alive/comfortable. People like you are the reason people are scared to even start a revolution. they are scared that someone worse than what we have now would slip into the power vacuum. Just to clarify I do support armed revolution in the face of tyranny, but saying people should be euthanized for weakness is foolish. would you kill your mother, father, sister, brother, son, wife, yourself as soon as you stop being productive. If so, you are no better than THEM.

      • You are the world’s biggest douchebag. Why don’t you shoot yourself and and save the rest of us the trouble.

      • We need population control? Who are you, Bill Gates maybe, or a reincarnated Joseph Stalin with your we need to kill the weak statement. Who is to say that by some subjective criteria, you would not fall into the weak group?

        Well, here we are in 2021, and I think you wish for a mass genocide weapon is upon us by way of the Covid jab. Billions are either going to be killed, or made mental zombies due to the vaccine. You got your wish, I just hope you weren’t among the stupid people that blindly fell for the deadly jab.

  6. Amen. I am one well armed citizen with former military experience in explosivex and guerilla warfare who happens to be pungently disgusted at the self serving abuses of power perpetrated by the politicians paid to represent us but compelled to represent themselves instead. No I find that the NSA is using the lie of anti-terrorism to spy on people like myslef who love this country but hate our government. And when caught, by a hero like whistle blower Eric Snowden, they attack him instead of admit their egrgeious crime. Nevermind the the FBI’s heavy handed response to KYAnonymous, who exposed the Stuebenville rapists and their crimes who is now facing 10 years in jail when the two teenage rapists are only getting 1 to 2 years. The Fed is now protecting itself and the true criminals in this country by blacklisting the average American and the heros it produces. It is time for a revolt against our tyrannical government before it begins to rival that of colonial England all over again. I, for one have woekn up, never to sleep again, until this bloated pig who steals are taxes has its collective throat slashed to bleen out and pave the way for true americans, the oppressed, to rise up in place.

  7. I’m so sick of this government and the way its being run it doesn’t make sense we are not free there just using the people as puppets for there sick little game its time we took a stand all of us I’m tied of laying down I’m ready to take a stand I want my voice heard loud and clear along with everyone who feels the same its our time to rise its the peoples time to speak up and not those ignorant bastards I’ll do whatever it takes to have my voice heard

  8. I just an elderly American citizen. I was afforded the privilage of living in a free America & i want no less for our children, grandchildren& g’hrandchildren. I admin on a page The Wolves Among The Sheep on fb. I was getting ready to comment on a perticular post n a young boy said”Well ya’ll do something,im just a minor”! I was stunned by his comment. I assured him i certainly have no intention on passing down to his generation or those that follow a socialist communist muslim regime! I would rather die fighting than to sit bk & do nothing to stop this trash in Washington. It’s time to clean house & take out the garbage. I have been reminding my group about a planned march on Sept.9,2013 i think this will work what have we got to lose? Our page had a following of 85,010 people just this past week. We are growing. Im in! Lets roll!

    • I’m all in on the march if all possible I have some bullshit court crap I dont know how that’s going to go because I’m not taking the pre trail crap they offered so Im going to court to fight this felony there trying to put on me all over a cop finding oe little white round pill in my car I didn’t know was there I’m not a druggie he called it a lortard and stuck my ass in jail……the shit pisses me off it had to come out….MARCH I will I’ll do everything I can to be there just need more details please

  9. “They came home with their tails between their legs…” Hey ASSHOLE, I did not come home with my “tail between my legs” and neither did any of my Marine Corps buddies. You clearly do not understand the causes, effects, and results of the Vietnam War. The United States military was never defeated on the field of battle, you fucking dumass. You spout scheiße like a squirting raped goose on laxatives. Regarding wasting oxygen, you are at the top of the list. What are you, a disinformation officer for the CIA, or the Illumanati? Or, are you really so stupid? Yes, we should stand united against tyranny, but I don’t want to walk the walk with lying dirtbags. There must be honor in everything we do and casting dispersions on those who fought and died for this country is not very honorable. You have cast yourself out from those who would call you patriot. Sorry, folks but this guy has really pissed me off with his one lying comment.

    • Honey spoken like a true marine a true hero of this country I’m not the strongest are smartest female around but I’ll stand beside you and fight for this country and our freedom back anyday

    • At Ease, Blurb! Altho there’s no bio attached to his Post, if this guy is who I think he is, he’s a retired Marine LtCol with several combat tours in Nam, former Commanding Officer (who might have been a Mustang), is recognized by several courts as an Expert Witness in firearms and has a Masters degree in military history. I think you might want to check your backstop before commencing fire. I spent a lot of years saluting the man you just called an asshole and I don’t take kindly to hearing you run your mouth about a man I trusted my life to in The Corps. If you think you can counter any of the points he made, I suggest you read more about our war in Vietnam. I’ve learned more about it since returning than I knew while I was there (69-70-71) and I find his comments to be right on the money. I could even add a few myself. But this discussion isn’t about YOU, nor is it about Nam. It’s about the feasibility of the US citizens’ ability to defeat the US armed forces in an all-out protracted war. Don’t lose sight of your compass bearing just because you get distracted by the swamp, and make sure who your audience is before you run off beating your hairy chest. That crap might sound impressive to a bunch of sloppy civilians, but it sounds amateur and disrespectful among us retired Marines. ‘Rah?

    • Excellent man! It’s quite a relief to hear all this talk of securing a better future for our children! I for one, finally have woken up! If there are any or you know of, organizations that are trying to support or sponsor a march in AZ., I want to know about it so I can tell my fellow Native Americans about it when and where it will take place! You should be our leader in this revolt, sounds like you could actually pull it off with all that conviction glowing around all your past military experience. I’m a enrolled member of the Hopi/Navajo tribe, we, of course, have our own problems with the federal Government which is quite known for more than 237 years now! Now, It’s not just our past that has triggered so much adversity, but what’s currently involving all US citizens, rich or poor, white, black or red! It’s not our people in the sense that I’m only talking about Native Americans. I am reinvigorated to help push every single man and woman that pledged as a child in class to know you are free to do what ‘s in your heart what’s right for all mankinds future! The Native Americans will help in this too, we just need proper motivation and leadership, if not already self-evident to any planning or any already planned insurrection. There needs to be careful planning on a joint rebellion force, between all US citizens of all colors. If we can pull that little trick off of combing all true US non-conformist as allied forces this will happen! The US Government will have no other choice but to order the deaths of all non-conforming citizens, that action there will be their demise! The Current US soldier will no doubt have conflicts with this order trust me! If someone told me to kill my Family and I was the one holding the weapon, I wouldn’t think past a millisecond to turn the gun at my commander and pull the trigger!! Money is another issue for the newly appointed new enacted citizens, that too needs to be abolished, in a sense that a true workable economy system without currency needs to be in place or on the drawing board. If we all don’t stand up for our human rights, we will be stood down!!!!

  10. Sadly I have to agree with this article. And it’s all because of our current so-called president who glorifies himself, and refuses to listen to anyone but whom he picks! Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless! Jane.

    • The majority of the scumbags that work for the government do so out of loyalty to paycheck and pension. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they will bite the hand that feeds them.

  11. Wow, I hope you’re right!
    Obama’s IzlamaNazi America is well-supplied. And his guillotines are in place.
    The new White House in the Ozarks is almost finished.

  12. There are plenty of us in az and ut awaiting the mass to stand. As a single soldier defeat will come fast as a nation a change will be made

  13. Just want to say, do some research but the American Military can not raise arms against the American Citizen. Now they can against illegal immigrants, but not actual citizens.

  14. You receive your information from what the constitution??? The laws that protect citizens from the government are being back doored and constantly attempts are made to by pass this piece of paper. If they push us to riot marshal law may be imposed per military law. That happens they can raise arms on us as well as obtain our food wealth water shelter and anything else we own. You do research or keep just saying to people who haven’t watched this at every step

  15. From what I gathered on this I agree that we the people could have a fighting chance… the government really underestimates the common man they don’t realize just what we could do. And now as far as corruption goes I think we could compare america with rome rome fell beacuse of its own corruption at the rate our incapable government is going we will fall in power and we would see dc burning and becomeing ruled by foreign powers if america is to survive the people must not allow pollitions democratic, republican ect be allowed to do as they please. Another question all of you should ask is just how much worth are we to our government do you think they would defend our nation with us if foreign powers were to invade they would run to there bunkers and wait it out. To me a true leader worth leading our once great nation would be a leader who actually listens to his or her people and not let power to corrupt to lead troops against any enemy without fear a leader who only thinks of the people and there country only then will a golden age of americabe

  16. The ability of America to defend itself from an inside attack is already very small. Even with all the police, military bases , and security possible, there weren’t able to stop major events, like 9/11 , The assassination of many presidents and representatives, the bombings of military and public buildings along the states. I think it’s safe to say, that even if we couldn’t have stopped those attacks, It would have been very easy for worst to happen. Think of the lives that could be lost if a single terrorist went to a major event like the election, or something as simple as the Super Bowl. Almost double the lives lost in any of the worlds biggest incidents, and all because the governments protection. The first words of the Declaration of Independence are “We the people of the United States of America”, give it a few more years under the tyranny that is the American government and not only will we face a threat to America. I believe all countries will be in danger. America is having a habit of losing its lives in pointless wars, what’s to say that they won’t attack the next super power of the world. They could enslave us all and what’s to stop them from doing it? In my honest opinion that for the safety of Americans everywhere, and our god-given rights as the people of planet earth, to defend and protect our rights by any means necessary, even if it means termination of the same government that made us strong in the first place. Dear Mr and Mrs Barack Obama and family, our founding fathers turn in their graves at the saying of your names.

  17. All someone has to do is grab a few buddys, some automatic weapons, and start off with taking out just a few policemen randomly everyday. Leave a message about what and why your doing it online and eventually the dominoes will fall. Im sick of talking about not wanting to get fucked anymore im gonna do something about it. Thats what makes someone a citizen of this great country…duty, and answering the call. GO AMERICA!!! FREEDOM WILL PREVAIL

    • A few policman a day is the last thing that should be done. The police are not the problem. The White house freeloaders are the problem. Take out the snakes head and the rest of his supporters and change will happen.

      • Actually, you’re very much incorrect Dave. The cops (who are party to daily crimes against our Constitution/God given freedoms & are part of the Police State) which are part of the community referred to as “LE” are domestic terrorists, working for a ROGUE State (local/state/federal govt(s). That’s what they’re. It doesn’t matter if they live next to us, so have all enemies of freedom in each respective countries in the past to present where wars & other crimes have taken place, all carried out by those working for the govt there. Stalin, Nazi Germany, Mao, all of those guys & more, they ALL lived in their own communities in their countries & turned on the people & did the evil work for their govt’s, for MONEY/Security. The cops/feds in this country are the standing army today that our Founders told us to be weary of & to not tolerate. There are solutions to this problem, one of which Anon above stated quite eloquently. As for electric chairs & all that other crap, that’s a tool of fear to keep us timid & not recognizing our threats here at home against our liberty for what/who they are. They want us afraid & not willing to see the real threats at home so they can keep on enforcing tyranny (soft & hard) on a people so engrained to worship them. I know, I used to be one of them.
        Once people who are born here & love their country, but hate this tyranny, start carrying out consistent attacks in what I’d call our American Insurgency, against not only the cops, but the politicians, judges & anyone else who affects our country/families/future, changes for the better will be seen in the horizon, albeit not without suffering to endure. The MIL is split & many will go AWOL to help rebelling American PATRIOTS, but many will shoot on Americans/enforce martial law. We’re not a free people & the cops are their pawns who keep us in fear & in line. Most are either too dumb to resist at all & for some, we’re biding our time. Many of us are combat vets who despise the system, from the local terrorists who wear badges, who we would kill like we killed men just like them in war while serving our country for recent wars like OIF/OEF, because our job is destroy the enemy, but also the judges, bureaucrats & other politicians & NGO enemies of our liberty. There is a war going on in America today, & it’s been going on for decades. They’re killing us, harming us, DAILY, from local cops to feds, but you say we can’t kill (not murder, there IS a difference) our occupying enemies, even if they’re fellow (traitors) Americans? LMFAO! A military solution is needed to deal with this MILITARY/political problem(s) we’re having here & only those who are willing to destroy the enemies here will help stop this tyranny & lend a hand towards a solid diplomatic solution later on, once the fighting is over (major fighting). The future isn’t bright if we keep acting like we can’t kill our enemies & fight to restore liberty, that’s what our ancestors did here & it’s no different today. It’s true, we could end up worse off later once this begins to happen, or, we can be better off again, just as the former patriots long dead now accomplished in their time. Only time will tell.

  18. Marshal law being imposed would require our military to go against their own families. An outside source would have to be let in to do that. How many American soldiers would turn on their families? How many would stand and watch another country do so? Few would even consider it an option. Marshal law is never going to be achieved unless they can take all of our abilities to fight away. My gun my bow and my knife are far from the only means I have for defense. I have knowledge on much more “harmless” things that can be created into productive means of defense

  19. “All someone has to do is grab a few buddys, some automatic weapons, and start off with taking out just a few policemen randomly everyday.”

    That usually leads to the electric chair or lethal injection. Just so you’ll know.

    • “That usually leads to the electric chair or lethal injection. Just so you’ll know.”

      That’s what brainwashed Americans say to other Americans who advocate rebellious actions against the people enforcing tyranny for a very obvious, rogue government, from each state to the feds.

      • Killing police is not the answer…lmao. see this is why no one will ever take up arms and be supported. Most of your police force like every other american is against this government as well. Killing police? The only thing that will do is have people think your an insane lunatic and you will find yourself in prison or the electric chair. If you really want to cut of the head, you don’t kill police. You would need to infiltrate or take out the banking system, president, Congress and senate. At that time and only at that time would american be able to rise.

  20. I’ll take a shot at your quiz; Her are several reason why it may not be possible for the citizens of America to win an armed insurrection against the current olagarkey. 1. The north in Viet Nam was not just a rag tag bunch of peasant’s. The same way we backed and reinforced the south. China did the same thing for the north. 2. and all this before Smart bombs.Drones and all the modern surveillance 3. We don’t have tanks, grenade launchers, Air planes. and police trained at riot control with tear gas. Didn’t you watch the branch dividians get their heads handed to they on TV You were probably asleep then as you are now. If history has taught us anything, it is that we can concur this beast with a peaceful message’s Not all of America has been awakened yet, and it would be a terrible mistake to attempt to get our government back until we awaken all the people.
    NO INCUMBENT MOVEMENT please try this first before Violence !!

  21. Peaceful you say? Please peace has been the way we chose for years look at our downfall. The problem with America is y’all got pussified and are scared to stand and fight against authority. Over turning the government is needed. How can you expect criminals who “veto” their way thru to listen to a peaceful message. Shall we vote them out? For what another corrupt politician?? If you look at history battles are not about equipment nor training it’s about the fight. We have many people with “training” as you say. Hunters equivllant to sharp shooters. Sport or competition shooters simply as productive if not better than riot teams. And te rest of us with basic skills run police out. Your thoughts on the training authority receives is incorrect. And what does china backing the north have to do with anything? They were a split country far before and after each other. We are talking about taking back our rights and country from the criminals running it

    • How many ppl on here actually seek there own information on their own time, and how many are watching the news and just know that stuff is bad? You will be awake when you yourself are driven, and you will begin to see the strings controlling everything around you. How many of you are talking about violence, but you are still conforming to the same industries binding you to this slave conformity system.

      • Where do you get your information, when you seek it out yourself? You go to the source, watch everything that happens in government with your own eyes? You’re an idiot.

  22. i am ready to fight to the death I feel it in my bones and would not be a wasted life, we must fight not type, the police get more brutal in their tactics everyday now they will taze you as soon as speak to you. Who do you think trained them to be that way? I am ready to go now, not tomorrow. I am ready are you?

  23. I think we should do it, I mean look at America today. Do you see our situation getting ANY better than it is?? NO it is just getting worse. And I think we could pull off another Civil War of sorts. I really do. Why don’t we?

  24. You say death row? If our nation wasn’t pussified as you are death row would be decided by who? An overturned government? What power would congress judges officers have? I ask these questions rhetorically of course considering the answer is simple. However with a nation willing to sit back and be walked on by the leaders we empower nothing will be accomplished. You fear death row? Well let me ask do you fear a concentration camp where you work and your wife and daughter are sexually abused ?? I do and I would not stand down to an armed force taking my rights away. Will you give up your constitution to avoid jail? I will not. I will stand as an American I have the right to defend my nation from terror foreign as well domestic. You see nothing worth fighting for? Taking a stand for? Well sir you are a sad excuse of an American. As I feel you are a waist for the soldiers who died to give rights to such a poor man.

  25. On a sufficiently abstract level, I don’t disagree with you. But there’s a difference between courage and suicide. There’s no point in fighting a war you’re going to lose. What you’re discussing may or may not become feasible at some point in the future. But if you embarked on that course of action right now, how many people would join you? You and your comrades would end up dead or in jail, and the System would go on as it always has. How many people have even heard of the kid mentioned in the link I posted?

    • There’s a difference between a war & the battles in a war. Only a military style fight against the enemies here, in each state/city, til we can’t fight no more if that happened, is the answer. Unconventional tactics will reek havoc on the cops & their fancy toys they believe will save them. It will also rain hell on the military once dispatched on our soil to stop rebellion/riots/etc. The enemies of our liberty may have an idea about how far they want to take this game they’re running, but they have no idea just how far we (myself included) are willing to go & how much we know, so we can accomplish our missions for the sake of liberty! Just as our ancestors did here, they KILLED/attacked/sabotaged their own police/soldiers & so shall we have to do again so we can oust the people in all state legislators, Congress/Senate, etc. Restoring balance will not be easy, but worth it.

  26. As went the American Indian, so shall we. They have no interest in taking your guns. They want you to get more. They want to divide us – liberal against conservative , democrat against republican , etc. They going to cause an economic collapse, then while we struggle to survive , brother will turn on brother using the arms we amassed. Once we do the majority of the damage to each other, they’ll come in an institute marshall law. We will not have the strength or power to fight them. They will then herd us into all the prisons they have built and start systematic executions and set up death camps.

  27. That’s what the powers that be did to the indigenous people (American Indians) of this country. They armed them and then they let them kill each other off and once they were fighting amongst themselves and scattered and broken , they rounded them up and put them on reservations in
    desolate places so no one sees them and they are irrelevant. They are poor and forever lost. Hilter did the same thing during the holocaust. They are setting the stage for this to happen to us. They are trying to divide us on stupid issues. They are letting us arm ourselves not to use against them but against each other. It will make their takeover easier. We have more in common with each other than we have with the corporatists. We can’t let them divide us. Sticking together -that’s the only way we have a chance! Those who
    don’t know history are doomed to repeat it!

    • Mary, although I do see the logic in your thoughts, there are some major differences…. the first one being that – because of the internet, and the somewhat better informed among the disparate groups you mentioned; in many ways “we” all know who is behind the oppression – and although the different factions are quite far apart in their baselines; they are unanimous in the certainty that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It makes for strange bedfellows; and I cannot say that ‘eventually’ the groups won’t turn on each other; but just after the kick off – TPTB will be hanging from streetlamps – because all are in agreement that they caused this… and to certain degrees, we all trusted them and were played for fools… my occupation puts me in contact with a varied spectrum of our countrymen, and we’re all angry…

  28. I am a very liberal person, but I still cannot stomach the fact that there seem to be so many people who just don’t care about our Constitutional rights. They forget all the blood that was shed to establish those rights, and they seem content to let a corrupt government regime undermine them at every all the time. I also get irritated at the government basically saying they need to be able to disregard our rights to protect us. I think it was Jefferson, but I’m not certain, who in his letters specifically addressed this topic. Essentially it is not something that should even be up for debate. And this is not targetted against the Obama administration specifically, as his is not the only administration to have instituted illegal acts against US citizens, or allowed them to occur by other government/military institutions.

    There are essentially two major doctrines when it comes to the time to wage guerilla warfare for the preservation of our rights. It could be initiated by a relatively small contigent, who does not have the support or a larger organization, and after things have started the fighters can hope to raise support an awareness. Or, the forces can wait until things get bad enough, and people wake up and are ready to take action. Che Guevara championed the former, and his writings on guerilla warfare in general are quite accurate, even today. I don’t necessarily support everything he stood for, but his hatred for America was somewhat justified, and this was long before the essential security state we live in today. I’m sure someone like him would have predicted as much.

    Basically, with the way things have been progressing in America, I cannot foresee our liberties being reinstated in full, rather things can only get worse. And regarding the 2nd amendment, so many people don’t even realize what it is for. Like you wrote, it is solely for the people to be able to rise up against an oppressive government. We don’t have the amendment just for kicks, or just for hunting or whatever. It has a definite purpose, and this was made extremely clear by our founders.

    In fact, I would go so far as to say that the government does not even have the right to tell people which types of weapons they can own. If the military has access to it, the public probably should as well, considering that would be in keeping with the intention of bearing arms in the first place. But of course we cannot have just anyone running around with certain weaponry, as it would be utter mayhem. But take this whole “assault rifle” debate, which is ridiculous…this should not even be occurring. Any weapon can be made to look like an “assault” or military weapon. They have freaking tactical .22’s for goodness sake. What makes a weapon an assault weapon, imo, is its fire mode. A fully automatic weapon, or maybe a burst fire weapon, is an “assault” weapon. Any semi-auto rifle should never be termed an assault rifle.

    But the people could still rise up and suppress their tyrannical government with semi-automatic weaponry. The main problem that I believe would be faced is recruitment. I just don’t think there are enough people in the US at the moment who care enough to rise up and restore the democratic form of government that was intended. It would be only a small contingent, and that just is not enough for such a massive task.

    Think of what the government has done just during peaceful protests. It has been said, and there is some evidence for this, that the government had plain-clothes agents who infiltrate such protests, like OWS, and they do things to shut down such displays. Essentially a protest is the only form of dissent available to a US citizen, and the truth is that they just don’t work. They don’t work because you are basically just asking the government to stop violating your rights. Why should they, when these people are corrupt? They are not afraid of the people, for the simple fact that they believe too many of them to be docile. They assume that there are only a small number of people who would attempt to take action, and of course they can handle such small numbers easily.

    So I guess my belief is that, whether or not an uprising in the name of liberty is needed at the moment, things must get exponentially worse before the masses will even CONSIDER taking military action against the government.

  29. The NWO is is proceeding as a locamotive headed downhill. Our leaders have tied our futures to the train, if not taken the stick in the engine well over 40 years ago.The elete, Alluminati or just plain power hungry sickos that have threw many years of dilligents.brought this linguring but sure downfall of
    America almost to hand. The sooner we unite, plan and coordinate the peoples take back of this great nation the better!

  30. If a revolt in America does occur, which, I believe, in time it will. I do not further believe that our military will unite 100% against fellow Americans. There will be a division of the military that will depart from our present “Commander in Chief” and side with the people. There are many many people in the military who would not fire a weapon against another American no matter what orders come down the line. There has never been a form of government in the history of the world that has lasted longer than 225 years. We are ripe and ready for a revolt, I only hope and pray it will be a bloodless revolt where as American will emerge as a free and independent nation.

  31. I’m tired of all the. Lies and. Corruption. In our government. Thay. Are. Braking. Laws and are totally out. Of. Control. Say the word I’ll stand. In. Arms

  32. one world government must be true only way for that to happen is if see the world for what it is and chose to usher in an era of progress for all not as a people but as a species a revolution of science, knowledge, power, control, well being it is the duty of those who see this problem to act on this problem

  33. I am also ready to fight but we must be smart they eavsdrop on anything and will strike before your ready the key is low tech hit and run and in case you havent noticed the police are our enemies they are militarized and ready to go. There is a reason they bought 2 billion rounds of ammo and its not for practice. I am also ready to fight to the death and am not a stupid person. We can and must we have no choice they dont listen and the only response you get s a cops baton or 10,000 volts. Cannot half ass it if your ready , you better be and make your piece with whomever that is when you are your most dangerous.

  34. The government is to large and out of control . living off the backs of its people there’s a drastic change to be made

    • Our founding fathers knew this would happen. I dearly hate to say but freedom comes from bloodshed and sacrifice.

  35. I will fight the government if I have to.My ambition pushes me forward.There is a reason I am destined for greatness!And I shall create a land of Benevolence!I will create a land of talent and intellect and rid this world of all imbeciles!

  36. If the majority of the american population was to rise up and inform our government that we will not tolerate being lied to or our rights being trampled on anymore and if they don’t accept our terms then we will take up our arms and enforce our will. Then they would have no choice but to accept. If they didn’t and declared war upon the american people then they would unite us and would have a ice cubes chance in hell of survival much less winning. They know this witch is why they try to keep america distracted away from the real issues by using things such as the media and the fake war on terror. Revolt now and we can acquire true democracy and abolish this polyarchy we currently live in. I would give my life in a sec if it meant that the people who come after me would have true freedom.

  37. The Great American Walk-Off / NON-Lethal, NON-Violent, but extremely effective.

    I truly believe that the United States government is out of control, and is destroying the U.S. Constitution, along with what it stands for. All anyone can seem to do anymore is complain to each other, or listen to how any of this is happening and leaving us all in awe. I would like to propose a solution that would give us back our country, and eliminate the current regime. As many have expressed, the Republicans seem to be allowing this demise to happen, even though they have the power to stop it.

    Our forefathers provided its citizens with the right to bear arms, in the event that the government became so out of control that we would need to take it back. Well, if we think that we as Americans can overtake this current government by force, we are sadly mistaken. Our guns and weapons are no match for today’s military technology, and who in their right mind would even want another civil war. There is a more effective way.

    Our nation, along with other nations in the world attack each other with something that has more effect than guns or weapons. I am speaking about economic sanctions. Let me explain what I mean.

    I propose that an event that could take place in the U.S. that would send a message that we are done with what our current government is NOT doing, which is taking care of the American people. Every company, and every employee of those companies would need to walk off their job for 1 day, or a week. Even government agencies would need to be involved to the federal level. This would be messy, and it would take tremendous sacrifice from every American citizen. The implications would be severe, a stock market crash, and would more than likely cause a government shutdown. Our version of “economic sanctions” to our own government.

    We are the country, and we are the driving force of this nation, and we need to take it back from the regime that is destroying it. I call it “The Great American Walk-off” and all it would need is promotion and a scheduled date.
    I know this sounds extreme, but I have talked to several colleagues of mine whom agree this is a non-lethal and seemingly effective way to prove to our leaders, that we are serious, and will not continue to silently go along with the destruction of this great nation, and the constitution from which it was derived. Let’s get a discussion going on this theory.

    • You, sir, are a moron. Our “government” destroys other nations and decimates their populations. They will laugh in our stupid fucking faces if we do whatever bullshit you mentioned. THEY KILL MILLIONS! WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  38. I like your idea, but…..the U.S. military was not defeated by the Vietcong / North Vietnamese, as your article indicates, but by the looser politicians that run these wars, instead of the Generals and Commanders that should. That is a disgrace to say that the U.S. military came home with their tales. Any military commander knows that wars are won by going after the enemy in their strongholds, which were Laos and Cambodia. They hid their forces and supplies there because they knew that the U.S. politicians (like LBJ and the rest of those losers), along with the American people, didn’t have the stomach to expand the war! Bottom line….don’t start wars that you don’t intend on winning, because it may get dirty….war is a dirty business! Exactly why the politicians silenced Patton and MacArthur after WWII, because they both knew our ultimate enemies would be the scumbag Russians and Chinese!

    Again, I’m for your idea, but don’t degrade our fighting forces, when the blame lies strictly with our politicians…..just as it does today!

    U.S. Army 1969-1971

    • If I had the level of charisma and academic background to lead the way, I would do it myself. I do, however, have combat experience and enough mechanical and agricultural aptitude to participate in other ways.

      One of the biggest barriers that I see is reflected so extensively here. Over and over again I see posts about getting rid of liberals, “illegal” immigrants, Muslims and so on. This division between the people, all people, is the number one factor inhibiting government reform. As long as we remain divided, we point the finger at each other instead of the real enemy, corrupt officials who are the puppets of corporate America.

      It is not a struggling and poor illegal immigrants fault for being impoverished or illegal. It is the failure of their governments and ours that they do not have the opportunity to work legally or earn a living wage in their own country. But why would corporate America want to legalize a work force that they can currently take advantage of as underpaid labor? I worked in construction for years and saw Hispanics work harder, longer, and for far less money. That is not their fault, it is their only opportunity. If we are angry, be angry at the companies that time and time again monopolize on their misfortunes.

      People complain about liberals WAY to much, and for largely unfounded reasons. Political perspective is not black and white. Agree or not, issues around social equity, gender equality and social justice are issues worth fighting for.

      I guess the point I’m trying to make is that if we stop fighting amongst another about issues that are largely institutionally created, we can work together to address the real issues that are enslaving every American, Democrat, Liberal, Republican, Conservative, legal and illegal alike.

      That issue is the corruption and infiltration of the US government by corporations and elite members of society who would see our people muted and enslaved before giving up one ounce of their privilege and power.

      They are the true enemy, and they are keeping us blinded by dividing us.

      Remember, it doesn’t matter if you vote Democrat or Republican. If you vote for either you are voting to maintain the status quo.

  39. 1.) Non-representative form of “government” in place today? Check.
    2.) Police State system, from federal control of local/state level issues to the destruction of family values to the removal of peacekeeping forces comprised of elected Sheriff’s & their offices, CHECK.
    3.) Certain banks/NGO’s involved in this tyranny? Check.
    4.) Consistent, decades worth of violations of the Bill of RIGHTS with zero fix for these issues? CHECK.
    5.) Need for new form of representative government again & use of arms is needed (amongst other things) to accomplish? Absolutely.

  40. I think a home made nuke in dc going off from home grown terrorists might be a thought for pause.

  41. I think you guys are forgetting something.

    It is not safe to assume that Federal troops would be the only players against the citizenry…other countries have other interests, here. And, don’t assume the U.N. Would not be invited to “help”….

  42. I love the loyalty,patriotism, “Give me liberty or give me death”. So long has freedom been trampled on,our rights raped. Rest assured tonight know there are millions (wish I knew actual number) of fellow Americans (world citizens) that are fed up and going to stand up. We are all awake!! It isn’t time yet to fight but I stand ready as do ya’ll. Government ” we are the people and we own you, All of us stand at a seconds notice to Take back our. Be prepared , I and as you can read many more stand tall. Expect us!

  43. Quite the nice collection of murderous fascist nincompoops you have here. I want to see the cowards pushing this crap (Preston, Paul, Greenwald, Koch) out on the streets at the front instead of the idiots you’ve conned into doing your dirty work or you. I notice the last time you all tried it, Bundy-style, women and children were lined up as shields.

  44. We wouldn’t need population control if corporations stopped trying to play god … Like Monsanto. Control corporations like that. Those are some of the major people who need to be removed. People who hurt others for profit are a threat to all! Same with are so called elected reps. How many of them actually worked for their vote? None that I have ever witnessed. None of them asks any of us what we want, so how do they know what we want or need. It’s all about them and their interests and nothing else. War is one thing and one thing only now … Greed power and control. Wake up I am an American citizen and I wonder why we have so many ignorant sheep who do nothing but complain. When in reality most cases they are complaining of their selves. I am disgusted and disappointed by majority of my fellow citizens. Wake up to enlightenment and rid yourself of ignorance and greedy me,me me ways. Its not all about you!

  45. I was a sergeant in the Marine Corps and am an Iraq War veteran, I’d help wage guerrilla warfare against the Federal government in a heartbeat.

  46. I’m definitely all for a revolution on our horribly tyrannical government. They need to be stopped and I am well armed and ready also. LET’S DO THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. I’m ready to join. I need help these people are going to kill me soon, I’m by my self here fighting. I won’t last long. I’m being harassed day and night getting worse every day. I want to fight these mother fuckers .

  49. starts off good, but unconvincing. first of all, theres precedent: the civil war. didnt work. you’d be hard pressed to find a similar galvanizing cause that would unite disparate anti government groups in numbers sufficient to wage any type of succesful war against the state. and even if you had it, the state would still have its loyal base of citizenry. just like during the civil war. this article is right…logisticslly its possible. but psychologically? no. too many competing interests.

  50. hello I know most people on think or know this nation is going all the way down hill well im here to stop that im looking for hackers the best hackers to help me take this nation down. I want to see this world to be back to the good old days im start an origination know as origination shadow but I cant do it alone I need help. that’s why I need hackers its time we stand up to this government and show it enough is enough please join me so we can save this world from destroying itself. please.

  51. I love seemingly simple plan/overview ! Just how in the he’ll do we get the citizen’s of the US to wake the he’ll up, & get onboard?? I see it as we need to act very quickly.

  52. Obama is guilty of treason by ignoring the Constitution and asking others to do the same. He should be imprisoned, judged accordingly, and given the death penalty along with every person in Congress who has aided him in tearing down what our Forefathers worked so hard to build for us. Personally I think this prick of a president is a sleeper.

    Hard to believe he was elected without some help. I mean, come on people. We chase down and kill a ruthless man named Saddam Hussein, track and kill a ruthless killer named Osama, and then elect a ruthless lying cheat named Barrack Hussein Obama? People didn’t want to believe before, but who else but a ruthless terrorist would infiltrate the one country they hate more than anything only to tear up the Constitution by which they live one piece at a time. Okay, maybe it’s coincidence, but it’s still a travesty that he is getting away with murdering our rights.

    Revolution is Calling!

  53. As a senior citizen, I had to fill out a new Medicare form at my doctor’s office. You have to do it every year. I was very shocked to see, among all the medical questions, one question asking me, “Do you have a gun in the house?” Are you serious? Hopefully, most seniors didn’t answer the question.

  54. Your discounting the fact that Obama is surrounding himself with Muslims. They have no problem killing so many innocent for the cause. Plus, not to sound like a conspiracy believer, who know what Obama has planned over the last eight years.

  55. I have been speaking loudly to federal offices congress. I for one could not join any way to hurt anyone hoever,I know its coming. There are to many american people who absolutely hate Mr Obama. And is executive orders that are illegal to the people. I hear it. I am also very angry for the back door deal which has made me sick and untreated thyroid disease. I can shout all my true to this congress because it would be best if Obama gets off his high horse and retracks that deal and many others but I’m seeing it begin in neighborhoods. Back door conversations and I and everybody is in defense of all these Muslims Obama has let I’m trying to get the message across to do something about this corrupt man and all his back door deals. Hopefully you will reverse and stop him with tpp also . these things are wrong against america. U hear it talked about. Hispanics to even talking about trump and how’s he’s going to stop killer Hillary? All people are talking like this. They are worried about the government wanting to hurt them

  56. You state that the had old weapons and no infrastructure, not true they had just fought yhe french for the last ten years and not with sticks and stones. They also had hundreds of miles of very complex tunnels underground, they were supplied by the russians with sams and tadar directed triple a. Now having said that I agree with your assessment of their guerrilla tactics they blended into the gen.population and owned the night, they new the land in a way no foreigners could.

  57. If Trump loses, citizens who are against losing their freedoms MUST get organized , secretely, and start waging guerilla warfare on the elites.

    The Republican controlled Congress are traitors. Obama should have been impeached years ago.
    The first place to start would be getting Soros, Koch brothers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc. Start taking out the private globalist communists American haters. It would have to be done by stealth and slowly. Then go after the Mordor DC politicians. Start with Paul Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Pelosi, Warren. Lynch, etc. One by one.

    Otherwise patriots will have to band together to help one another leave the country, because most do not have the means to flee. That is why for over thirty years the elites have decimated citizens wages and benefits. Destroy wages and people are powerless.

    Another option is for everyone to go to Texas and push for secession.

  58. I am honestly saddened and angry at these things that take place.So many “Revolutionaries”want to make a “peaceful” fix to the United States.I say wake the fuck up.The only way things change is if you make it change.”Oh be peaceful and make rallies we don’t want to go to the use of violence,violence is never the answer”.Shut the fuck up…This…Country…if you want to call it that is no longer a county.Our ideals are distant memories.Our way of life is constantly under management.I may only be 18 but something has to be done.If not soon,it never will happen.With that I say this,Submit to then wholly.Dont fight,just let them do as they will and they will leave you alone.I entertained the scenario that there was a two row column of people.Walking between 2 rows of armed men.I thought “Why not submit? It’s the easiest thing to do”.Well when that thought came across my mind I thought of something more.As those “prisoners”are being led,what if they stopped…and lashed at the guards around them.Surprise…Surprise…Surprise…Its gotta start somewhere and why not start it with a bang.

  59. I hope whoever wrote this and all those who support this twisted ideology are under surveillance as potential terror threats.
    This is like something you’d find in the diary of Charles Manson.
    Written by someone who’s got all their walls covered with conspiracy theories written in their own shit.
    Check yourselves into the nearest mental institution before you go shooting up a bunch of innocent people. It appears that some have too much freedom that they can handle.

  60. kapos?
    he don’t now us very well do he… compromising a solution is the best way to handle a situation like that.
    We the people would win hands down 300million armed and extremely dangerous citizens .the military should support the people. Otherwise they wI’ll suffer he same faith as our enemies . And any . Outside force interfearance or resistance willl suffer the ultimate consequence complete annihilation
    Maintaining the peace is always the best option and through compromising and negotiating their should be a solution..

  61. kapos?
    he don’t now us very well do he… compromising a solution is the best way to handle a situation like that.
    We the people would win hands down 300million armed and extremely dangerous citizens .the military should support the people. Otherwise they wI’ll suffer he same faith as our enemies . And any . Outside force interfearance or resistance willl suffer the ultimate consequence complete annihilation
    Maintaining the peace is always the best option and through compromising and negotiating their should be a solution..

  62. Also if we ever , As We the People ever have to take a stand to take our Gov. Back .
    We need to remember all our Weapons THAT OUR ARMED FORCES USE .
    That Was bought with our TAX MONEY .
    So that will make ‘ All Arms Ours to use to take Our Gov. Back ‘ For We The people ,
    Tanks or what ever it takes that OUR TAX MONEY WAS USED TO BUY ,
    We The People NEED TO ALSO Remember that.

  63. You seem to forget that half of America would be joining the side that you’re fighting against. I’ll be on the side of the government, fighting just like you, but against you.

  64. trump must issue a call to arms to save America. A armed revolution is the only why to take back America form the globlizist. On novber 8 the reloviltion begins.

  65. It’s high time we take our government back from the wealthy elite of the world. Trump, Bush, Clintion and Obmas. are all working for this globlizist group. The US government has become the GLOBAL TERRORIST !
    One peaceful way to reclaim this country is for all individuals to STOP CONSUMING on every level, other than food, clothing and basic shelter. Stop corporations like Monsanto, don’t buy food that’s not organic. Stop funding these elitist! stop these golbal terrorist!

  66. Do any of you offer a solution to the problem? Besides killing anyone you deem to be the enemy that is. Do any of you even know who and where to strike to be certain they are the targets most responsible? You speak of tyranny and corruption but at the drop of a hat you would take up arms against police (because all of them are willingly and knowingly working for “the man”), the military (many of you are active or retired military, are you going to war against your fellows-in-arms and against their children), or against politicians at large (is it merely the fact that they hold an office that deems them guilty and worthy of death?)? One of you even suggested an atomic bomb on DC!!??.. Ok so know you have exterminated the infestation and left yourselves with a radiated cesspool of a homeland to tend to the megadeaths of your own tyranny! BRAVO!

    You are the working class who do the jobs they wouldn’t get their hands dirty to do and never wanted to figure out how! You are the one’s that built their advancements of technology! Surely you can use that same intellect to counteract its effectiveness or render it obsolete with new advancements. As to the former military, you are the ones that studied if not wrote their manuals, you should know their tactics and therefore the counter tactics needed. I was never one for pep rallies because victory needs more than hooting fans, waving flags, and screaming “our side go…win!” YOU ARE AMERICA, if you don’t want to die without a fight then prove it with every asset, knowledge, right, ability at your disposal. Exhaust every means of unifying your efforts under the shield of constitutional rights before resorting to violence. It is quite possible that your forefathers protected you with the foundational protection of your God-given rights so that you cannot lose to a government claiming to uphold these freedoms without exposing their ulterior motives for holding power. For THAT victory OR death (to expose the enemy’s true nature and intentions) I would die!

    You want to revolt, then you’d better do it better than the “hit fast, hit first, hit hard and hope it worked” mentality. Prove your superiority beyond mere brute strength, or I guarantee you failure!

  67. You want to organize a real change in the system?
    * compile evidence against the state as though preparing for court otherwise any action will be labeled as fanatic rather than patriotic.
    * start utilizing rights afforded to you and still recognized by the government and create a business capable of creating supply routes throughout the US. Not only of guns and ammunition, but all manner of rations, supplies, equipment, technology, etc.
    * the business’ “peacetime” function is to supply the people with necessary products and services for profit. That money is used to raise awareness making known the facts compiled beforehand.
    * the business’ “wartime” function is a distribution network of rations and supplies.
    * so long as the rights are still recognized stockpile weapons, start militia groups, own shooting galleries and training academies to train the people to fight to defend themselves and explain to them the looming threat that they ought to prepare themselves for.
    * Teach agriculture, ranching, blacksmithing, woodshop, etc. skills necessary in an environment that cannot be dependent on outside sources for food and electricity.
    * Assemble and organize now, utilizing your vast and diverse expertise in preparation not only for an upcoming war but also as to the re-establishment of Government if against all odds you should succeed!

    Pointing a gun and shooting it is easy enough: it is living with it that is hard, even when you believe it was the right thing to do. You are talking about bringing down a government! Have any of you put as much thought and consideration in what it would take even if you did succeed?

  68. I have no TRUST in MY unit from 1968. I feel that it’s so infiltrated that they would march down our streets to disarm us without question.

  69. Vietnam taught us both a hard lesson and gave us inspiration when the 1% has finally started to put our backs against the wall and stripped us of any peaceful alternatives.

    I would add one more example to the ones you presented: the First American Civil War. (yes, I am very much implying that there will be a second) In that case the rebels literally began with half the country and still ended up losing. What happened? They lost too many set piece battles in the long term after winning several in the first years of the war. Partly this was as the Union’s starting lineup of generals ranged from mediocre to horrible. But they had almost no industry to speak of while the North had factories coming out their ears, and once Lee’s army was badly depleted enough by the horrific massacre of Pickett’s Charge (i can’t even call it an engagement) that they didn’t have the numbers to threaten the Union army on their own territory it was essentially over right there.

    The lesson here is to be forewarned that even entire states starting on our side won’t be enough. It doesn’t matter how much land or men we might start with. It matters all the world what we do with whatever we get.

    Another aspect was the slaves they were so addicted to, many of whom were quite eager to risk death and torture to get to the Union army and tell everything they knew about the Confederacy. It didn’t help matters that southerners also had a bad habit of blabbing things like troop movements and weapons stocks around their slaves! (Loose lips sink more than ships, folks!)

    The lesson we should take from this is that if we try to make too many people stay in ‘rebel’ areas that don’t want to stay, we’ll end up wasting manpower guarding them and they will be quite happy to spy and sabotage and desert at the first chance they get. Anything is preferable to that – even escorting them to the border – and letting their safety and well-being be the loyalists’ concern while we focus on the business at hand. Even if they are public mouthpieces for the 1% like Rush Limbaugh. There will be plenty of time for dealing with them later if we win.

  70. 0 0
    I’m a 19 year old that goes to Rutgers University in New Jersey.

    Over the past few weeks I have realized what was going on in our country. I have now taken it upon myself to spend every passing minute of this summer to evolve, train, and learn as much as I can for this September.

    I am in the process of creating pamphlets that I will spread throughout the busses and class rooms. I need help with them.

    I am teaching myself to be a public speaker, and to help wake up our countrymen (Of all races, and feedom loving cultures.)

    If anyone is out there, I’m calling for help. Help me create a pamphlet that anyone can mass produce, and easily learn the nature of their enslavement.

    The great awakening is here, and I am ready to sacrifice everything to wake everyone up.

    Please email me @

    1776 is coming. And the Zionist banking cabal will be put down.

  71. This is the ONLY activity that is intelligent, viable, and practical against a 100% corrupt, totalitarian, police-state, government! That is violent eradication of said state by guerilla warfare!

  72. One problem here. You mention that the U.S. had no training against guerrilla fighters and that’s how they lost the war. Bad news. They now have around 16 years of practice in the middle east. My buddy in the military was even told by his commanding officers that the whole reason for the war in the middle east is to practice. They’re getting ready for revolution.

  73. i totally agree we have been getting shit on way to long government does whats best for them. No one oversees anything they do its time to show them that we the people have the power. im ready to fight to the death our government needs to bleed and die a slow painful death

  74. My future looking pretty bleak to me. At 60 years old, and the way money has lost value. Doesn’t look like very far off, from having to dig in the trash for something to eat. would truly be ready to enter next life before then. So i guess i’m in. Might as well dye for a good cause. But don’t you think the powers that be, are not aware of our intent. How our we going to handle the communication between each other? So not to dye for nothing. / Jack of many trades

  75. Ok. We need to start a propoganda movement to rouse the red bulge in the center of the country. Further polarize them. We will raise their anger far gone. Gone far away. They are getting poorer by the day. And they need prose to sway them. And then we need to simultaneously create propoganda en masse to heighten pressure for the impeachment of Trump.
    Are you getting me? Also we need to bribe seargents, lieutenants and commanders in the USMC, particularly. Seek out those who are sympathetic to our cause. We will use physical pamphlets as well as blog posts. And include art that is shapeless and contains hard and sharp edges.

  76. Great conjecture on how to wage war, well thought out. But, it has some flaws. As much faith as i have in the average country boys marksmanship that by no mean translates into a knowledge of even of how to actually fight without rigorous and unrelenting training. They have no knowledge of maneuvers, flanking tactics, enfilade and defilade, armed and hand to hand close combat, etc. Most would hesitate to kill they’re countrymen and it goes without saying they’d be very poor equiped by comparison. A true, not a clone, M4 is a very impressive weapon and even more so with the HK416/417 upgrade package. Our soldiers were ceramic/steel composite plate armour UNDER a hefty bit of Kevlar. Odds are good level three plate armour would be a minimum. Given they’d be facing enemies primarily armed with hunting rifles with a worse performance than the 7.62 by 54R, .30-06 and drastically below the the penetrative power of hyper velocity rounds like the SMF rounds the FN 5.7 mm, HK 4.6 mm or the newer and somewhat more potent Chinese 5.8 mm AR round. Its a common error to believe civilian rounds are the best. This simply isn’t true. Most simply aren’t even close because what has the combined qualities necessary for military service on a mass scale are rounds that cause grievous tumbling wounds, weigh little enough to be carried in large numbers, posses the power to stop a man at a bare minimum of 330 yards but more realistically at 100 or less without weighing the shooter down when loaded, a minimum recoil burden and of course extreme adaptability. While my favorite contender personally.A tie between the SCAR-L and the IMI TAR-21 (or a newer model Galil is I felt nostalgic). The truth is, ego crushing as it is, your late great Pappy 10 ga scattercannon or his .243 Winchester will never cut it.

    My point of course is this, the men and women of the US military didn’t enlist to effortless butcher their american kinsmen. They aren’t the enemy selling us out to those Russian savages so the can rape the world again (and lying about it), they aren’t the ones tricking half the country into subsidizing the rich who refuse to pay their share or letting the US continue to be the only 1st world nation without free healthcare. No the enemy are those who’e made American the nation with 50 percent of the worlds prisoners, allowed our education system become a joke, let a tiny country with a dubious amount of nuclear weapons bully us, refuse to use military force against Iran to force it to stop trying to dominate its neighbors, makes excuses for the blatant anti-semitism and aggression of the Palestinians, lets millions suffer under Venezuelas Maduro, allow banks and corporations to run rampant, refuse to implement a living wage and comprehensive consumer protections, allowing ball players, actors, musicians, CEOs and trust fund babies access to untold millions with no social obligations save those the elect to indulge in, they never speak of a national salary cap to close the gap between rich and poor, limits on trust fund allocations or reauirementss that all savings have a cal save those in retirement funds or stock. The enemy is Trump, his ilk, the republican who won’t resist him and the democrats all to willing to appease him. The enemy is the top 10 percent of wage earners. Corrupt members of the judiciary, organized criminal syndicates, Putin, Assad, Kim, Maduro and all their silent is the. Corrupt who must be purged, tge broken systems ficed and veangeancs delivered swiftly to those who profit of our backs! As a Republican from long before the nightmare of Trump and his glaring stupidity a Mussolini like demeanor and attitude, his needy insecure need to self agrandize and the GOPs slavish devotion to a madman, I’d gladly join my liberal and progressive sisters and brothers to eliminate the monsters of our time with lighting guerrilla strikes and sniped tactics until the government is forced to capitulate and rebuild. War os not the answer, blitzkrieg (pardon the tactical term) insurgency is.

  77. It’s time to take out the one percent who think we are cattle and this is a game of manipulation to keep them rich and amused. It’s time to take out the shadow government who rely on their hired mercs to make it all go away. It’s time for all people who are tired of being mistreated to come together and make a stand for humanity. This is the richest country on the planet and children are still going to sleep hungry.

  78. The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants… Let’s water the fuck out of it

  79. Thank you for posting this.
    I hate guns. Hated learning to use them- but my military family insisted. Why? For the reason I am saying thank you- because the biggest threat to our PEOPLE is the government the founders knew could go wrong.
    I hope I never have to pick up a gun- and as long as they don’t try to come take them then I won’t have to. I’ll never own one, I refuse- but I support any person living in this country owning any firearm they can purchase including those of the same quality and capability as the infantry and militarized police forces. If they need it- the founders intended for the people to have it as well.

  80. Oh so true. I have more firearms and ammo than most 3rd world countries. As well as survival equipment and techniques from living in rural America. Also have many associates of the same stripe. I can guarantee anyone that armed conflict will become a reality if not the US government the far leftists groups trying to change our way of life. Either way I’m ready. Our America will NOT fade into history as a failed nation. The founding fathers predicted this might happen. It’s getting close. Be ready.

  81. Dont forget there is one point this article did not mention. If we did rise up and just before our current govt collapsed dont think for a second that another country would not rush in like china or russia and overtake the little revolt and hit us while our defenses are down

  82. Viet Nam – a good friend lost his brother – just 19 years old. His parents never got over his death. Part of the collapse of moral was the “revolt of the combat troops – fragging.” Do you think todays “rank and file” would turn against their friends, families, and follow Americans if ordered by a corrupt and “abuse of power” government?

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