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Pakistan’s profane blasphemy laws

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid of The Spectator on the religious tyranny in the IRP and its leader’s pathetic attempts to export it beyond his borders. ~MRDA~ _____________________ An eight-year-old Hindu boy is currently in custody in the southern Punjab. He is the youngest person in Pakistan to be charged with […]

"Those always classy antifa femen, here nakedly endorsing genocide." - Andy Nowicki


Today seems to be quite the day for anniversaries! Not only is this day, the 13th of February 2020, the half-century anniversary of Black Sabbath’s self-titled album—and, by extension, the whole heavy metal genre—it’s also the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden, one of the least salutary […]

Funding the Enemy: War and Welfare

From March last year: Ann Sterzinger’s libertarian solution to the Islamist problem. The welfare state is a gravy train for ISIS. If the welfare state doesn’t end in Europe, the welfare state will end Europe. And future historians will look back on the way the West ended and […]

NO CONFIDENCE: Vote for Yourself

In the face of a particularly pitiful election selection, Ann Sterzinger makes the case for giving oneself the first and final vote. Personally, were I American, I’d either just stay home or turn up only to draw a cock on the ballot paper, in line with my anti-democratic […]

Once Again, Fuck the U.N.!

Over at the Inferno: my latest love letter to the kind of “peacekeepers” nobody needs. Excerpts: Ostensibly formed as a global peacekeeping organisation in the wake of World War II, the United Nations, or U.N., has, over time, made it clear that the peace it means to impose […]

The Strongest Prejudice Was Identified

From Edge: Jonathan Haidt on politribal prejudice. ______________ If you were on a selection committee tasked with choosing someone to hire (or to admit to your university, or to receive a prize in your field), and it came down to two candidates who were equally qualified on objective […]

More Than a Whiff of Cologne

More than you might wanna inhale! ~MRDA~ Opinions/Editorials: How to deal with the sexual assaults in Cologne and Hamburg by Musa Okwonga German Feminists: Forget Rapist Migrants, They’re Already Marginalised by Liam Deacon Why We Can’t Stay Silent on Germany’s Mass Sex Assaults by Maajid Nawaz The solution […]

What ISIS Really Wants

From the Atlantic. A thorough overview of the much-maligned militant-Muslim Männerbund. What is the Islamic State? Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York […]

Why I’m Scared of Widows & Orphans

Islam, immigration, and interventionism. I’ll be incorporating a response to the Ann-xieties expressed here (and elsewhere) into a future Infernal episode. There’s a lot of raspberrying and dismissiveness in the debate over whether to let the wave of “Syrian” “refugees” wash up on U.S. shores. In the partisan […]

The Magical Bottomless Labor Pool

The Princess of Pessimism, Ann Sterzinger, on labour and…er, labour. 1,950 words A few months back, publisher Chip Smith asked me to write a new intro for the upcoming second edition of my 2011 novel NVSQVAM. To write the essay I had to rethink my protagonist, Lester Reichartsen, […]

Halal & Hypocrisy XIII: Remove Kebab?

  New from the Inferno: A tyrannical tale of kebabs and killjoys. The south of France, and one man finds himself deeply disenchanted by the culinary delights on offer in his locale. So much so, in fact, that he took to the press, voicing his determination never to […]

France’s False Choice

Atlantic article from January. Thoughtful overview of Dar al-Islam in the land of the Gauls. Also, rather refreshing to see a mainstreamer who can tell the fucking difference between liberty and democracy! The impressive and inspiring show of solidarity at France’s unity march on January 11—which brought together […]

Cards Against Humanitarians

An end-of-September piece from Foreign Policy. By Ilya Lozovsky On Friday, heads of state — along with Nobel Prize winners, Pope Francis, and Beyoncé — convened at the United Nations in New York to inaugurate a grand new agenda to improve human welfare. Known as the Sustainable Development […]

Horizontal Collaboration

A raunchily revisionist review by Ann Sterzinger. Sheds more light on the Conflict Without Heroes that was World War II. __________________ Is present-day Paris more puritanical than it was under the Nazis? I’d love to simply dwell on the jaunty visual attractiveness—not to mention the entertainment and historical […]

J’accuse: Leftist intellectuals turn right

From Politico. Onfray’s book on atheism lies half-read on my print-pile; maybe one day, I’ll actually lay hands on it again. ~MRDA~ _________________ Unusual ideological bedfellows in France are uniting against globalization and the euro. By Pierre Briançon 10/16/15, 5:30 AM CET Updated 10/16/15, 7:14 PM CET PARIS […]

Either Way, It’s American Displacement Day

The Infernal take on “Columbus Day”. _________________ Yesterday yielded another round of commotion regarding the infamous Christopher Columbus, designated “discoverer” of the so-called “New World” (Leif Erikson moans from Midgard!). No doubt, the less-than-vocal majority of Statesiders were simply thrilled to get a day off from work; the […]

Privatize the Borders!

From Liberty Chat. __________ By Robert P. Murphy — contributor Bryan Caplan has become perhaps the leading libertarian spokesman for “open borders,” the term that many people are using to mean that national governments do not place restrictions on the movement of people across the outer boundary […]

Octave Mirbeau on Voting

Ann Sterzinger‘s translation of a poll-dodging polemic by 19th century French anarchist and author Octave Mirbeau. Warms the cockles of my cold, anti-democratic heart…. Also, be sure to check out her translation of his novel In the Sky, available for the first time in English from Nine-Banded Books. […]

So Where Are the Feminists?

Ann Sterzinger asks the question at RightOn, spotlighting how the clash in the feminist worldview between “Enlightenment Person” and “Mommy Goddess” curtails any meaningful criticism of the more predatory and illiberal residents of Dar al-Islam. I notice the bifurcation a lot in abortion debates, where feminists talk about […]

Halal & Hypocrisy XII: Vive la Dissonance!

On the 7th of January, three Islamic gunmen stormed the offices of left-wing satirical mag Charlie Hebdo, killing eleven staff members in the ensuing bullet shower. The magazine had previously made an international name for itself by printing the Mohammed cartoons of 2006, and continuing to satirise Islam […]

Homogamy Most Heterodox

  My latest @ Taki. ______________ Last Friday proved a more eventful one than usual in New Zealand: on top of the usual weekend hustle, the Kiwi nation hosted the wedding of one Travis McIntosh to his partner, Matt McCormick. As it took place at the hallowed rugby […]

Democracy: The Hanging Judge

My Takimag debut. The responses pretty much reinforce what I said in the piece about the demos. I noticed a fair few mentions of the phrase “death penalty” from UK news outlets last fortnight; little surprise, given that the antepenultimate Wednesday marked the half-century since this Sceptered Isle’s […]

Land of the Reiching Sun? A Conflict Without Heroes

From the Inferno. _____________ A few days back, I had the displeasure of reading a clickbait “article”, on the misleadingly named Dangerous Minds blog, concerning the Far Eastern fondness for Nazi aesthetics. I made the mistake of thinking I’d get something momentarily interesting out of doing so, only […]

Kevin Mac Donald Attacks the Libertarian Strawman

Another oldy. ___________ by All-in-All The Alternative Right (including Third Positioners) has a long history of making ignorant attacks on libertarianism which strikingly parallel those made by the socialists of the 19th century. This should not be surprising since white nationalism and most of the Alt-Right are basically […]

Pluralism Has Limits

  Old but gold. _________ by AntisocialMisanthropicPessimist I think immigration, as a subset of private property, is one area where the AnCaps have a serious practical issue, that is assuming AnCaps have enough clout to matter anyway. Basically, if you didn’t personally appropriate something, you don’t own it. […]

The Pro-Death Movement

From TakiMag ______________ by Jim Goad I once read that all societies throughout history were consistent in that they deemed it wrong to kill another human being…but they were wildly inconsistent in how they defined the term “human being.” Such universal contradictions are compounded by the monotheism under […]

Contagion! The FaceBorg Equality Epidemic

My latest from the Inferno. I wonder: Have you caught the bug? _____________ Thanks to a good chunk of my Facebook friendslist, I came face-to-face with the latest meme virus to infect the social conscience. Hear those squeaky wheels, lushes and reprobates? That’s the sound of the latest […]

A Woman’s Work? Behind a Gun

(Previously posted at Mere Anti-Statism) Two days ago, the Stateside military lifted its ban on females assuming combat roles. According to The Guardian, Pentagon Defence Secretary (and civilian-assassination-endorsing piece-of-shit) Leon Panetta, together with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, scribbled away the 1994 prohibition […]