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America’s First Infantada

By Joel Kotkin, American Mind The national consciousness regresses to the level of the toddler, casting everything in stark terms of good and bad. “We are here to guide public opinion, not to discuss it.” Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, 1804 By the calendar, the American republic is mature, but […]

We Are In a Revolution

From Sean Gabb. I think Sean may be understating it a bit. In the US, even the military, homeland security, and intelligence agencies are involved. We now have CIA propaganda talking about intersectionality. Meanwhile, anti-terrorism laws and state surveillance are being strengthened.

Must We Cancel Foucault?

By Mark G.E. Kelly, TELOS Michel Foucault’s name has never been far from scandal. Indeed, he has proven to be a perennially controversial figure. He rose to prominence in controversy, his ponderously scholarly 1966 book The Order of Things becoming a bestseller because marginal denunciations of humanism and […]

Welcome to the New Age of Anarcho-Fascism

For the prosecution. From 2017. By Jared Keller, Pacific Standard On August 15th, President Donald Trump threw the door wide open for American fascism. Speaking confidently on his home turf of Trump Tower in New York City, Trump blamed “many sides” for the violent clashes between antifascists and alt-right groups […]

Wokeness Is Hurting Democrats

It is somewhat amusing to watch these 20something and 30something woke/hip “progressives” finally starting to at least partially realize what I have been telling them for 25 years. The reasons that I became such an outspoken critic of “political correctness” (or whatever one wishes to call it) were […]

How Should the Left Think About Crime?

Adaner Usmani, assistant professor of sociology and social studies at Harvard University, joins us to discuss the current wave of violent crime in the US, the law-and-order backlashes of prior decades, and the origins of mass incarceration. The Jacobin Show airs every Wednesday at 6 PM ET and […]

2016: The Turning Point

The main effect of Trumpism seems to have been to accelerate the leftward drift of US culture.   I would point out, however, that it is only on cultural issues where the left is winning. The USA continues to be as statist, capitalist, and imperialist as it ever was, […]

Why is Everything Liberal?

When the majority of the capitalist class and the intelligence services have adopted “wokeness” as their self-legitimating ideology, we know that the totalitarian humanist revolution is complete. By Richard Hanania In a democracy, every vote is supposed to be equal. If about half the country supports one side […]