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“Americans Have a Drug Problem”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2023 The war on drugs is truly a war on individual liberty, private property, personal responsibility, and a free society. – Laurence M. Vance, “Americans Have a Drug Problem” [2023] HORNBERGER’S BLOG February 3, 2023 What Does “Unprovoked” Mean? Note the following sentence in a […]

Watch the Great Fall

Beyond Progress and Nostalgia Paul Kingsnorth 4 hr ago My name is Paul and I am a nostalgic. Sometimes it can be good to get things off your chest. I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, but I have often been addicted to dreams. This is the […]

Who watches the record keepers?

TAC Editor’s Weekly The latest in Main Street conservative news View this email in your browser Dear Reader,Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation working hard to shake up a sclerotic Conservatism Inc., has committed another GOP heresy. In a piece out Tuesday afternoon he put the […]

The Left Eats The Left

Jose Alberto Nino 3 hr ago Share Bryan Cranston is a phenomenal actor, but when it comes to his politics, he should just focus on giving us more “Breaking Bad” level performances. Well, he isn’t complacent with just being an actor, instead he decided to go on to […]

Woods confuses readers

By Tom Woods I evidently confused some people yesterday when, in trying to avoid censorship algorithms, I said “the V-word.” The link I urged people to click would have cleared up any confusion; the word, of course, is vack-seen (again, you see what I am doing). My point […]

Responding to Hamilton 68

After refusing to answer questions pre-publication, Hamilton 68 and Clint Watts printed a response to the Twitter files that’s both laughable and damning Matt Taibbi 15 hr ago Days before yesterday’s Twitter Files report about Hamilton 68, I wrote the public relations officers of both of the sites’ […]

A-List Celeb Backed Time’s Up Announces Closure After Being Exposed for Protecting Democrat Abusers

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