Anarcho-Populism: Not Economically Left/Culturally Right

In recent times, I have seen a number of commentators calling for one or another kind of left/right hybrid populism. Some years ago, Ralph Nader was pushing this idea (obviously unsuccessfully). More recently, Krystal Ball (social democrat) and Saager Enjeti (economic nationalist) of The Hill’s Rising have promoted a similar concept, i.e. uniting left and right populists around class issues. Bill Lind (paleoconservative) has called for a culturally right/economic left populism (which is more or less what many of the “right-wing populist” parties of Europe are). Even Tucker Carlson has expressed leanings in this direction at times.

Of course, some on the Left have responded with the usual “right woos left/red-brown alliance/Russian conspiracy” hysteria and some on the Right have responded with the usual “Socialism! Socialism!” hysteria.

But the real problem with the ideas of Nader, Ball, Enjeti, Lind, Carlson, etc. is their statism, centralism and reformism. For decades, I have advocated for a kind of “anarcho-populism” that involves a left/right/center libertarian/anarchist hybrid populism, but one that is avowedly anti-statist (and therefore anti-ruling class and anti-imperialist on a general level) which calls on the left and right not to give up their respective tribal biases and affiliations but which calls for a meta-level ceasefire in favor of decentralization (a kind of Peace of Augsburg for the sake of overthrowing the ruling class enemy).

Presumably, the tribal civil wars between the Red Tribe and Blue Tribe and between proponents of “capitalism” and “socialism” would continue on a microlevel. For example, in predominantly Blue communities a minority of Reds may agitate for more redness and in predominantly Red communities a minority of Blues many agitate for more blueness, with anarcho-syndicalist unions going on strike against anarcho-capitalist businesses, and anarcho-capitalist militias warding off anarcho-communist guerillas and vice versa, while SJW/Antifa and/or Alt-Right/Nazbol inquisitions conduct their respective heresy trials.

Let’s be clear: This idea has nothing to do with the state-centric, “preserve the system” faux populism that is now en vogue among many on the supposed dissident left or supposed dissident right.