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Rachel Haywire

Rednecks doing Yoga

by Rachel Haywire

What’s the difference between a redneck and a yoga-scenester?

Nothing. They are both degenerate subcultures. The yoga-scenesters think they are better than the rednecks, prancing themselves above

What is the Workshop?

by Rachel Haywire

The Cathedral is the new matrix. Anyone familiar with Mencius Moldbug is familiar with this fact. We are trapped, ideologically, by the academic institutions that tell us how to think. We are pressured, socially, to associate ourselves with meaningless causes that give us status points. Holding the most socially progressive viewpoint in the room is a valuable commodity here in the

The Wrong Section

This is a story I wrote in 1998. It is also the origin of the name Acidexia. This is the first dystopian story I ever authored. No words have been changed. The Wrong Section It was Sydney’s first day of high school. She walked into her classroom and saw a […]

The Physical Appearance of Liberals

by Rachel Haywire

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That is the old cliche, isn’t it? Of course many of us know better than to completely discount physical appearances. We look at Asians and assume they are smart. We look at African Americans and assume they are athletic. Biodiversity is an important part of human existence and to pretend like it doesn’t exist is to ignore the complexity of genetics.

Anarchy is not the Death of the West

by Rachel Haywire

Anarchy is not the bottom of the totem pole. It is not degradation. Anarchy is when both the totem pole and degradation are overthrown. There seems to be a common misconception that anarchy = anarchism and this idea gets more and more popular as the definition of anarchy turns more and more into the definition of anarchism.