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Tucker Carlson 2024?

There would be certain tactical advantages to this. The Left always performs much, much better when a Republican is in office. The anti-establishment populist-right would continue to be rallied. The division between the Republican “base” and Republican establishment would continue to expand as would the divide between the […]

The Case for Not Voting

Kyle takes his stand with the 46%. Between the 46% who either don’t vote or vote third-party, the 67% of voters who constitute the “exhausted majority,” the minority of Blue Tribers and Red Tribers who are tired of the bullshit, and former establishmentarians who see through it all […]

House Dems Back Off Of Student Debt Relief

Imagine that. The student loan industry is a nationalized, state-run industry functioning in collusion with the banksters and the educationist wing of the new clerisy. Not being dischargeable through bankruptcy, student loans are modern-day indentured servitude. No way they’re going to give up that win-win scenario for the […]

Krystal Ball Dragged After Tepid Credit To Fox Host

Krystal has really been getting attacked by the SJW crowd lately, which means she is likely on the right track. I reject Tucker Carlson’s populist-nationalism and social conservatism. I reject Krystal’s statist-reformist social democracy. And I reject the libtard-leftard-SJW-Antifa pathological right-wingophobia. Kyle’s commentary is this is pretty good.

Media Suddenly Realizes Bernie Was Right

I generally agree with Kyle’s criticisms of the Republicans and neoliberal Democrats, but this Berniebro ode to statism is a bit difficult to watch. No, Kyle, we don’t need more central planning in response to coronavirus. Actually, the trend has been that decentralized decision-making processes have been more […]