General Strike & Outsiders Organizing Is The Only Hope For Real Change Reply

How convenient for the power elite that everyone is under a shelter-in-place order.

It’s been great to see some leftist commentators like Kyle, Jimmie Dore, and Krystal Ball (finally) call out the failures of “left-wing” politicians.

This is a good commentary. Kyle strikes me as one of the “good guy social democrats,” a bit milquetoast at times, overly prone to statolatry, but pure in motive.


Ben Shapiro Vs Tucker Carlson | Capitalism & Populism Reply

This video is over a year old, but it’s a good description of the neoliberal vs. populist division that is growing on the US right, just like there is a growing division between neoliberals and social democrats on the US left. The consequences of the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama neoliberal paradigm are now obvious enough and have been since at least 2008, which is why populist-reformist movements have developed since then, e.g. Tea Party, Occupy, Sandernistas, Trumpians, AOC’s social democracy, Carlson’s “national conservatism,” etc. Regrettably, none of these movements have been able to get past the fixation on electoralism, reformism, statism, the capitalism/socialism false dichotomy, and culture war tribalism.

Some commentators, like the folks at Rising, keep calling for a realignment pitting left/right populists against left/right neoliberals, but that ain’t happening. Too much cultural tribal conflict is in the way. Instead, as the Democratic neoliberals and Republican neoliberals continue to try to out-scumbag each other, and left/right populists continue to fail, more extreme movements from the left and right will likely develop (for which creepy groups like the Antifa and Proud Boys are prototypes). I don’t think it will become a Weimar-like scenario with the liberal-capitalist center being threatened with outright communism from the left and fascism from the right. It will probably be more like Latin America or South Asia where the entrenched oligarchy holds its position against the impoverished masses, with left and right extremists engaging in terrorism on the margins. In other words, the US is becoming less of a modern post-scarcity middle-class oriented bourgeois society (as Sanders and Carlson are constantly lamenting), and more of a traditional society with a traditional class hierarchy in terms of wealth distribution.  The good news is that it will largely be the end of the US international empire in the long run as multipolarity continues to develop.


Media Suddenly Realizes Bernie Was Right Reply

I generally agree with Kyle’s criticisms of the Republicans and neoliberal Democrats, but this Berniebro ode to statism is a bit difficult to watch. No, Kyle, we don’t need more central planning in response to coronavirus. Actually, the trend has been that decentralized decision-making processes have been more effective than centralized ones. Individual countries have been more effective at controlling the virus than global or transnational institutions. Individual states have often been ahead of the feds, and some localities have been ahead of the states. The private sector has frequently been ahead of the government, and labor unions have often been ahead of both the private and public sectors. Non-state and non-commercial activist organizations have frequently been ahead of everyone. Quarantines and social distancing are largely being enforced through voluntary means or social pressures. Meanwhile, the central government has primarily responded by facilitating a ruling looting spree while throwing a few crumbs to the peasants.

What Bernie's Campaign Did Right & Wrong Reply

I generally agree with Kulinski’s analysis of how Sanders was eventually overrun by Biden. But I think there are two things Kyle is missing. First, Bernie’s “welfare and wokeness” coalition is just not as popular as Kyle would like for it to be. Yes, it’s popular among Kyle’s left-leaning Millennials. But it’s not popular among culturally cosmopolitan but economically centrist or conservative suburban Democrats, rural white union members who like guns and dislike immigrants, or older African-Americans who like civil rights but dislike gays and atheists. The other thing is that Kyle underestimates the ruthlessness and discipline of the Democrapic Party leadership when it comes to imposing party and ideological discipline. Biden overran Sanders when the party’s leadership and benefactors told the other “moderates” and co-optable “progressives” to step down and essentially give their voters to Biden (or, in the case of Lizzie the Scamster, to assume an obstructionist role in order to continue to deflect votes away from Bernie).

CNN’s Horrible, Terrible, No Good Tulsi Town Hall Questions Reply

A good discussion of how the corporate imperialists circle the wagons around anyone with even moderately anti-interventionist views. US foreign policy is essentially a Roman-like imperialism that is committed to large-scale massacres as a matter of policy. The Democrats and Republicans are fine with this, and committed to preserving it. Most progressive liberals and SJWs consider anti-imperialism to be just another issue, or a matter of indifference. Even a supposed “far leftist” like Alexander Reid-Ross-Podhoretz-Kristol is more concerned about Russo-Assadist conspiracies on behalf of the Learned Elders of Thule than opposing the US empire of corpses.

Kyle Kulinski Vs Hasan Piker Debate On Free Speech Reply

A pro-free speech progressive vs an antifa on free speech. I am actually somewhere between these two guys. I am all for violence against the state (when tactically appropriate) but opposed to either censorship/deplatforming of mere expression of opinions or violence against other political groups that are against the system and out of power.  There’s far too much moralizing on the part of both of these guys for my tastes, and this Hasan Piker guy engages in a great deal of special pleading. This discussion also represents another interesting cleavage on the left.

Tucker Carlson Pretends To Be Against Elites On Fox & Friends Reply

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk has a pretty good critique of Tucker Carlson, and Trumpism generally, that I think is largely accurate, although I disagree with Kulinski’s embrace of Bernie Sanders’ neo-Rooseveltian perspective as the fallback position, and Kulinski clearly does not criticize the Left strongly enough, and is too dismissive of immigration critics, which involves issues that are far more complicated than what he recognizes.