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Media Suddenly Realizes Bernie Was Right

I generally agree with Kyle’s criticisms of the Republicans and neoliberal Democrats, but this Berniebro ode to statism is a bit difficult to watch. No, Kyle, we don’t need more central planning in response to coronavirus. Actually, the trend has been that decentralized decision-making processes have been more effective than centralized ones. Individual countries have been more effective at controlling the virus than global or transnational institutions. Individual states have often been ahead of the feds, and some localities have been ahead of the states. The private sector has frequently been ahead of the government, and labor unions have often been ahead of both the private and public sectors. Non-state and non-commercial activist organizations have frequently been ahead of everyone. Quarantines and social distancing are largely being enforced through voluntary means or social pressures. Meanwhile, the central government has primarily responded by facilitating a ruling looting spree while throwing a few crumbs to the peasants.

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