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Cainusmaxus is a former American professor of fine arts who holds a BA and an MFA in painting. He is one of the founders of, a traditionalist website, forum and burgeoning think-tank that developed from the facebook group "The Nietzschean Right : Palingenesis in the Post-Modern age", which seeks to inject serious critical thinking, genuine intellectual discourse, new and innovative content and academic standards into the broader New Right intellectual movement. He is currently based in Russia where he lives with his wife and daughter and teaches a variety of subjects. He has joined Attack the system to network and share his mutual dislike of the authoritarian globalist regimes of the west and to contribute to attacking the liberal police state and their totalitarian humanism. He enjoys being a dilettante when it comes to the subject of food, drink and tobacco. He endeavors to dream up ever more creative ways in which he can avoid being yelled at by his wife for drinking to much.