Patrick Bateman as a symbol of modernity’s madness : a Baudrillardian inspired analysis of American Psycho 7


…The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth—it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.[3]

—The quote is credited to Ecclesiastes, but the words do not occur there. It can be seen as an addition,[4] a paraphrase and an endorsement of Ecclesiastes’ condemnation[5] of the pursuit of wisdom as folly and a ‘chasing after wind’—see for example Ecclesiastes 1.16.(taken from Simulacra and simulation, by Jean Baudrillard)

: A simulation that takes the place of something that is supposed to be real.

Hyper Real : The reality that the simulacrum has now become.

American psycho, both the book and the movie were extremely controversial for the time periods in which they came out. Both times, it was for the gratuitous amount of violence displayed primarily against women, with rampant sexism included. The book of course is far more brutal and describes in detail Patrick’s affinity for rape and murder, while the movie, hampered by American standards on obscenity can only go so far. Both however are effective at displaying the character’s fight to both be accepted in the liberal-capitalist elite order, and his violent lashing out at society for making him forced to do so. More…

Conservatism, Traditionalism, and Nationalism in Heavy Metal 2


Impaled Nazarene, while not being conservative or traditional in much of a measurable way, is very nationalistic in many of their songs, displaying an affinity for anti-communism and Finnish nationalism.

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Morton Downey Junior was considered a precursor to the type of American conservative talk show hosts we have today. Conservatism previously had been associated with aristocracy, but with dilettantes like William F Buckley who presented an image of ostensible nobility, this contrasted the authentic manner in which Traditionalism descends from Joseph De Maistre or Julius Evola, both of whom were actual noblemen. The Buckley kind of holier than thou conservatism, it’s image born of free-market absolutism and corporate worship appears in America as a simulacrum of aristocracy, carried on by guys like Mitt Romney, presented conservatism as mere rich man’s politics, rather than the preservation of a national or Traditional identity. These types of conservatives, who were often wealthy, may have connected with the American public at alternative periods of time, but not so much the youth, nor working class folks. More…

The Prison-Industrial complex Reply

Written by S. Wess Moss and published originally on here.

“The fairest part of childhood passes without the necessity of coming to blows with reason. We care nothing at all about it, do not meddle with it, admit no reason. We are not to be persuaded to anything by ‘conviction,’ and are deaf to good arguments, principles, etc.; on the other hand, coaxing, punishment, and the like are hard for us to resist.”

– Max Stirner

After I was processed, I was taken to a small room where I was told to remove my clothes.  I was given the, infamous, orange jumpsuit four sizes too large; a pair of bright orange sandals, plastic and cracked at the hollow of the foot.  I was given the standard issue county jail clothing, the same as the thousands of others that came before, the thousands of others that came after. Shackled, I was escorted by my arm, in that way policemen tend to do, along a hallway to my cell.  I was led towards the door, it’s always implied to go into the room when lead to the door, I obeyed the suggestion.  The loud, and overemphasized, clank of the steel cell door, I was left looking out the parallelogram window at the white painted cinder block wall across the hall. More…