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  1. What is interesting is very liberal San Francisco has gain a lot less illegal immigrants form Mexico than slightly liberal City Houston and Suburb Conservative Houston TX. The Republicans think that electing Republicans lowers the Illegal immigrants it actually increases them because Republicans allow the business interest to keep wages lower. No minimum wage increase in Texas or most of the south. Take the little town of Fountain Valley under Bush in 2006 the Spanish speaking kids were at 200 and today are only 104. On the other hand, the Vietnamese kids that spoke Vietnamese has risen in 2006 at 400 for the Vietnamese to 503. Also, other language speaking kids peak in 2002 under George Bush in Fountain Valley around 250 and now are down to 114 under Obama. While liberal Democrats will not deport people if they commit crime or they give illegal immigrants drivers license, illegal immigrant increases in Ca are slower than many parts of the Midwest now. In fact liberal lower illegal immigration and George Bush types increase illegal immigration. I think the guest worker parts of the bill will have it go down since Dems don’t want to drive down wages as much as Republicans. In fact, probably California and New York and Illinois increasing wages will dropped some of their illegal population since business are less likely to hire them if the wages are pushed up.

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