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Attack the System S2: E15

Thursdays the 13th, origins of Friday the 13th, significance of the number 12 in astrotheology, the biblical character Judas, Derek Chauvin and his co-defendants are indicted on federal civil rights charges, legal meaning of double jeopardy, the Rodney King case from 1991/92, LA riots in 1992, the attack […]

Attack the System S2: E14

Derek Chauvin is guilty, how the law defines murder and manslaughter, how Chauvin was thrown under the bus to protect the system, the Justine Diamond case,  why police welfare checks are dangerous, criticism of the Chauvin trial as a show trial, how cops and civilians are held to […]

Attack the System S2: E13

Another police killing in the Minneapolis area, Duante Wright, a cop who supposedly didn’t know the difference between a gun and a taser, bulk of police training is firearms training, the problems with hiring combat veterans as police officers, Joe Rogan’s interview with ex-cop Mike Wood, cops who […]

Attack the System S2: E12

Changing the name of the podcast, the death of DMX, DMX controversies, DMX animal cruelty charges, how celebrities and politicians are always praised when they die, welcoming Regan to the program as a guest host, Regan’s website Transforming the Darkness, Nancy Pelosi rents office space to pedophile-connected group, […]

Kick the Puppy/Attack the System S2: E11

Iran and China sign an economic and security agreement, US allies go their own way on Iran, American hegemony is receding, the coming “multi-order order,” Biden continues Trump’s trade policies with China,  China is an economic colony of the West, history of the US conflict with Iran, Republicans […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E9

Poll finds half of Republican men say they will not get COVID-19 vaccine, Trump took the vaccine, anti-vax friends, why blacks are hostile to vaccinations, driving to Salem for a vaccination, Obama phones, do drug dealers have COVID vaccines on deck? AZT and aids, Israel’s autonomous ‘robo-snipers’ and […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E8

Experts sound the alarm on declining birth rates among younger generations: “it’s a crisis,” the super old as the fastest growing age demographic, Thomas Malthus and overpopulation, soap operas, birth control, condoms, the union of two houses: the Windsors and Celebrities is complete, is Greta Thunberg writing letters […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E7

Italian scientist has become a celebrity by fighting vaccine skeptics, Princess Meghan McCain calls for Fouci to be fired because she isn’t eligible for the COVID vaccine, John McCain was a sociopath, Gary Foster on abusive set behavior, drugs and sexual favors in the entertainment industry, mob owned […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E6

Keith, Emma, and RJ “Hidden homeless crisis”: more people are living in cars and RVs and it’s getting worse, verification of homelessness, homeless numbers are higher than that, you’re homeless, eviction protection and the verge of being homeless, small towns of homeless people, different levels of homelessness, why […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E5

Keith & RJ Study claims vaccines saved 37 million lives mostly children over the past two decades, anti-vaxxers are growing, backlash to over-medicalization, the complexity of the immune system, a long history of human poisonings, paranoia and the American tradition, criticisms of scientism, SpaceX Starship SN9 explodes during […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E4

Keith, Emma & RJ Game Stop vs Wall Street, Robinhood, micro-revolts in the United States, Dodger Stadium’s COVID-19 vaccination site temporarily shut down after protesters gather at entrance, Robinhood was supposed to be for the little guy, Citadel, aristocrats pretending to be friends with the peasants, rich people […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E3

Keith, Emma & RJ 01/18/21 – The Beer Belly Putsch, Trump is impeached but not just in the house, what will happen next, counter-elite development, revolutionary ideas, revolutionary leaders, gerontocracy, Uganda and Bobi Wine, a future of celebrity politicians, Reagan was a terrible actor, Facebook suspends Ron Paul […]

Kick the Puppy Season 2: EP 02

Keith, Emma & RJ 01/09/21 – Mob assault on the Capital, 5 dead, nice photo op, police weren’t prepared, political assassinations, most were peaceful, two-party existential crisis, American Democracy, the Five Crises of the American Regime, “why the wealthiest Americans should prepare for revolt against unprecedented inequality,” Rothbard […]

Kick the Puppy Season 2: EP 01

Keith, Emma & RJ 01/01/21 – We’re back in business, historic spike in drug overdose deaths under COVID-19, governor Sisolak shut down Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the least sober place on the planet, Carl Jung and the origins of mental illness, Don Wells just died of […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 26

California man sentenced to 20 years in fatal “swatting”, calling the cops is always a bad idea, New Zealand democracy turns against itself, perceptions of risk, New Zealand gang leaders refuse to turn in guns, Hell’s Angels and street gangs vow to defend mosques in New Zealand, Kentucky […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 25

Retired Florida cop punches old lady in the face over a parking spot, Florida woman accused of shoplifting and masturbating in front of teen on way to jail, why are there so many wild crime stories in Florida? The hidden costs of drug prohibition, nearly half of Americans […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 24

U.S. cancels large scale military exercises in South Korea, Trump’s defense of Kim Jong Un leads to discord with parents of Otto Warmbier, the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath, federal lawsuit takes aim at Nevada’s brothels, lawmakers push to legalize prostitution in New York, federal officials […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 23

Actor Justin Smollet fakes racist attack on himself, Ohio nail shop called ‘Hand Jobs Nail & Spa’ under fire for its controversial name, Supreme Court rules against excessive fines/fees/forfeiture, Houston police chief ends no-knock raids after shootout, Trump launches global gay rights initiative, Trump administration wanted to sell […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 22

Stockton California starts $500 monthly UBI experiment, record 7 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans, Trump declares state of emergency to build wall, voters split on the border wall, rapper killed by cops while asleep in his car, national debt hits milestone of $22 trillion, undercover […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 21

Kid with the last name Trump falls asleep during Trump speech, American anarchist murdered in Acapulco, Cody Wilson indicted on multiple charges, person upset by Virginia governor’s abortion stance tipped off about racist photo, veterinarian stitched bags of heroin into the bodies of puppies to use them as […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 20

Burgerville employees organize first fast food labor union, scientists in Israel may have found a cure for cancer, obese woman who advocated plus size positivity dies from heart attack at 49, Leslie Van Houten makes parole again, police ask criminals not to commit crimes because it’s too cold, […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 19

The condition of internet freedom 6 years after the death of Aaron Schwartz, divided about immigration because we speak different languages, Vilfredo Pareto, South Carolina town now a Juggalo free zone, Juggalos VS facial recognition software, wearing a mask in public, Illinois thinks it is now taxing lap […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 18

Government shutdown highlights issues that 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck, research shows affluent Americans barely recognize US income gap, lawsuit by families of Sandy Hook victims against Alex Jones advances, Alex Jones IS the crisis actor, man accused of killing brother with a sword, lizard people, […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 17

All the crazy things corrupt public officials bought with your money this year, IRS plans to take taxpayer money but not issue refunds during shutdown, hundreds of TSA screeners working without pay call in sick at major airports, former Manson follower granted parole, driver arrested for testing positive […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 16

12.30.18 Syria/Afghan troop withdrawal, Congress strengthens police state in order to wage war on sex workers, moral panics, study finds police officers arrested 1100 times per year, the possibility of future left/right violence, Casey Anthony gets her own reality show, Casey Anthony 4 President, cat owners more likely […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 15

12.16.18 Senate votes to end support for Saudi war on Yemen/passes resolution condemning Saudis for Khashoggi murder, Saudi Arabia still sells castrated black slaves, Trump’s legal woes worsen, Trump says “the people would revolt” if he were impeached, Utah reduces DUI limit to .05, Tommy Chong on Canada’s […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 14

12.10.18 Sex robot creator is ready to make a baby with his machine, PETA says to stop using anti-animal language, the white supremacy-milk connection, the yellow vest riots in France, 95% of speed cameras in French region destroyed during riots, James Fields convicted of 1st degree murder for […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 13

12.02.18 Former President George H.W. Bush dies at 94, the ruling classes live longer, suicide rates at a 50 year peak, life expectancy declines, senior citizens replacing teenagers as fastfood workers, the rise of the inter-generational household, ballot initiative for decriminalization of magic mushrooms may be on Oregon […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 12

11.25.18 Trump lets the cat out of the bag on Israel and Saudi Arabia, American missionary killed by natives on North Sentinal Island, Trump’s Playboy model wife to speak at Christian university event, young people leaving religion, churches starting to close, number of witches growing in US as […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 11

11.11.18 Mass shooting in California, Thousand Oaks was ranked third safest city in America, “we don’t know how to stop mass shootings,” overnight celebrity, midterm elections, how great the U.S. economy is doing, the Antifa at Tucker Carlson’s home, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she can’t afford to move to […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 10

Keith & R.J. are back with the news of the week. Topics include: Domestic terrorism, mental illness in radical politics, mental illness in mainstream politics, blow back against Saudi Arabia, Soft Bank serves as a front for Saudi monarchs, beacon of bullshit against Iran, US-Middle East geopolitical alignment, […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 9

Keith & R.J. talk about PC culture and tribalism in America. Articles discussed: Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape by Stephen Hawkins, Daniel Yudkin, Miriam Juan-Torres, Tim Dixon Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture by Yascha Mounk The Threat of Tribalism by Amy Chua Voluntary Tribalism: Why […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 8

Topics include: The bizarre Supermicro motherboard situation, scholars have fake papers published in academic journals, scam artistry in supposed scholarship, exchange of words between Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, risky selfies killed 269 people in 6 years, car crashes killed 37,133 people in the US […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 6

Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week Cody Wilson catches teen sex assault case, the State loves sexual assault, why US radicalism failed, Florida neighbors horrified by nudist family doing yard work, Florida deputies say woman stole marijuana that washed up on the beach, Ernie and […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 5

Keith & R.J. on the news of the week Topics include: Crooked cop pimps, border patrol serial killer, off-duty female cop shooter, U.S. Brazilian-like economy is booming, pot shop clerk fights off robbers with a bong, British MP wants to “fight hate,” former boxer Oscar De La Hoya […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 4

Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week Topics include: North America’s first sex doll brothel, animal brothels, the incel movement, other strange sexual disorders, transgendered prisoners, transgendered athletes, Spencer Sunshine’s lists, mass murderer gives speech about cyberbullying, Trump says he fell asleep during mass murderer’s speech, […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 3

Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week Topics include: Mass shootings and rare risk/overreactions in America, shooting statistics, gang culture and burned bodies, murder clearance USA, American tourists stabbed in Amsterdam, NC cop put on leave for 3 Percenter tattoo, military defection, pregnant lady who killed […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 2

Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week Topics include: McCain finally dies, guns and oil with Israel and Saudi Arabia, Jill Stein VS everybody, people actually read the National Enquirer, media gone tribal, atheist mega churches, underground assemblies, having something to belong to, Yemen retaliates against […]

Kick the Puppy Episode 1

Keith & R.J. cover the news of the week Topics include: Back in business, what Jeremy Corbyn is doing, the Alex Jones situation, unstoppable tech giants, the super super-rich, Nobody for 2018, the Satanist statue in Little Rock, Wal Mart is a crazy place, people living out of […]