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Kick the Puppy Episode 10


Keith & R.J. are back with the news of the week.

Topics include:

Domestic terrorism, mental illness in radical politics, mental illness in mainstream politics, blow back against Saudi Arabia, Soft Bank serves as a front for Saudi monarchs, beacon of bullshit against Iran, US-Middle East geopolitical alignment, migrant caravan story is hyped to death, Pirate Party leader to become mayor of Prague, Trump has three phones, Silicon Valley elites keep their kids away from their own tech, the population seems to be getting stupider, what a civil war would look like, Dem candidate says dogs are smarter than cops, Michigan moves to ban crunk juice, when politicians settled disputes with pistols.

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  1. Your discussion about a possible civil war of “all against all” was most interesting. I like your point that the red and blue tribes actually are not really tied to geographic location. The concept of “red” and “blue” states are, in fact, a gross over simplification.

    The current political tribes are more of a rural vs city culture war — less tethered to geographic location. There are plenty of Democrats in the country and plenty of Republicans in the city. Although their were copperhead, pro-confederate cities like New York and Hackensack New Jersey, the current political divide is nothing like a North vs South civil war.

    The comparison to the Yugoslavia civil war always gets me thinking about the US Revolution. My view is a big part of the current state’s “ideological super-structure” depends on minimizing how awful the US Revolution really was. We are taught, as soon as we come out of the birth canal, that a unified America, all together, repelled a foreign, occupying army. When in fact, some of the worst fighting was among loyalists and patriot Americans. For example, the “Cowboys” and the “Skinners” in the New York / Connecticut area. etc.

  2. I hope it is not obnoxious to ask if there is going to be an episode this week? Also…. is this going up on iTunes? For listening while cleaning purposes….

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