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An Appeal from the Libertarian Alliance (UK)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR CROWDFUNDING APPEAL  We humbly ask our supporters to help us improve our website, blog, and archive. Already a big “thank you” goes out to Derek Bernard for supporting our appeal. The Libertarian Alliance currently has two websites ( and, the former used […]

Is the realignment happening already? (UK)

Is the realignment happening already? By Keir Martland (26th June 2016) At about midnight, the globalists in the Parliamentary Labour Party began their coup. Blairite Hilary Benn told socialist anti-interventionist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn that he had no confidence in his leadership and the latter had no option […]

Brussels: Déjà vu

Brussels: Déjà vu By Keir Martland I remember watching with horror on the night of the 13th November 2015 as the news of the Paris atrocities came through. RT, the BBC, and Sky were all of them thoroughly confused by the events and yet I stayed up until […]

Paleolibertarian book from the UK

Liberty from a Beginner: Selected Essays (Second Edition) Twenty Five Essays with an Introductory Overview By Keir Martland Foreword by Sean Gabb Buy as a paperback Also available for the Kindle FROM THE REVIEWS “[these essays] break out of the dead end that British libertarianism – and much American […]

Let us do nothing!

By Keir Martland There’s a lot of talk of the recent debates over the Cameron regime’s proposed Syrian adventure being a good thing and that we are learning from the mistakes of Iraq and Libya. No we aren’t. The vast majority of voices we are hearing are in […]

In Praise of Margaret Thatcher

By Keir Martland Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 General Election after the vote of no confidence in Jim Callaghan’s government. Callaghan had not been particularly disastrous as Prime Minister until the winter of 1978/9, the so-called Winter of Discontent. Thatcher then proceeded to transform this country from a […]