Welcome, New Readers!

Pinned post. The post below was originally published in 2018. I like to repost it periodically in order to better connect with new readers to this site. One thing that is particularly interesting is to review the three articles in the link below, which are nearly 20 years […]

Popularization of the Outsider

By Rachel Haywire Outsiders are a demographic, and a very specific one at that. Foot soldiers of history used as crash test dummies for the future, their moves are mapped into larger templates that serve as blueprints for product development. The boom of Web3, now being referred to […]

Putin the Practical Wants Ukraine Grain

by Brian Czech Pundits, think tanks, and politicians are asking, “What does Putin want with Ukraine?” If you’re familiar with Ukraine’s flag—especially the bottom half—you’re halfway to the answer. Putin: inscrutable yet exuding practicality. (Image: CC BY-SA 2.0, Credit: Global Panorama) But let’s start with the conventional wisdom. […]

Living Rent-Free Next to Millionaires

This reminds me of an anarchist tendency known as “anarcho-waterism.” Yeah, there really is such a thing. For decades, the “anchor-outs” have enjoyed living in rent-free boat homes in the Bay Area. Their boats, anchored just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, float illegally in the sightline of […]