The State As An Establishment Cult

Our Timeless Existence Imagine state-run churches with mandatory tithes and taxes. Imagine the state licensing clergy. Imagine the state allowing “alternatives” to their state run church system, but only if they are licensed, approved, and regulated to be a mirror of the state run church system. Imagine attendance […]

Breaking Points: 10/19/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss the death of Colin Powell, union activity across America, Amazon potentially being investigated by the DOJ, Politico shakeup, Brian Stelter getting embarrassed, US dependence on China, Biden’s weakness on striking workers, John Deere workers strike, and more! Timestamps: Colin Powell: 0:00 – 22:01 Unions: […]

How Trump RUINS GOP, Democratic Party

Trump may well turn out to be the best friend proponents of pan-secession ever had by escalating fragmentation and advancing sympathy for pan-secession. Saagar analyzes the negative effects Trump’s presence is having on the GOP, Democratic Party, and the broader political debates taking place in America and on […]