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Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MeWe The only authentic tradition or universal is the struggle for liberty and freedom against power, authority, and oppression. It transcends historical epochs, geographies, civilizations, cultures, governments, ideologies, economies, modes of production, races, religions, or causes. Someone who read a single […]

How Nato seduced the European Left

BY Lily Lynch In January 2018, Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg held an unprecedented press conference with Angelina Jolie. While InStyle reported that Jolie “was dressed in a black off-the-shoulder sheath dress, a matching capelet and classic pumps (also black)”, there was a deeper purpose to this meeting: sexual violence in […]

Asylum Now!

Sponsored by Fraenkel Gallery Andrea R. Flores Asylum in Limbo Like the Trump-era policy it replaces, Biden’s new asylum ban suggests that certain migrants are less deserving of humanitarian protection than others. Anjam Sundaram, illustrated by John Grund White Bay Life under the chemical megafactories of Ingeniero White, Argentina. […]

Homebuyers are screwed

 View in browser Subscribe May 28, 2023 Hi, I’m Matt Turner, the editor in chief of business at Insider. Welcome back to Insider Today’s Sunday edition, a roundup of some of our top stories. Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.   On the agenda: Why one of BlackRock’s […]

Crime of victimless crime

The harsh treatment meted out to Brittney Griner gives us a glimpse of the human cost of the so-called war on drugs. Daniel Lazare looks at five decades of horror Hypocrisy and imperialism go hand in hand, especially when the latter is of the “democratic” variety. Take Brittney […]

Live #523 – Tulsi Gabbard on Nuclear War, MGT on Biden’s FBI repression, Sunsara Taylor on Woke-ism

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14th amendment threat

The debt-ceiling crisis is the direct result of the antiquated constitution, argues Daniel Lazare, but ‘emergency measures’ would be a gift for Trump Under the heading of “Be careful of what you wish for”, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are calling on Joe Biden to solve the US […]

Will 2024 Bring the Return of the Neocons?

The GOP nominee can forge a humbler path on foreign policy—or turn back to failed neoconservatism. Bonnie Kristian | From the June 2023 issue (Illustrations: Joanna Andreasson; Source images: ninjaMonkeyStudio/iStock. Rasica/iStock. Donald Trump; Gage Skidmore. Ron DeSantis; Gage Skidmore. Mike Pence; Gage Skidmore. John Bolton; Gage Skidmore. Tom […]

‘Tina Turner Bet on Herself’

Tina Turner’s story is part of the pop-culture bedrock, one told and retold so frequently that even the most pedestrian music fan can recite all the ugly twists and turns. Instead of recounting that tale in full, Vulture’s Craig Jenkins uses his remembrance to hone in on how […]

You’re Allergic to the Modern World

You’re Allergic to the Modern World Matt Reynolds Allergy rates are on the rise. Blame climate change and people’s urbanized lifestyles. READ New Alzheimer’s Drugs Offer Subtle Benefits—With Real Risks   Grace Huckins   Antibody treatments clear amyloid protein from patients’ brains, slowing the progression of their disease […]

The New Organizers

Sponsored by Columbia University Press In December 2021 unions won two victories that have significantly reshaped the American labor movement in the years since: Starbucks Workers United unionized the first store in the company’s history, and the NLRB ruled that organizers be allowed into the Amazon warehouse on […]

Welcome to the ‘Airbnbust’

 View in browser Subscribe May 27, 2023 Hello, Insiders. Ever find yourself sitting on your couch, mindlessly scrolling through real-estate apps — and suddenly feel inspired to change your entire life? Well, Insider’s Jordan Pandy has the story of one woman whose scrolling on Trulia led to a […]

19 Dead in School Fire

19 Dead in School Fire A fire took the lives of 19 young people, including a five-year-old boy, and left several injured.  Read More… New Jersey Teen Bit By Shark While Surfing A 15-year-old Pennsylvania teenager was bit by a shark while surfing in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. […]

Is health care too big?

Click here to view this email in your browser. May 27, 2023   A NOTE FROM OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ALYSON SHONTELL Over the last few years, health care companies in the U.S. have grown tremendously. The ascension has been brewing for a while.   In 1995, the industry was […]

5/26/23: New Triangle UFO Over CA Base w/ Jeremy Corbell, Saagar Appears In NYT Article On WH Sneakers, New Biden 2024 Polling, UK and France Strikes

This week we discuss a new UFO spotted over a California Military base with guest Jeremy Corbell (@JeremyCorbell) from the Weaponized podcast, Saagar appearing in the New York Times being quoted for his takes on wearing Sneakers in the White House, Krystal and Emily analyze new Harris polls […]

Final Covid scorecard released

View in browser The CDC has released its numbers for age-adjusted Covid mortality. These are the CDC’s own numbers, I repeat, so you and I can’t be accused of using obscure sources, or whatever other excuse the crazies normally use. The results: completely random. If you can see […]

Failure to Launch: The DeSantis Debacle

Read our current issue. May 26, 2023 When Ron DeSantis finally got to announcing his bid for president this week on Twitter, he trashed Joe Biden for his “woke” politics, claimed that Black leaders under other Florida administrations were there because of “identity politics,” and hyped his lame […]

Jail is Good Now, Try To Keep Up

Plus: Dem War $$$ :: Meth Pipes For All :: Satan Respects Pronouns Leighton Woodhouse Beige Luciano-AdamsMia Ashton,Phoebe Smith May 26, 2023 Communists rally to send Penny to the Gulag The Lock ‘Em Up Left Two high-profile killings, one on each coast, are inspiring social justice activists to […]

Deb Ceiling Crisis EXPLAINED

Krystal Kyle & Friends May 25, 2023 Are Biden and McCarthy about to reach a deal on the debt ceiling? If so, they’re coming in just under the wire — next week, June 1, the government could run out of money for essential spending, so negotiations have reached […]