By Michael Lind, Tablet California today provides a model for America as a whole,” Peter Leyden, CEO of Reinvent, declared in a TED talk in 2018: In the early 2000s, California faced a similar situation to the one America faces today. Its state politics were severely polarized, and […]

The Slippery Slope of Anti-Discrimination Laws

By Pierre Lemieux Non-discrimination can easily come to mean discrimination. Suppose a law bans discrimination against individuals of Group 1. If that means the interdiction of imposing special obstacles or constraints on individuals of Group 1, it is pretty clear what non-discrimination means. But suppose that non-discrimination against […]

Why I Am Not a Left-Libertarian

By Bryan Caplan, Econ Lib As a radical libertarian, pacifist, champion of open borders, and mortal enemy of Columbus, I seem like an easy convert to left-libertarianism.  Proponents like Sheldon Richman and Rod Long are smart and earnest people.  Their motives are pure.  Still, their innovations are largely […]

The Two Middle Classes

By Joel Kotkin, Quillette Politicians across the Western world like to speak fondly of the “middle class” as if it is one large constituency with common interests and aspirations. But, as Karl Marx observed, the middle class has always been divided by sources of wealth and worldview. Today, […]

Who The Hell Is Jack London?

Anarchist News From The Transmetropolitan Review Who the hell is Jack London? That’s a complicated question. If you superficially glance through the Google Search results for Jack London, it’s easy enough to find out that he was a socialist. If you dig a little bit deeper, you’ll see […]

A Trap for Modern Social Democracy

By Peter Brandt  Telos During the past few weeks the debate over identity politics and viewpoint diversity in Germany has been unfolding. The starting point was an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine by Wolfgang Thierse, not known for eccentric positions, concerning the conduct of the debate around the […]

Anarchism as a Social Movement, 1870–1940

By Bert Altena One of the characteristics of anarchist movements is their pattern of appearance and disappearance. In fact, there are two different patterns. One is short-term and occurred mainly during the period of classical anarchism (i.e. 1870–1914). During these years, in several countries, the anarchist movement disappeared, […]


Anarchist News In the non-utopic utopia of bolo’bolo, no ibu (person more or less) can be expelled from a bolo (an autonomous, autarkic collection of 300-500 ibu). Within that imagined world of interdependence, where the 300-500 people in your immediate vicinity rely on you and you them for […]