A-List Celeb Backed Time’s Up Announces Closure After Being Exposed for Protecting Democrat Abusers

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Five former Memphis police officers charged with murder after death of Tyre Nichols: “This was wrong. This was criminal”

Before 2020, this case probably would have been ignored. Rioting and looting get results. CBS News Five former Memphis, Tennessee, officers who were fired over the death of Tyre Nichols have been charged with second-degree murder, authorities announced Thursday. Nichols died after a violent arrest by police earlier this month. […]

Breaking Points 1/26/23: Meta Unbans Trump, Germany Sends Tanks To Ukraine, Santos Campaign Finance Scandal, Brett Farve Mississippi Scandal, Pelosi Google Stocks, Jim Cramer on Anti Trust, Ticketmaster vs Senators, Egg Prices, Dems Dropping Biden, Social Security Bipartisanship with Ryan Cooper

Krystal and Saagar discuss Meta’s unbanning of Trump from Facebook and Instagram, Germany sending Tanks to Ukraine, inside George Santos’ Campaign Finance scandal, a Mississippi Auditor calls Brett Farve’s Welfare Scandal “The Largest Public Fraud Case In The History Of The State”, Nancy Pelosi caught selling millions of […]

Reverse aging may be real

January 26, 2023 Hello, Insiders. Welcome back to real-estate week. We’ve been looking at homebuying in the remote-work era, from what’s going on in Florida to the rise of Zoomtowns. And today, I want to turn to something our team covers a lot: real-estate investing. Interest rates shot […]

Putin at War

Fred Kaplan Putin’s Miscalculation After two decades of reforming its armed forces, Russia expected a lightning victory in Ukraine, but the ill-starred invasion has revealed their deficiencies. Joan Silber Friends: A Love Story Jean Chen Ho’s main characters like each other plenty, with all the trouble that comes […]

Why the world needs Ukrainian victory

Timothy Snyder Jan 23 Why does the world need a Ukrainian victory? 1.  To halt atrocity.  Russia’s occupation is genocidal.  Wherever the Ukrainians recover territory, they save lives, and re-establish the principle that people have a right not to be tortured, deported, and murdered. 2.  To preserve the […]

All about the Doomsday Clock

Devika  Rao All about the Doomsday Clock Brigid  Kennedy Germany confirms plan to arm Ukraine with Leopard tanks Harold  Maass German tanks in Ukraine: A ‘breakthrough’ or ‘an act of grave stupidity’? Advertisement by BetterHelp Save over $50 on professional online therapy Rafi  Schwartz Schiff, Omar, Swalwell unleash […]

1/25/23 CounterPoints: Pence Classified Docs Found, DOJ Sues Google, Trump Charges, Cop City, Bezos Washington Post Sale, Ticketmaster, Elon Caves to India Censorship

Ryan and Emily discuss classified documents found in Mike Pence’s home, the Department of Justice announcing its anti trust case against Google, the final report of Fulton County grand jury investigating Trump may be released soon, guest Tina-Disiree joins us to discuss Cop City and how protestors of […]

The Secret To Ending Homelessness

It’s not about giving away free apartment units. Jared Klickstein Writes Jared Klickstein · Subscribe The author in the throes of addiction. by Jared Klickstein Homelessness has been around for so long that many people have understandably given up on ever ending it. Nationwide, the number of people counted as homeless […]