The Past and Future of Incitement

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative You can only make up your own definition of “incitement” on Twitter and at presidential impeachment trials. Otherwise, the actual law is going to have to do. The context is clear: As they geared up for an impeachment, Democrats and mainstream […]

The War on Privacy

By Matt Taibbi My colleague Glenn Greenwald hit the nail on the head this weekend when he wrote about “tattletale journalism,” in which media reporters for the largest companies spend their time attacking speech, instead of defending it. The miserable trend just reached its apex when Taylor Lorenz […]

Learning from Venezuela’s Missteps in Building Urban Popular Power: Decentralization, Participatory Budgeting, Communal Councils and Comunes

By María Pilar García Guadilla and  Carlos G. Torrealba COMMUNES in Venezuela, once hopeful experiments in local direct democracy and popular power under the socialism of the XXI century have largely succumbed to the crushing crisis gripping the country. . What can we learn from their demise? READ […]


My advice to the full range of liberal, left, and libertarian opinion would be to take the arguments Lind raises in this seriously unless you want a right-wing guerrilla insurgency developing in the US. By William S. Lind, Traditional Right As  expected, the main theme of President Joe […]

Kick the Puppy S2: E5

Keith & RJ Study claims vaccines saved 37 million lives mostly children over the past two decades, anti-vaxxers are growing, backlash to over-medicalization, the complexity of the immune system, a long history of human poisonings, paranoia and the American tradition, criticisms of scientism, SpaceX Starship SN9 explodes during […]

A Kinky Cure for a Cruel World

Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley Valentine’s Day is a bitch for the weirdos and trust me dearest motherfuckers, they don’t come much weirder than me. I’ve long fancied myself a hopeless romantic with a heavy emphasis on the hopeless angle, but lets face it, […]

How America Ends

By Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic A tectonic demographic shift is underway. Can the country hold together? Democracy depends on the consent of the losers. For most of the 20th century, parties and candidates in the United States have competed in elections with the understanding that electoral defeats are […]

Haiti Begins General Strike

By Ezra Bain, Left Voice Industries across Haiti are shut down today as workers in multiple sectors participate in a 48-hour general strike. The strike was called by the labor unions following years of struggle in Haiti against brutal austerity and government corruption. Part of the reason behind […]

Biden and Iran

by Behrooz Ghamari Tabrizi, Counterpunch There is an expression in Persian that says when an idiot throws a stone into a well, hundreds of wise people can’t recover it. Now this is the story of Donald Trump’s idiotic decision in May 2018 to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear […]

Perspectives On Anarchist Theory

AK Press Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is an essential journal published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies (an organization established to support the development of anarchism, and copublishers with us of the “Anarchist Interventions” series). The journal includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers and translators, features with anarchist […]