Alex Morse And How Personal Victimhood Will Doom The Left Reply

The gay mayor vs the SJWs. Break out the beer and popcorn. It’s interesting to see a mainstream progressive like Krystal or FDR populists like Thomas Frank pointing out what I have been saying for 20 years.

Krystal Ball gives her thoughts on the allegations against Democratic Congressional candidate, Alex Morse, and how pursuing the allegations “enables President Trump.”

Congressional candidate, Mayor Alex Morse, responds to allegations of inappropriate behavior with a college student.

Biden VP Pick IMMINENT, New Tea Leaves Reveal Who Has Inside Track 5

At this point, I am inclined to think Susan Rice will be Biden’s running mate. The plan of the dominant factions of the ruling class seems to be to get rid of Trump, whom they regard as a loose cannon with “dangerous” isolationist instincts, elect Biden and then cart Sleepy Joe the Pedo off to a nursing home, with the Veep acting a the de facto Prez. Susan Rice would be their ideal pick, a technocratic State Department insider with experience in empire management within a liberal internationalist but hawkish framework.

The power elite seems to (correctly) regard Kamala Harris as a sleazy gold-digger and opportunist who is untrustworthy in addition to her lack of foreign policy experience.  The other potential picks are too inexperienced, too inflammatory from a “culture war” perspective (the neocons and Never Trump Repugs are an influential part of the Biden coalition) or, in the case of Lizzie the Scamster, too rhetorically threatening from an economics perspective.


The Ideology of the 21st Century: Anarchist Conservatism Reply

This is an interesting scholarly work, although I disagree with it in certain places. It certainly should ruffle a few feathers. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

Although it is mostly accepted that the ideologies of conservatism and anarchism are at the very opposite sides of the political thought spectrum, this paper is based on its own speculation that conservatism and anarchism are based on the same grounds. In fact, apart from sharing same philosophical roots, these two ideologies are establishing a neutral alliance spontaneously on the basis of anarcho-capitalism. As a matter of fact, one step further than alliance, conservatism and anarchism are becoming two sides of the same coin and this new ideology can be labelled as anarchist conservatism. This essay aims to reveal and highlight the characteristics of this new ideology in a critical manner.

The list of overlapping ideas between anarchism and traditional European conservative that the article presents is interesting. I’ve often been asked how anarchist like myself became associated with tendencies like the European New Right or the American paleoconservatives (a friend once called me a “synthesist-anarchist paleoconservative”). Here is the answer:

The Similarities of Anarchism and Conservatism:

Attack on Modernism
Resistance to human progress
Attack on Enlightenment
Attack on Nation States
Attack on modern state


The Left is Now the Right Reply

The main problem with the Left is that it always becomes the Right once in power. This article by Matt Taibbi illustrates very well why I am completely indifferent to domestic American politics. The Red Tribe and the Blue Tribe deserve each other every bit as much as the competing teams of Salafists in the Middle East or the various combatants in the English Civil War or the Thirty Years War. And virtually all of what passes for the “radical left” or “radical right” is merely a parody of one or the other major tribe.

By Matt Taibbi

In August, 2005, Rolling Stone sent me to cover a freak show. In a small Pennsylvania town called Dover, residents contrived to insert a sentence about teaching “intelligent design” into the curriculum, and fought for its right to do so in an extravagantly-covered trial in the “big city” capital of Harrisburg.

Dover’s school board president, Alan Bonsell, was a fundamentalist who believed God shaped man from dust. It was said Bonsell would stand at his window at night, wondering, as he gazed at the stars, at the intervening hand of God. “If you can’t see that, you’re just not thinking clearly,” he said. His wife supposedly told him he looked like Chuck Norris.

The bureaucratic atmosphere Bonsell presided over was not kind to the eggheads trying to teach. When the head of the district’s science department, Bertha Spahr, begged the board not to promote “intelligent design,” listing past Supreme Court decisions about religion in classrooms, another fundamentalist board member named Bill Buckingham – an ex-cop who wore a lapel pin in the shape of both a Christian cross and an American flag – shouted her down. “Where did you get your law degree?” he snapped. Author Laurie Lebo in the book The Devil in Dover described what happened next:


Putin Approves First Covid-19 Vaccine Even as Trials Continue 1

If this turns out to be legitimate, the neocons and neoliberals will be crying and the alt-right and commie Russophiles will be jerking off with excitement.

By Jake Rudnitsky and Ilya Arkhipov


(Bloomberg) — President Vladimir Putin said Russia cleared the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine for use and hopes to begin mass inoculation soon, even before clinical testing has finished.


Trump’s $400 in unemployment aid: When would it start? Reply

“If I give you $400 will you vote for me?”-Donald Trump

By Aimee Picchi

President Donald Trump on Saturday authorized an extra $400 in weekly unemployment insurance benefits, a potential financial lifeline for the nation’s 16.3 million jobless workers. Yet while his memorandum makes those payments retroactive to August 1, the money could take weeks to reach people and amount to less than advertised for some claimants.

Mr. Trump’s efforts to partially restore the supplemental benefits, which expired late last month, means that states will need to set up new systems for administering the benefits, which could require considerable time to get up and running, according to unemployment experts. The upshot: Unemployed workers shouldn’t count on the extra benefits landing in their bank accounts in the next few weeks.


Resistance Dems SWOON For George W. Bush’s New Paintings Of Immigrants Reply

It’s obvious the Democrats and the neocons are working together to rehabilitate Dubya’s image so the Democrats can use him to discredit Trump, and so the neocons can navigate their way back to the position they held under Dubya (and beyond). It’s interesting that both Krystal and Saager claim they first became involved in politics out of opposition to Bush’s Iraq War.


Police return gunfire amid looting in downtown Chicago Reply

“Chicago is my kind of town.” –Frank Sinatra

By Alta Spells and Hollie Silverman


Someone fired shots at police in downtown Chicago on Monday morning, and the officers returned fire, police spokesman Tom Ahem said in a post on Twitter.

A heavy police presence had been visible on Michigan Avenue downtown, where large groups gathered and vandalized retail businesses overnight.

Bus and train service in and around downtown Chicago was suspended at police request, according to updates from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

CNN crews near the area reported seeing a large number of police cars in the retail district. Video taken outside of Saks Fifth Avenue showed armed police officers standing near the entry door in which the glass had been broken out with the security gate inside partially up.

Another video showed a large crowd gathered outside of the Coach store. Windows in the store were shattered. In a separate video, someone could be seen tossing a projectile at the window of a jewelry store on Michigan Avenue.


Barr: The left ‘believes in tearing down the system’ Reply

He says that like it’s a bad thing. If only it were true. Actually, most “leftists” are far too soft on the system.

By Justin Wise

The Hill

Attorney General William Barr on Sunday voiced scathing criticism of the Democratic Party, claiming the left was trying to tear down the United States’ institutions in a pursuit for “total victory.”

The comments came in an expansive one-hour interview with Fox News Host Mark Levin that touched on subjects including Barr’s recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, the Black Lives Matter protests and the expansion of mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Asked about Democrats’ accusations against him at the recent hearing, Barr said that it was a reflection of how partisan politics have become in recent decades. He zeroed in on Democrats for this change, alleging that the party has “withdrawn and pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded our society since our founding.”


NJ principal calls pro-police flag ‘racist’, angry parent joins ‘Tucker’ Reply

Schools are essentially prisons for children and adolescents serving a 12-year sentence for the crime of having been born. Consequently, I would support the right of school kids to display any kind of flag they wish. An American flag, a Confederate flag, a Blue Lives Matter flag, a Black Power flag, a Rainbow flag, an Aztlan flag, the Christian flag, an Israeli flag, the Islamic crescent, or a flag depicting a hammer and sickle, fasces, swastika or anarchist “circle A” symbol. Fuck schools.

‘You can’t control people’s anger’: Portland protesters set fire to police union headquarters as tensions rise again Reply

Gotta give those Portlanders credit. Keep up the good work.

By Katie Shepherd

Washington Post

PORTLAND, Ore. — Robert Dorris leaned against the door frame of his ground-floor apartment in Portland, Ore., on the same block as the police union’s headquarters, and watched silently as a crowd of black-clad protesters set fire to plywood in the street.


Pick a Cold War, Any Cold War! Reply

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Oh what a democracy we have in America! What a free and vibrant land of choices we’ve created for ourselves on the graves of more primitive civilizations. We just have so many goddamn choices to chose from, it’s enough to make a conspicuous consumer downright dizzy. We get to choose which dead-end box store to slave in for minimum wage beneath the tutelage of a 10th grade tyrant named Chip. We get to choose between several bloodsucking insurance cartels required by the Heritage Foundation socialism of Obamacare. We get to choose which Impossible Glop fast food franchise to slowly murder ourselves with, and if that fails to do the trick, we get to choose which caliber of bullet to snack on instead.


When Neocons Attack: Bolton-Linked PAC Targets Libertarian Reply

The neocons are regrouping and planning a comeback. These guys are Public Enemy Numero Uno.

Listen to the interview here.

Former Maine state senator Eric Brakey discusses his GOP primary race for U.S. Congress in Maine, where a John Bolton-linked PAC dumped a pile of money into an effort to damage his name (particularly because of his foreign-policy views). We then discuss Young Americans for Liberty, the successor organization to Students for Ron Paul, and the successes it’s been having under president Cliff Maloney.

Read the original article at

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Promises and Results Reply

One thing that is pointed out in the Weissmueller interview is that “antiwar” Democrats always disappear when a Democrat is in the White House, and that the only reliable antiwar constituencies are hardcore libertarians, Communists, and some conspiracy types.
Has Trump lived up to expectations that he might roll back some of the U.S. government’s foreign intervention? Zach Weissmueller joins Tom Woods to discuss. Listen to the interview here.

Riots of Peace Hit the Portland ‘Burbs 2

I’m obviously much more “pro-protestor” than Styx (who is a “guns and taxes” type of right-libertarian) but he has a point when he says that as conventional protests have faded more hooligan-types have started to become more prevalent in protest zones. Not that I am particularly worried about it. For 25 years, we’ve had the “quality of life” and “broken windows” model of policing. A little bit of disorder is a welcome change.