The Hogsback, et Les Français

By Peter Zeihan on September 21, 2021 The French are continuing to make their outrage over last week’s AUKUS submarine deal—and the subsequent cancellation of a pending Franco-Australian submarine supply deal—plain for all to see. IIn addition to withdrawing ambassadors from the United States and Australia (news outlets before […]

The best books on Anarchism

By Ruth Kinna Sometimes vilified, often misunderstood, rarely taught in universities, anarchism is a political philosophy and social movement that’s far removed from today’s mainstream politics. But it was and remains a powerful motivator. Political theorist Ruth Kinna talks us through the best books to read to get […]

The economics of anarchy

Mirko Draca of CAGE at the University of Warwick discusses the political polarisation that has emerged over the past few years over issues such as climate change and immigration. Survey data reveal the existence of left-wing and right-wing anarchist types from the late-1980s onwards, but both types appear […]

The Boogaloo movement has a new strategy

These guys appear to be an actual on-the-ground, pan-anarchist, pan-secessionist movement. And whether left-wing anarchists like these guys or not, left-wing anarchists who are developing mutual aid networks of their own or creating separatist movements like CHAZ are in the club as well. I suspect that as pan-secessionist […]

The Anarchist Spirit

By Marina Sitrin, Dissent Many popular movements around the world today oppose hierarchy and embrace direct democracy. This is a spirit that we should applaud and help to flourish. There is not much of a global anarchist movement today. At the same time, since the 1990s, many popular […]

No Cheers For Anarchism

A debate on anarchism appeared in Dissent, which is a social democratic magazine, a few years ago. This is the anti-anarchist perspective. By Sheri Berman Anarchists are better dreamers than doers. A successful movement requires compromise, organization, and leadership to actually get things done. What are the uses […]

Home, and Cruise Missiles

By Peter Zeihan on September 20, 2021 The United States and United Kingdom have shouldered out the French in a deal to supply submarines to Australia. And not just any submarines, potentially nuclear–powered submarines.  France was poised to ink a deal worth more than $65 billion for sale of […]