Darkness at Noon

A book that a lot of today’s “progressives” need to read. Originally published in 1941, Arthur Koestler’s modern masterpiece, Darkness At Noon, is a powerful and haunting portrait of a Communist revolutionary caught in the vicious fray of the Moscow show trials of the late 1930s. Available here. […]

When in Doubt, Choose Freedom

By Otfried Höffe, TELOS It is hard to believe. More than seventy years after the adoption of the Basic Law, a constitution opposed to all dictatorships, two principles have ceased to be self-evident: the content of the basic freedoms and the separation of powers in the organization of […]

Proposal would radically change U.S. elections — including adding members of Congress and increasing size of Electoral College

By Anthony Man, South Florida Sun-Sentinel U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings has introduced legislation that could drastically change U.S. government and elections — including increasing the size of the House of Representatives and the number of Electoral College votes that decide the presidency. The ultimate impact of one key […]

No Kings, No Plutocrats

Most leftists are actually pretty weak on the state, from Noam “I’d like to see the power of the federal government increased” Chomsky downward. It’s like medieval peasants who thought the king was going to save them from the landlords. Most libertarians are terrible on capitalism: “The state […]

Globalization in Retreat

I generally lean toward the view that minus the institutional apparatus that has the effect of centralizing wealth and economic power, economic life would primarily be a matter of localized systems of production for localized use, intermeshed into larger horizontal networks for the facilitation of exchange.  Although the […]

The Coming Intra-Left Civil War

The USA is rapidly becoming a society that has the social norms of the Western European ruling classes but the class structures of Latin America.  This situation will likely lead to more civil unrest in the future, along with populist movements with demagogues of their own, left and […]