What is Imperialist Realism?

Since its emergence in the middle of the twentieth century, the American Empire has been fueled by the search for an enemy. This episode of Zero Squared features a conversation with Daniel Bessner features a conversation about Karl Schmidt, the friend/enemy distinction, the cold war, and American Empire’s […]

Alternative Security Conference: “Woke Imperialism” with Aaron Maté, Katie Halper and Rania Khalek

“Woke Imperialism / Diversity Among War Mongers” explores the fairly recently adopted language of Western foreign policy establishments post-Trump. During this session, we will discuss how the Western military, surveillance and financial establishments continue to extrapolate different formerly countercultural trends borrowed from identity politics, in order to airbrush […]

The Three Lefts

Michael Lind discusses the “three lefts”: trade unionists, socialists, and intersectional leftists. I’d say that for all practical purposes, the USA now has what amounts to three political parties: The party of “woke capitalism” (most Democrats, neocons, and Never Trumpers), the populist right (which is becoming more like […]

2016: The Turning Point

The main effect of Trumpism seems to have been to accelerate the leftward drift of US culture.   I would point out, however, that it is only on cultural issues where the left is winning. The USA continues to be as statist, capitalist, and imperialist as it ever was, […]

Why is Everything Liberal?

When the majority of the capitalist class and the intelligence services have adopted “wokeness” as their self-legitimating ideology, we know that the totalitarian humanist revolution is complete. By Richard Hanania In a democracy, every vote is supposed to be equal. If about half the country supports one side […]

The Centrality of Social Relations: E.P. Thompson’s Concept of Class and the Renewal of Historical Materialism

By Gary Blank E. P. Thompson was an avowedly Marxist historian, but did not hide his aversion for what he termed Marx’s “Grundrisseface.” Marx’s critique of political economy, Thompson suggested, only confronted the political economists on their own turf. Marx became entrapped within the “circuits of capital,” developing […]

The battle for 1042 Cutler Street

By Eli Saslow, Washington Post As landlords and tenants go broke across the U.S., the next crisis point of the pandemic approaches. SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — The landlord had highlighted the first of the month on his office calendar and marked it as “Pay Day,” but now the first […]