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All Nations Party Main Website Launched

Check it out here. The most recent expansion of the new pan-secessionist political party, the All Nations Party’s Internet presence, headed at least de facto by popular Youtube libertarian personality “fringelements” (Ryan Faulk), the subject of one of ATS’s more recent interviews. Complete with an updated array of […]

John Robb’s “Brave New War”

From AltRight. I’ve been following John Robb’s blog Global Guerrillas for a few years, and while I was able to absorb some of his prescient thinking online, I just recently finished his 2007 book, Brave New War. It’s written the way all books concerned with big ideas should […]

A Promising New Blog

Check it out. As well as its related Youtube channel. Attempts to synthesize, in a way, the ideas of the alternative and reactionary right with a sort of Wittgensteinian postmodernism, as well as from various reactionary sociologists and philosophers like Nietzsche and George Fitzhugh. He even occasionally calls […]

Eugene Genovese, RIP

From Reason. The historian Eugene Genovese has died at age 82, leaving a legacy that will be confounding ideologues for decades to come. His scholarly focus was the antebellum South, and his most famous book was Roll, Jordan, Roll, a study of slavery that broke important ground by […]

Why Objective Law Requires Anarchy

By Roderick Long. Why Objective Law Requires Anarchy was originally published in the Autumn 1998 issue of Formulations by the Free Nation Foundation, written by Roderick T. Long. *     *     * “I see no ethical standard by which to measure the whole unethical conception of a State, except in the amount of time, of […]

After the Arab Spring

From the American Conservative. The attacks on U.S. diplomatic posts in Cairo and Benghazi, including the murder of the ambassador to Libya and three other personnel, have occasioned a torrent of facile commentary in this country. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says President Obama “sympathizes with the […]