Best Anarchism Blogs and Websites

Popular Anarchism Blogs

1. The Anarchist Library

  • Simon Springer – For anarcho-geography!
  • Anonymous – Counter-theses on Walter Benjamin, the messianic tradition, and its apostate descendants
  • Tom Maxwell – Thoughts on the ‘Society of Virtue’


  • PERSPECTIVES ON ANARCHIST THEORY Call for Submissions // Summer 2023
  • Free Jorge “Yorch” Esquivel!
  • A Message From Occupied Ohlone/Miwok Territory

3. CrimethInc.

CrimethInc. ex-Workers’ Collective: Your ticket to a world free of charge
  • Justice for Nahel : The Roots of the Uprising in France
  • Russian Anarchists on the Wagner Mutiny : Statements from Three Anarchist Organizations
  • We Remember Jen Angel : A Eulogy


  • 赤旗事件公判筆記 『熊本評論』掲載
  • We Demand freedom for Azat Miftakhov
  • A Strange Movement of Strange Students

5. Revolution by the Book

AK Press is a worker-run collective that publishes and distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material.
  • To Our Community: Accountability and Marquis Bey (updated 2020-11-02)
  • Memorial Day, 2020: Grief, War, and the Pandemic
  • Stop Lecturing Black People

6. The Institute for Anarchist Studies

Institute for Anarchist Studies — Part of a larger movement to radically transform society, established in 1996 to support the development of anarchism.
  • ​​ Occupy as Rupture: An Interview with Matt Peterson by Amogh Sahu
  • Long-time Anarchist Activist Jen Angel has died in Oakland
  • Interview with Shane Burley, Editor of No Pasarán!: Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis

7. Agency

An Anarchist PR Project. Promoting contemporary anarchist perspectives & assisting journalists covering anarchists & anti-fascists.
  • Press Release: Inaugural Jen Angel Anarchist Media Grant Memorializes the Legacy of Oakland Baker and Social Justice Activist Killed Earlier This Year
  • There is No Society Without Social Space: An Interview with Marisa Holmes on Organizing Occupy Wall Street
  • ABC7 News, “Friends of murdered Oakland baker call for alternatives to prison for alleged teen killer”

8. It’s Going Down

In Search of New Forms of Life
  • Running Down the Walls Events To Take Place Across US
  • Antifascists Flyer North Philadelphia Neighborhood, Outing Neo-Nazis
  • We Go Where They Go: Resistance to Christian Nationalism in Boise

9. Freedom News

Britain’s oldest anarchist publisher & bookshop. Occasionally disreputable. for the news site. editor@ or
  • ‘Doncaster Dismantlers’ target Israeli weapons suppliers
  • La Baudrière evicted
  • Israeli government interfere in prosecutions of Palestine actionists

10. r/Anarchism

  • Mutual Aid Monday
  • Silly Sunday
  • We’re Restricted

11. Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation

US based political organization building popular power from below / Organización política construyendo el poder popular desde abajo 🏴🚩 #anarchism #socialism #powerfrombelow
  • Event Announcement (Los Angeles, CA): Anarchist Popular Power Book Talk
  • International Statement: Support Sudanese Anarchists in Exile
  • Interview: Iranian Anarchists on Protests in Response to Police Murder of Mahsa Amini

12. slackbastard

Anarchy and apathy battle it out on @ndy’s blog.
  • Yeah Nah Pasaran! #175 w Matthew Cunningham on Histories of Hate: The Radical Right in Aotearoa New Zealand : August 24, 2023
  • Yeah Nah Pasaran! #174 w Jason Wilson on CPAC, conservatism, STRAYA : August 17, 2023
  • Mundine Means Business /// GiveSendGo Funds Nazis

13. Workers Solidarity Movement – Anarchist organisation in Ireland

  • International statement of solidarity with the 51 antifascists who were arrested in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 16/9/2020
  • Covid and Class Struggle in Ireland’s Meat Plants
  • Isolation is Communal – Covid19

14. threewayfight

  • Review of "The Rise of Ecofascism" by Sam Moore and Alex Roberts
  • Hindu nationalism in the United States: Challenging racial subordination from the far right?
  • On the dangers of liberal antifascism: A reply to Robert Reich

15. Kate Sharpley Library: Recent documents

  • Don’t Vote: Organize! [Leaflet, 1974?]
  • Liberty Through Anarchist Communism
  • The Commune

16. The latest from SolFed

  • Marking and Assessment Boycott in Higher Education keeps pressure on employers
  • London SolFed Workplace Organiser Training 12th Aug, 12noon
  • Business as Usual for the NEU, GMB, Unite and Unison

17. NYC Anarchist Black Cross

Free all U.S.-held political prisoners and prisoners of war!
  • BK/NY– Saturday August 19th, 2023 – Black August Letter Writing Event
  • BK/NY – Sunday, September 17th, 2023 – Running Down the Walls
  • Illustrated Guide Version 16.6 Uploaded!

18. 🏴 Anarchist Federation

🔴 Anarchist news multi-lingual platform Ⓐ daily anti-capitalist news & anti-fascist information from 350+ collectives
  • 24th August 2023: Gabriel Kuhn Author of Liberating Sapmi
  • Running Down the Walls Events To Take Place Across US
  • Antifascists Flyer North Philadelphia Neighborhood, Outing Neo-Nazis

19. Institute for Social Ecology

Social Ecology • Popular Education • Social Theory • Occupy Movement • Ecological Philosophy and Praxis • Intensive Seminars
  • Harbinger Issue 3 Call for Submissions: Heresies and Sacred Cows
  • “Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV”: A Collective Stance to Demand Our World Back
  • Symbiosis Northeast Regional Gathering in NYC


Your Alternative Media
  • ‘Makeba’ – A Viral TikTok Trend Pays Homage to Mama Africa
  • French Police Kill Teen During Traffic Stop, Leading to Mass Revolt
  • Aimed at Protests, Surveillance Contractor’s New Owners Expand Spy Tech Portfolio

21. Solidarity Research Center

We Build Solidarity Economy Ecosystems
  • Time Banking with Mike Strode of the Kola Nut Collaborative
  • Los Angeles Rising Picnic
  • Announcing The 2023 Richmond Class Of Next City Vanguards

22. AnarchistStudies.Blog

  • Anarchist Dialogues: Critical Reflections on ASN Experiment #1
  • Concentration of power + limited accountability = WAR
  • Zoe Williams is right about anarchafeminism as the solution to body shame

23. Laird’s Commentary on Community and Consensus

For 25+ years I’ve been a community networker & group process consultant. I believe that people today are starved for community—for a greater sense of belonging and connection—and I’ve dedicated my life to making available as widely as possible the tools and inspiration of cooperative living. I’m on the road half the time teaching groups consensus, meeting facilitation, and how to work with conflict. This blog is a collection of my observations and musings along the way.
  • Adapting to Reality
  • Navigating the Boundary Between Transparency and Discretion
  • The Third Rail of Emotional Abuse

24. Anarchist Communist Group

A polemic against the wave of militarism seen across the anarchist movement in Britain since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Author Alex Alder. The Anarchist Communist Group had no hand in the writing of the following article. Nevertheless we feel that this well written and comprehensive roundup of the war fever seriously affecting what passes for an anarchist
  • Interview with ACG member at Saint-Imier International Anarchist Gathering
  • There may be trouble ahead…
  • Inflation Myths: Wage rises don’t cause inflation

25. Red and Black Notes

for social revolution
  • Anarchists and Insurrection: Organisation, Class Struggle, and Riots
  • Anarchists and Dual Power: Situation or Strategy?
  • The Ballot Box or the Streets? Why the Current ‘Electoral Debate’ has Missed the Point

26. Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Supporting Political Prisoners since 1994
  • Running Down the Walls 2023
  • Warchest Fund Report
  • Fidencio Aldama: Freedom as a Bargaining Chip used by the Government

27. Dissident Voice

a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice
  • “I told you so.”
  • The People of Niger Want to Shatter Resignation
  • Obstacles to the Peaceful Reintegration of Taiwan into the People’s Republic of China

28. Black And Pink

  • 1e6f087ffe61da431ab51f9c155f3d71
  • Prisons won’t end police violence. What will?
  • Every Kid Deserves a Future – End Juvenile Life Sentencing Without Parole in RI!

29. Montréal Counter-information

  • Montreal 2023 Rent Strike, Why and How
  • Switch Off! – The System of Destruction
  • May Day as though Kids Matter

30. Chiapas Support Committee

Home of the Compañero Manuel blog on zapatistas & mexico
  • Violence against activists who oppose the Interoceanic Corridor increases
  • Chiapas and the Zapatistas face a dramatic increase in violence, Update on Counterinsurgency
  • Zibechi: The end of the landscape (during the battle)

31. The Libertarian Labyrinth

Encounters with the Anarchist Idea / Tools for an Anarchist Entente
  • P.-J. Proudhon, “The Creation of Order in Humanity” — Chapter III
  • E. Armand, The Anarchist Individualist Initiation — V
  • P.-J. Proudhon, “The Creation of Order in Humanity” — Chapter II


News for Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest
  • End of Summer West Side (Olympia) (Anarchist) Block Party
  • Victoria (Canada) Anarchist Bookfair
  • A Tacoma Anarchist Book Fair!

33. North Shore Counter-Info

Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian News for Southern-Ontario
  • Event: Christie Pits Riot Commemoration BBQ (90 Years!)
  • Punch Up: May Day as though kids matter
  • From Embers: Drag Defence in Quebec

34. Angry Workers

Precarious and Unruly
  • The fight over gas
  • Militant strike by logistics workers at Mondo Convenienza in Tuscany
  • Notes from the Troublemakers’ conference in the UK – The problem with the rank-and-file

35. JustseedsJustseeds

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative: Radical artists & printmakers working together across North America since 2007. Tweets by @toosphexy
  • Calls to Action from Minidoka
  • Why Cats? A short essay on cat imagery
  • To Jen Angel

36. Zoe Baker

Means and Ends: The Revolutionary Practice of Anarchism in Europe and the United States is my forthcoming book published by AK Press. The book is a new overview of the revolutionary strategy of anarchism in Europe and the United States between 1868 and 1939. I clearly and accessibly explains the ideas that historical anarchists developed…
  • How Would Anarchism Work?
  • The Finnish Bolshevik is Wrong About Anarchism Part 2: The State
  • What Nietzsche Taught Me About Definitions

37. Glasgow Anarchist Federation

  • Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 29 April 2018
  • Glasgow Events Mini-update 23rd March
  • Glasgow Events Autonomy Update 2/11/17

38. Anarcho-Syndicalist Review

An independent labor magazine
  • Swedish syndicalists battle fascism, gig work and discrimination
  • US Supreme Court Attacks Right to Strike
  • Shorter Hours, Everywhere But Here?

39. Institute for Policy Studies

Since 1963, the Institute for Policy Studies has challenged inequality, corporate power, polluters, and militarism.
  • REPORT: Executive Excess 2023
  • Executive Excess 2023
  • REPORT: Still A Dream: Over 500 Years to Black Economic Equality

40. The Final Straw Radio Podcast

A weekly Anarchist Radio Show & Podcast
  • Reflections on 2023 Turkish Elections, Post-Earthquake Bakur and the Kurdish Movement
  • The Political Legacy of Lyndon LaRouche (w/ Matthew N Lyons)
  • Trans Resilience in Texas

41. Shatter Zone

Things falling apart.
  • AI Is Coming For Your Children
  • The Covenant School Shooter and Right-Wing Disinformation
  • The Liberal Media Always Fails Against Fascism

42. Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein
  • “Constellations of Care”: My Next, Forthcoming Edited Anthology—on Pluto Press!
  • A (Short) Tale of Two Spaces
  • Full-Stop Magazine Interview

43. Rojava Information Center

  • Explainer: Afrin, 5 years under Turkish occupation
  • The Shammar tribe in North and East Syria
  • Turkey’s attacks in North and East Syria, al-Hol camp, and the battle against ISIS

44. Inequality by (Interior) Design

a blog by Tristan Bridges
  • Baby Names and #MeToo, Take 2
  • 2018 GSS Update on the U.S. LGB Population
  • Race, Education, Running and Spatial Inequalities

45. Zoe Baker

I’m a trans woman (she/her), who talks about the theory and history of anarchism, feminism and marxism. I have a PhD in the history of anarchism. For recommended reading and video scripts see my blog.
  • Zoe Baker is wrong about anarchism
  • Anarchism and Democracy
  • Wild Anarchist Hot Takes

46. winter oak

Winter Oak is a totally independent not-for-profit organisation with a serious aversion to the global mafia’s “development” agenda and a commitment to truth, freedom and social justice. Since 2013, we have published a number of books, most of which are now available as free pdfs, and we produce regular articles, along with an online information…
  • The people will prevail – with or without the left!
  • Stand up against impact slavery!
  • “Woke is fascist”

47. Rose City Antifa

RCA Article rss feed
  • The Poisonous Dregs of the Alt-Right Dump Themselves In Portland
  • The Far-Right Plans to Invade Portland on August 17
  • Statement on the Far-Right’s Attempt to Criminalize Protest of Concentration Camp Deaths and Hate Groups

48. Popular Front

Popular Front is a grassroots media organisation that focuses solely on war and conflict. We go deeper than mainstream news in a way that makes important war coverage accessible for everyone. The podcast focuses on the niche details of modern warfare and under-reported conflict. See more at
  • Niger’s Military Coup is More Complex Than it Seems
  • Life in Russian Occupied Crimea // PREVIEW
  • The Surviving 9/11 Attacker Who Wants to be Taken Off The No Fly List

49. Contexts

Contexts is a quarterly magazine that makes cutting-edge social research accessible to general readers.
  • Latina, Immigrant, Mother: How Intersectional Recognition Shapes Care and Advocacy
  • Meet the Section Editors: Jooyoung Lee
  • Meet the Editors: Amin Ghaziani

50. Anti-Fascist Network

Independent & grassroots groups fighting fascism around the UK
  • Anti-fascists hold the line against racist “Free Tommy” mob in London
  • Tommy Robinson and UKIP recruit Polish Nazis as personal security
  • The far-right threat is getting more dangerous. We need to act.

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