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In Search for Fool’s Gold

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Academic Composition  From Kindergarten to High School, America’s youngsters are taught that education is the key to success in life. The underlying explanation is simple and straight-forward. In order to land a high-paying job, you must be able to think critically and display a good […]

Why Taxation Should be Voluntary

By Aleksey Bashtavenko Academic Composition Republicans and Democrats disagree about the role that the government should play in providing social services. The former insists that it should be smaller and intervene less in the economy. In contradistinction, the latter maintains that the public interest would be better served […]

Paradox of the devil’s advocate

By Aleksey Bashtavenko  of Academic Composition  “On Liberty” is widely regarded as a classic of political philosophy. Therein, John Stuart Mill argued that there is a fundamental similarity between scientific and political discovery. As Karl Popper evinced, scientific discovery must be falsifiable. In other words, science does not prove […]