Antifa vs. Anarchism

We have decided to post a recent, currently ongoing debate between Keith Preston of Attack The System and Anti-Fascist News. While we very much agree with Preston and his rebuttals and calls for Anarchism to move past the boundaries that the pseudo-Anarchist “Antifa” have tried to force onto it, it’s ultimately up to the reader to decide. We will update this post with further responses as they come…

Anti-Fascist News: Letter to Keith Preston: No, You’re Not an Anarchist

Keith Preston’s Reply: More Anarchistic Than Thou

AFN’s Reply: Grasping at Straws: Refuting Keith Preston and Pan-Secessionism

Keith Preston’s Reply: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

AFN’s Reply: Putting It To Rest: What You Want Isn’t Anarchism

Keith Preston’s Reply: “Visions so radically different…”

Appendix: The Argument from Atrocity

Appendix 2: The legacy of anarchist successes

Appendix 3: Debating Anarchist Tactics: Left Only, or Beyond Left and Right