University College London Bans Nietzsche Society Reply

“One of the common driving forces behind Nietzsche’s thinking was the desire to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” he wrote in 1888, but the UCL students’ union wasn’t taking any chances.”

Daily Beast story here

UCL was cool with this however.

“The arrest of Mr Abdulmutallab, a former president of the Islamic Society at University College London (UCL), for allegedly trying to blow up a flight to Detroit on Christmas Day, meant he was the sixth member of a UK student Islamic Society to be arrested for suspected terrorism offences.”

BBC story here

Seems reasonable.

Antifa of the Right: Throw the Fascist down the well 3

Fascism is abhorrent to a right wing sensibility. It is, after all, merely a slight variant of classical Marxism which retains all of that doctrine’s salient characteristics. It envisions a world in which the state is the director and protector of populations too feeble to understand their own interests or act on that understanding. At its most fundamental level fascism is nothing more than a disgusting craving for a daddy to make it all better and make the bad men go away.


Organized Community Defense Is America’s Last Hope Reply

From Alt-Market by  Brandon Smith.

Original here

Not long ago, I felt compelled to address the idea of self defense as a moral imperative in an article titled “Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary.” My intention was to perhaps undo some of the propaganda conditioning that Americans have suffered over the decades that has taught them that “all” forms of violent action are “immoral”, including the defense of one’s person, one’s property, and one’s freedom.

BBC on Europe’s leading secession movements Reply

Secession isn’t pan-secession, but any challenge to the conventional nation state is to be welcomed, particularly those moving in the “right” direction.  Here’s a BBC article on Europe’s top 8 secession movements and their current standing published in the light of Scotland’s referendum on independence in September.   These are all fairly popular causes, but there are dozens more which are as yet a little further from the mainstream all across the continent.  Eat ya heart out Cascadia!

BBC: Scottish independence: Europeans with an eye on Edinburgh

“Angry Pirate” and other GCHQ BS Wheezes Reply

Picture:  Banksy’s recent artwork in Cheltenham; home of GCHQ

GCHQ (Government Communications Head Quarters) is the British state’s electronic spy organisation. In theory these guys are supposed to be providing intelligence for the security services in relation to people who might be considering blowing stuff up. In practice, we now know thanks to Eddie Snowden, what they actually do mostly is shit like “Angry Pirate”, a malware program which locks you out of your own computer. Apparently manipulating on line polls in something they think is in the interest of national security as well (code name Underpass!) Check out the other little projects they spend their time with and their hilarious code names here

No Cake? No Peace! 3

Some Gay Cake Nazis earlier today

Several times I’ve seen what I assume was a hypothetical suggestion that PC elites might one day persecute a Xian bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding .  Well, that day has now arrived (more or less).  The Great March Of Progress shatters another fascistic obstacle in the fight for universal equality!   Death to the Nazi Bakers and their reactionary evil!

I’m really not making this shit up; check the BBC story here

Congratulations ConIFA World Cup Champions: Countea de Nissa Reply


Countea de Nissa (County of Nice) won the ConIFA world cup final on June 9th in Sweden, coming out on top of eleven other teams from unrecognized nations around the world.  Commiserations to the losing teams from Kurdistan, Darfur, Padania (Northern Italy), Arameans Suryoye (Assyria), Abkhazia, Sápmi (Northern Scandinavia), Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Occitania (Southern France and bits of Spain and Italy), Ellan Vannin (Isle of Man) and Tamil Eelam (Tamil people).  Apparently some organization calling itself FIFA has an alternate competition on somewhere at the moment.

Retconning the Revolution 2

An alternative view to Keith Preston’s Forty Years in the Wilderness.

People are rarely struck by trains they see coming. No-one expects to meet their end under the steel wheels of a hundred ton freight engine because no-one seriously believes they could fail to note the approach of such a machine. Particularly given these things don’t ambush people from dark alleyways but travel along easily observable rails in a not inconspicuous fashion. Yet every year a number of people are surprised, and probably temporarily embarrassed, to find they have just been struck by locomotives. Revolutions are much the same. More…

UKIP: The System Works! Reply

I wrote this last week, but then decided I didn’t like it.  However since everyone is talking ’bout UKIP here’s the actual situation.

NOTE: Fans of the UKIP “revolution” should watch out for Thursday’s Newark-on-Trent by election, which is a parliamentary election on a first past the post basis rather than proportional representation as in the Euros.  If UKIP win it will show they have gathered enough momentum to be able to break into Westminster, a significant increase in support for establishment parties will suggest a “Le Penn” effect in effect (2002 père Le Penn gets to a run off Presidential second round, and the establishment mobilize 82% of the electorate to vote against him).


Political Genes 2

Seems the BBC is prepared to consider hard biological reasons for political opinions. So apparently there are solid biological differences between progressives and reactionaries, but not between ethnic groups.

Note the implications of the scientists comments. Dr Schreiber doesn’t want to go into details but its pretty clear what his conclusion is “liberals” are less risk averse, “conservatives” more. John Hibbing warns us that :

“It’s not so much that I think people should just shut up and accept that some people are different. But I do think they should accept that some people are either not going to change or they’re going to be extremely difficult to change, and that simply by continuing to shout at them, we’re not contributing to anything.”

So they (and we know who he is talking about don’t we?) should be changed and the problem is how to do that given “shouting” isn’t going to work. So drug therapy maybe? Surgery perhaps?
Check out the article .

Scotland: Secession Vs Pan Secession Reply

A lot of people interested in the concept of pan-secessionism have been excited about the growing wave of secessionist movements in Europe.  However the bad news is I would suggest that those secession movements, while positive developments, do not really represent an adoption of pan secessionist values.  An independent Scotland would have a population of seven million people.  Holding one seven millionth of political power isn’t, for practical purposes, much better than holding one sixty fifth millionth (the population of the UK) in that for normal people that represents no control over their personal political, economic or social circumstances in either case.  Moreover the likely ruling class of an independent Scotland, the Scottish National Party and Scottish Labour, would almost certainly be inclined towards a more centralised state than even that of the UK and with an even more oppressive progressive official orthodoxy.   The Good News is

Indivisibility? 10

The consequences of mistaking the divisible for the indivisible or Moscow next Tuesday

It’s hard to ignore the blatant contradictions and rank hypocrisy of the “Free World ™” exposed by the Ukrainian Crisis.  Indeed if the goal of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation was to demonstrate the gap between the stated values and actions of The West then its difficult to imagine how they might better have succeeded.  The spectacle of Western politicians gravely denouncing interference in “sovereign” nation’s affairs, while they themselves are openly engaged in exactly that all over the planet, is sickening to anyone who has any regard for integrity.  The horror expressed by the establishment of the West over the use of force to pursue geo-political aims when they have used precisely that routinely and systematically for at least two decades marks them out as the most shameless of hypocrites.  What can be said which would do justice to the contradiction between the West’s position on The Crimea’s unalterable status as a Ukrainian province (it was made part of it in 1954) and its actions in “liberating” Kosovo from Serbia (of which it had been an integral part for eight centuries)?  More…

The Beginning of the End: The F-35 Lightning and the Empire 3

f 35

People who are into radical politics are rarely interested in military technology.  All the radical generally needs to know is that the bad guys have got all the cool planes, bombs, tanks, submarines and aircraft carriers while our team maintains an edge only in raw hats and distressed fatigue jackets. Hence in the interest here at ATS in 4th gen warfare which explicitly assumes that the opposition will have a numeric, economic and technological advantages everywhere all the time.