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S E Pearson

Radicalar than you! (in 99% of cases)

BBC on Europe’s leading secession movements

Secession isn’t pan-secession, but any challenge to the conventional nation state is to be welcomed, particularly those moving in the “right” direction.  Here’s a BBC article on Europe’s top 8 secession movements and their current standing published in the light of Scotland’s referendum on independence in September.   […]

“Angry Pirate” and other GCHQ BS Wheezes

Picture:  Banksy’s recent artwork in Cheltenham; home of GCHQ GCHQ (Government Communications Head Quarters) is the British state’s electronic spy organisation. In theory these guys are supposed to be providing intelligence for the security services in relation to people who might be considering blowing stuff up. In practice, […]

No Cake? No Peace!

Some Gay Cake Nazis earlier today Several times I’ve seen what I assume was a hypothetical suggestion that PC elites might one day persecute a Xian bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding .  Well, that day has now arrived (more or less).  The […]

Retconning the Revolution

An alternative view to Keith Preston’s Forty Years in the Wilderness. People are rarely struck by trains they see coming. No-one expects to meet their end under the steel wheels of a hundred ton freight engine because no-one seriously believes they could fail to note the approach of […]

UKIP: The System Works!

I wrote this last week, but then decided I didn’t like it.  However since everyone is talking ’bout UKIP here’s the actual situation. NOTE: Fans of the UKIP “revolution” should watch out for Thursday’s Newark-on-Trent by election, which is a parliamentary election on a first past the post […]

Political Genes

Seems the BBC is prepared to consider hard biological reasons for political opinions. So apparently there are solid biological differences between progressives and reactionaries, but not between ethnic groups. Note the implications of the scientists comments. Dr Schreiber doesn’t want to go into details but its pretty clear […]

Scotland: Secession Vs Pan Secession

A lot of people interested in the concept of pan-secessionism have been excited about the growing wave of secessionist movements in Europe.  However the bad news is I would suggest that those secession movements, while positive developments, do not really represent an adoption of pan secessionist values.  An […]


The consequences of mistaking the divisible for the indivisible or Moscow next Tuesday It’s hard to ignore the blatant contradictions and rank hypocrisy of the “Free World ™” exposed by the Ukrainian Crisis.  Indeed if the goal of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation was to demonstrate the […]

Death Ride of the Tories

by Spencer Pearson

On the 9th of April 1992 the Conservative Party won a general election and with it absolute control of the British state. A feat they have failed to repeat in four attempts over twenty one years. Recently Tory leader

Progressives on the Secession Petitions

by Spencer Pearson

hat would have happened if Romney had won the recent presidential election? Let us remember that the margin, at least in the popular vote was 2.8%, so this is hardly an unthinkable proposition. It’s a fairly safe bet that there would be a fairly safe bet that there would be a fairly substantial debate going on right now as to how much racism played a part in Obama’s defeat. There would undoubtedly be a general gnashing of teeth