Antifa of the Right: Throw the Fascist down the well

Fascism is abhorrent to a right wing sensibility. It is, after all, merely a slight variant of classical Marxism which retains all of that doctrine’s salient characteristics. It envisions a world in which the state is the director and protector of populations too feeble to understand their own interests or act on that understanding. At its most fundamental level fascism is nothing more than a disgusting craving for a daddy to make it all better and make the bad men go away.

As such fascism should excite mere contempt from the true right as being pathetic. It should be opposed as alien to the virtues of a heroic people who relish the opportunity for glory and honour, which exult in struggle and lust for triumph. Its cowardly collectivism should mark out its advocates as pussies to be reviled by men of dignity and nobility.

Sadly the right can not merely ignore this ideology of feeble faggotry since its putrid carcase is lying in our front yard. Before the right can even clear it throat to speak on the subject of our society’s abysmal condition the whiny chorus of Nazis will be shrilly denouncing the Jew as the root of all our misfortune. The only reaction to which is to slink away in shame at having been, even tangentially, associated with such effete and retarded analysis in the presence of one’s community and peers. For what kind of man would offer the miserable excuse for his own lamentable condition that he had been comprehensively bested in all fields by another as if such a pitiful explanation exonerated his responsibility for his own circumstance? In this case by a group not a hundredth of the size of its supposed victims? As it is this wretched pleading has not even the merit of plausibility rendering no person of sense capable of any other conclusion than that those who offered it are not merely maggots, but in addition idiots.

If any more evidence was needed for the despicable craven nature of the fascist were required one could do not better than to examine the phenomena of “revisionism”. A man of consistency and conviction would not attempt to convince the world and himself that the Holocaust had not happened. Rather he would justify it as a necessary step in response to a dire threat. He would undoubtedly take pride that the followers of his beliefs had once the fortitude and determination to overcome their natural distaste for the wholesale slaughter of the defenceless and act as required in the essential interests of their people. By denying the Holocaust ever happened they are effectively condemning their heroes as having failed to enact their own beliefs out of mere self indulgent concern for their own self perception. Revisionism is an example of the defining characteristic of the fascist in action, practical and moral spinelessness which would prefer even the absurd to the uncomfortable.

Because association with such pusillanimous creatures is intolerable, and because no man careful of his own repute could entertain even being considered affiliated to them, the fascist must not merely be despised but actively opposed. The time has come for an Antifa of the right. It is no longer justifiable under any circumstances to allow, out of out common civility or charity, these wretched specimens to claim fellowship or association with the cause of the right. They must be confronted and driven back to the left from whence they came and where they belong. Call it forced repatriation if you will.

Of course it is to be recognised that such ungracious behaviour towards the afflicted is naturally repugnant in the estimation of men of decency. Yet I urge you to regard these people for what they are, repulsive political lepers whose existence is a mortal danger to the cause of sanity, reason and very existence of our public life. For the good of society, for its very preservation, fascists should be persecuted to the utmost of our ability wherever they can be found.

It should be remembered that for all the fascist may claim the honour of being of the right they are most certainly not. Their ideology is far more akin to that against which the right stands and has always stood. The fascist is merely a progressive incapable of following the doctrine to its logical conclusion, a communist without the faculty to realise the implication of his own belief. A socialist overcome by poltroon fear for his own naked self interest. A man who deserves to be loathed and spurned even more than the honest fellow of the ordinary left who is at least consistent and well meaning even if he is a fool. The right has no greater enemy than the fascist, either in theory or fact, they should be hunted and destroyed without pause or mercy. Just as our intellectual and biological predecessors did when they rightly laid waste to the Reich under the banner of our nations and for the common good of our peoples.

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  1. lol. You think that was harsh? Wait til I have a chat with the “other” antifa about the effectiveness of their techniques. I’m working with the provisional title of “dear comrades, stop making nazis you fucking bellends”

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