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Breaking Points: 10/13/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW-

Krystal and Saagar cover nuclear attack plans, Crimean bridge bombing, recession forecast, Fetterman’s health, Kanye West’s outburst, anti-woke grifting, North Korea nukes, & Ro Khanna’s Saudi legislation! Merch: Chicago:… Ro Khanna:… Timestamps: Nuclear: 0:00 – 32:00 Ukraine: 32:01 – 51:09 Recession: 51:10 – 1:00:11 Fetterman: […]

The Anarchist and Fascist Overlap

by Lizardi, Zoltanous, and CSD Introduction The idea of Fascism being anarchism is normally something you hear Marxist-Leninists say to discredit Fascism as liberal psychosis. It’s an easy way to discredit it, as anarchism is normally considered an incoherent joke ideology. The book Anarcho-Fascism by Jonas Nilsson is […]

Rising: September 26, 2022 Full Show White House BRAGS about Biden’s recession economy as markets TUMBLE, inflation grows

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is speaking candidly on the possibility of a recession. After downplaying fears back in 2021, Powell is admitting that he does not know what will happen to the economy. Katie Halper and Robby Soave react. Robby Soave criticizes backlash to the controversial documentary, […]

The deepening mystery of Kyrsten Sinema

By Elaine Godfrey, The Atlantic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona said that she’ll sign on to the Democrats’ climate bill—after advocating for a few adjustments that she apparently didn’t care to explain to anyone. But first, here are three new stories from The Atlantic. The billionaire’s dilemma How […]