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Keith Preston

2/6/23: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down, Biden vs Trump 2024, Trump Refuses To Endorse GOP Primary, Biden Rigs Dem Primary, Krystal and Saagar on Joe Rogan, History of Spy Balloons, Adani Corporate Scam

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Chinese Spy Balloon shot down by the Biden admin after days of it floating over the country, the seemingly inevitable rematch between Biden and Trump begins to take shape, Pete Buttigieg bristles when asked about Biden’s re election polling, Trump refuses to endorse […]

Conversation with Robert F. Kennedy JR. | How The Powerful Captured The Public During The Pandemic

Robert F. Kennedy JR joins the show…catch the full interview here:… —- Thank you for watching the fully independent Kim Iversen Show. Get the FULL SHOW without ever missing a segment here: Become a member of my LOCALS community here: You will gain access to […]

What Is True American Populism?

Reposted from Zoltanous Jan 31 We often see debates on who the true populists are in United States politics. Some say Donald Trump and the conservatives uphold the interests of the American worker, while others will say Bernie Sanders and his social democrats are the true heirs […]

The Solar Power Problem(s)

by Peter Zeihan on February 6, 2023 For solar power to make sense, there’s one non-negotiable component…and yes, it’s that bright, shiny thing in the sky – the sun. But just because your planet has a sun doesn’t mean you should use solar power… The best examples are places […]

Gen Z knows it pays to live at home

February 6, 2023 Hello, Insiders. I’ll be focusing my notes this week on an incredible series from our documentary team: “Risky Business.” The series uncovers how certain industries and jobs operate at high human costs — giving us a glimpse into the heartbreaking realities people face across the […]

The Feminists of the Egyptian Revolution

Sponsored by University of Nebraska Press Ursula Lindsey Rape and Resistance in Egypt A new book recounts the heroics of activists who organized to protect women from sexual violence during the Egyptian revolution and to assert their right to participate in the country’s political life. Andrew Butterfield A ‘Magic […]

San Francisco Police Failed To Rescue 14-Year-Old Girl From Alleged MS-13 Sex Trafficking Ring

San Francisco’s assistant police chief promises accountability and swift action in response to Public’s investigation Leighton Woodhouse and Michael Shellenberger Feb 3 Young women who appeared to be under the age of 18 and soliciting prostitution in Oakland’s “Murder Dubs” neighborhood, January 25, 2023. (Photo credit: Leighton Woodhouse) […]

“Americans Have a Drug Problem”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2023 The war on drugs is truly a war on individual liberty, private property, personal responsibility, and a free society. – Laurence M. Vance, “Americans Have a Drug Problem” [2023] HORNBERGER’S BLOG February 3, 2023 What Does “Unprovoked” Mean? Note the following sentence in a […]

A Second Look at the Second Wave

Sponsored by Zerogram Press On January 26 Sam Huber reviewed My Name is Andrea, Pratibha Parmar’s documentary about the feminist writer Andrea Dworkin, for the NYR Online. “The film is most valuable,” Huber writes, “for its conviction that Dworkin’s dual commitment to language and politics constituted a single thread running taut […]

The DINKWAD trend taking over TikTok

February 4, 2023 Hello, Insiders! Welcome to our Saturday edition, filled with fascinating reads for your weekend. Today we’re introducing you to a new acronym taking TikTok by storm — DINKWAD — and hearing about a reporter’s year of renting her clothes. Plus, we’ve got one couple’s monthslong […]

The fentanyl scourge

The Week  Staff The rising price of true love Justin  Klawans Are zoos ethical? Rafi  Schwartz What is going on with Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat? Advertisement from Wisebread High Paying Cards For Americans With Good To Excellent Credit The Week  Staff The fentanyl scourge Justin  Klawans 2nd Chinese […]