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Keith Preston

Gasoline Engines and Sex Changes for Kids

Gasoline Engines and Sex Changes for Kids Plus: Minimum wage laws, space exploration, that time when North Africa was less dysfunctional than California, and more… LIZ WOLFE Trump tells autoworkers they’re screwed: While the rest of the slate of Republican presidential contenders was debating each other on stage Wednesday, former President […]

Could MLK Give A TED Talk Today?

Not without an internal struggle. Why wokeness is not dead. And why that matters. Andrew Sullivan Sep 29, 2023 (Generated by AI using the Freeway app) We are past peak-woke. Look: even the Republican candidates aren’t using the word anymore. Ibram X Kendi’s $43 million “antiracism” center at […]

Round-Table #89: Analysis of Barbara Walter’s work on How Civil Wars Start

I will be joined by Keith Preston, Florian Ulrich and Aleksey Bashtavenko on CIA analyst Barbara Walter’s work on how Civil Wars start. Tune in for a stimulating conversation! My Contact Info: Locals: Twitter: Telegram: Facebook:… BuyMeACoffe:… Subscribe Star:… Substack:… Guest […]

Proudhon’s Sociology

Pierre Ansart (Author); Cayce Jamil (Editor); Shaun Murdock (Translator); René Berthier (Translator/Introduction); Jesse S. Cohn (Translator) An introduction to the thought of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first person to declare themself an anarchist. Available in English for the first time, Proudhon’s Sociology is the landmark statement on Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s thought. […]

GameStop goes Hollywood

September 29, 2023 • 5 min read with Dan DeFrancesco Happy Friday and happy National Coffee Day! I’ve always thought the Northeast was pretty caffeinated, but a recent ranking of the best US cities for coffee lovers indicates otherwise. In today’s big story, we’ve got a review of […]

Classical Transhumanism

The promises and perils of the posthuman world revealed through myth Rachel Haywire Sep 28, 2023 This is a guest post by Caleb Ontiveros at The Classical Futurist, a blog that has been commanding my focus lately. They talk about everything from Greek and Roman Mythology to the […]

Poll: 81% Voters Say POLITICAL DIVISION Is WORSE Than Ever, Country On The ‘Edge Of CIVIL WAR’?

The Hill’s Editor-In-Chief Bob Cusack speaks with Mo Elleithee, the founding Executive Director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, about a new battleground civility poll. According to the latest Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service (GU Politics) Battleground Civility Poll, Voters have become slightly […]

9/28/23 DEBATE SPECIAL: Winners And Losers Of Second GOP Debate, Candidate Responses On Unions, Abortion, And Trump, Trump Holds Rally At Non Union Auto Plant, New Bob Menendez Accusations, Fetterman Loses War Over Senate Dress Code, And Cenk Uygur Joins To Discuss His Potential 2024 Run And The Danger Of Keeping Biden On The Dem Ticket

Krystal and Saagar discuss the winners and losers of the second GOP primary debate, show the low and highlights of the candidates on unions, abortion, attacks against Trump, the Trump rally at a non union auto plant, as well as new accusations against Bob Menendez, Fetterman loses the […]

History’s First Libertarian?

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools. – Herbert Spencer, Essays [1891] HORNBERGER’S BLOG September 28, 2023 Former Slaves Show We Don’t Need Social Security One of the popular arguments for keeping Social […]

WPHF launched the Invest-In-Women Global Campaign to mobilize $300 million to support female leaders working on the frontlines

1 Single woman shares the hilarious ‘deal breaker’ she uses when she doesn’t want a second date It’s uncomfortable for people to tell someone they met for a first date that they aren’t interested in a second one because nobody enjoys hurting another person’s feelings. TikTokker Jo Brundza has mastered the art […]

9/27/23: Biden Joins UAW Picket Line, New Hunter Corruption Allegations, Trump’s Non Union Rally, Judge Rules Trump Defrauded Banks, Iran’s Influence Peddling In Washington, JPMorgan Settles Epstein Case, FTC Sues Amazon For Monopoly, Government Shutdown Imminent, GOP Voter Realignment, And How Covid Lockdowns Impacted Africa

Ryan and Emily discuss Hunter Biden receiving $250k from a Chinese business to his father’s address, Joe Biden’s visit to the UAW picket line, Trump’s speech at a non union auto company, judge rules Trump defrauded banks with real estate empire, new information on Iran’s influence peddling in […]