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Keith Preston

Meet the Censored: Matt Orfalea

By Matt Taibbi Yes, the government is helping crack down on text messages and Facebook posts, but not to worry. At least your private thoughts are safe, right? Not so fast, found filmmaker Matt Orfalea. America’s burgeoning censorship movement had a great week. The White House jumped on […]

Lifestyles of the Rich and Paranoid

By Robert Weissberg, Intellectual Takeout What do super rich people with multi-million dollar summer homes in the Hamptons and similar enclaves think about today’s troubled, often violent politics? Frank answers are seldom forthcoming given that an impolite answer might invite social ostracism and exclusion from A-list parties. But […]

The Myth of the Winnable Culture War

By Matt Taibbi Since the people we disagree with aren’t going anywhere, we might as well talk to each other. In response to the predictably voluminous criticisms of yesterday’s article, “Spying and Smearing is ‘Un-American,’ not Tucker Carlson”: I disagree with Tucker Carlson on a variety of issues. […]

Interview With Professor Adolph Reed

By Matt Taibbi Funny, outspoken, and original, the political science professor and author talks race, class, liberalism, and Robin DiAngelo on Useful Idiots. Last May, the Democratic Socialists of America invited the longtime Yale, Northwestern, and University of Pennsylvania professor Adolph Reed to speak to the New York […]