Barr creates task force focused on ‘anti-government extremists’ Reply

Barr specifically mentioned both Antifa and Boogaloo.

What is an anti-government extremist? Antifa? Boogaloo? Black Lives Matter? Me? You? Any anarchist or libertarian or communist who has a blog, holds their head high, and doesn’t vote for a lesser evil? This term is left specifically vague because it’s designed to justify a war on all descent against the US Empire, left, right, whatever. We’ve seen this before. Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover called in Cointelpro, and it lead to kidnappings, torture, assassinations and false flag attacks. The Feds top targets were leftists like the Black Panther Party and the Students for a Democratic Society, but it targeted right wing militias and Old Right Conservatives as well. This is why bottom unity is so essential. All those who stand strong against American imperialism must stand strong together, or soon we wont stand at all. -Nicky Reid


Justice Dept. announces first felony charges in attempted toppling of Andrew Jackson statue near White House Reply

Four troops down and more resources turned over to the state in the form of fines, bails, and lawyer fees. And for what? Were any resources liberated from the ruling class? Were any state functions rendered inoperative even for a single day? Think tactically, folks.

By Evan Semones


The Justice Department on Saturday announced that four men face felony charges after protesters attempted to tear down a statue of President Andrew Jackson in a park near the White House.


Americans Are Selfish Deluded Assholes 1


Yeah this virus isn’t going anywhere and its because we are a bunch of selfish deluded assholes. It is so shitty that those of you who are scientifically illiterate have decided to turn this into a political issue. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A FUCKING POLITICAL ISSUE! Read the science and follow it! This isn’t the dark ages! You have the information to understand just how terrible your actions are BUT YOU REFUSE to do the leg work. You refuse to help prevent the spread because it may not have effected you directly yet (although, to some extent it has effected almost everyone on the planet). Well I got some fucking news for you: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO EXISTS! Shocking, I know….


Europe Travel: U.S. Banned But Here’s 14 Countries Who Can Visit Reply

By Tamara Thiessen


After four months of travel bans, Europe will soon officially be open to visitors from at least 14 countries. Not the U.S. Nor Brazil and Russia. But Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea yes.

After much debate, particularly over criteria for inclusion, the final list of approved countries should be revealed early this week. EU officials wrangled again on Friday over which countries will make it on to the list, and those who will not.


Thürmer: We remember socialism and the time is working for us Reply

It’s interesting how conservative this guy sounds about a lot of things.
Special interview by soL with Gyula Thürmer, leader of the Hungarian Workers’ Party (Munkaspart).
ICP, 5 September 2018
A delegation from the Hungarian Workers’ Party (Munkaspart), leaded by President Gyula Thürmer, paid a visit to Turkey in August on the invitation of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP). Bilateral meetings were held regarding various matters such as the struggle in workplaces, youth works and anti-communism. Thürmer answered the questions of soL HD. Thirty years after the dissolution of socialism in Hungary, Thürmer asserts that the time is working for us at this stage of capitalist crisis.

Nothing Succeeds Like Secession: Suggested Demands for CHOP From a Friendly Panarchist Ally Reply

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

I have always been fascinated by secessionist movements. It goes back to my childhood love of maps, flags and geography. I use to spend hours poring over atlases and fixating on the strange autonomous zones that only existed inside fluid borders drawn in dotted lines. Strange places no American ever spoke of, with exotic names like Transnistria, Gaza, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Western Sahara. I would eventually grow into a commie, Third World, war nerd who fastidiously followed and supported these esoteric independence movements from afar.


Three Mutual Aid Networks in New York City Reply

By Crimethinc

Fundamental social change involves two intertwined processes. On the one hand, it means shutting down the mechanisms that impose disparities in power and access to resources; on the other hand, it involves creating infrastructures that distribute resources and power according to a different logic, weaving a new social fabric. While the movement for police abolition that burst into the public consciousness a month ago in Minneapolis has set new precedents for resistance, the mutual aid networks that have expanded around the world since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic point the way to a new model for social relations. The following report profiles three groups that coordinate mutual aid efforts in New York City—Woodbine, Take Back the Bronx, and Milk Crate Gardens—exploring their motivations and aspirations as well as the resources and forms of care they circulate.

This is the first installment in a series exploring mutual aid projects across the globe.


‘Master’ bedroom name to change due to overarching theme Reply

As Krystal Ball recently said, “Capitalists are going to capitalist.”

And what are these virtue-signaling realtors going to do to make housing more available or affordable to the poor communities of Houston, some of whom are actually black? Are they going to lower rents, reduce real estate sale prices, advocate for the repeal of zoning, land use, and housing regulations that constrict the supply of low-income housing, or push for more multi-unit housing developments? Are they going to push for more homeless shelters, ending police harassment of the homeless, allowing squatting, or repeal regulations against living in vehicles? Uh, probably not. LOL.

I would also point out that most municipal and county governments are oligarchies controlled by the largest employers, local branches of major banks and corporations, and dominant real estate interests in the area.

By Raven Ambers

ABC 13 News/Houston


After weeks of protests, meaningful police reform appears unlikely Reply

You don’t say? Imagine that.

Analysis by Josh Campbell, CNN Security Correspondent

The dramatic images rocked the nation — hundreds of thousands of people from all races taking to the streets across the United States, demanding an end to excessive police force against people of color.

What began as local outrage in response to George Floyd’s death following an encounter with Minneapolis police officers soon spread throughout the country.


Awesome abandoned bunkers for sale Reply

The problem with these is that they can be traced through real estate and financial transaction records. It’s best to just squat them or build new ones.

By Abby Driver

Love Money

Whether you’re a doomsday prepper getting ready for the end of the world or a die-hard military enthusiast searching for a historic home conversion project, these deserted bunker hideouts are some of the most covert pieces of real estate out there. From a Cold War communications hub and a decommissioned missile silo to an underground shelter in the desert, let’s drop off the radar and discover the most amazing abandoned bunkers on the market right now…


“The New Jim Crow” Michelle Alexander VS. Jesse Lee Peterson on Mass Incarceration Reply

An interesting debate between a black leftist and a black conservative.

I would generally agree with Michelle Alexander’s thesis that the police/carceral state and prison-industrial complex is merely the modern version of American black slavery or Jim Crow. But where I would disagree is that I think her analysis is too limited to the race issue in a way that ignores the context of state and class,

The US ruling class response to the black insurgency of the 1950s and 1960s was the standard strategy: co-optation with the left-hand, repression with the right-hand. The creation of the civil rights paradigm, the expansion of the welfare state, race-based policy initiatives, and the “diversity” ideology were intended to co-opt the black middle class, expand its size, and incorporate it into the wider system.


Glenn Loury: ‘We’re Being Swept Along by Hysteria’ About Racism in America Reply

A somewhat interesting interview with a leading black conservative.

I would be inclined to argue that, at present, substantial sectors of the capitalist class (including some major capitalist entities) along with their allies in the new clerisy/new class that dominates the “ideas industries” are fueling anti-racism hysteria in order to deflect attention away from the class-based nature of the insurrection. They do this because a race war is less antithetical to their interests than a class war. However, contra the Marxists and left-anarchists, it doesn’t stop at class either. Even a class war is more co-optable than a direct war against the state itself.

All of this follows an easily identifiable pattern in US history.


12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country Reply

I would argue that believers in the lizard people, UFOs, and Roswell are closer to the “truth” than many of the dumbasses who get passed off as “intellectuals,” left and right. The lizard people conspiracy theory is merely a low-brow, crass, lumpenproletarian caricature of something that is rooted in fact, i.e. the existence of a national and international power elite. And the UFO/Roswell conspiracies are merely exaggerated versions of a basic insight, that the state lies, has its own nefarious agenda, and cannot be trusted. It is far better to be a believer in lizard people than to be someone who thinks Hillary Clinton or the (fortunately) late John McCain would be an ideal head of state.

By Philip Bump

The Atlantic

About 90 million Americans believe aliens exist. Some 66 million of us think aliens landed at Roswell in 1948. These are the things you learn when there’s a lull in political news and pollsters get to ask whatever questions they want.


Ben Burgis Debunks Libertarians Civil Rights Claim Reply

The Jacobin commie statists vs the corporate Gilded Age-loving libertarians. Hilarious. Actually, both have their roots in the radical Enlightenment.

The discussion of slavery in this is ironic since it was the Jacobin revolution that led to the Reign of Terror and eventually brought to power Napoleon, who actually reinstituted slavery in territories where it had been abolished.

The main problem I have with both the socialist left and the libertarian right is that neither one is nearly radical enough. Who needs any of them? Fuck ’em all. The only thing either one is really good for is more bodies for the eventual human wave attack on the military-industrial complex.


Here’s Why John Bolton Turned On Trump Reply

I tend to agree with Kim Iversen that Biden is likely to be worse than Trump on foreign policy, with the exception being Trump’s total fealty to Israel and Saudi Arabia, particularly given that the Bush Republicans and neocons have successfully colonized the Democrats, with scumbags like Bolton clearly lobbying for a position in a Biden administration.

It really is hilarious how an axis that extends from the far left to the neocon and corporate Republican right has formed solely for the purpose of hating on Orange Man, who is really just a glorified carnival barker and who is constantly getting overruled by the Deep State and the military-industrial complex.


Atlanta-based Coca-Cola suspends paid ads on all social platforms globally 1

Coca-Cola uses child slaves on its sugar cane plantations in El Salvador and the Philippines.

Big Tech vs. conventional capitalist class scumbags. Hilarious.

WASHINGTON — Coca-Cola said Friday that it will be joining other companies who are taking part in the “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign to withdraw paid ads from Facebook and demand that they implement a civil rights infrastructure and moderate posts in a different way.

Coca-Cola said, “there is no place for racism in the world and there is no place for racism on social media.”


Bret and Heather: Sleeper Cells and the Capture of Everything 5

One very important aspect of the recent uprising that I have yet to see anyone point out is that, contra FAUX News, the lumpenproletarian class base of the insurrection are not “leftist revolutionaries” in any conventional sense. While this podcast by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying is correct in its critique of how the left has sought to use school and universities as leftist training centers, it is the lumpenproletriat that is the least likely to have attended college, most likely to have dropped out of high school, and most likely to have gone to very poor quality elementary and middle-schools, where they had teachers that were practically illiterate and where they were of the least attentive students.

For decades, I have spent time around many thousands of lumpenproletarians. Many of them probably could not name a single US President, other than the most recent ones like Trump, Obama, Clinton, or the Bushes. Many of them do not know what a Protestant is (even if they are Protestant). Many do not know the meaning of the Fourth of July or what country America originally separated from. Many do not know what a Congressman is.


Yes, We Can Live Without Police 1

By Natasha

“Could we live without the police?”

It isn’t as out there as many seem to think.

As Taoism, Confucianism, and other older beliefs rightfully point out, if a society is good, or rather natural/organic, then customs or dharma is respected therefore a ‘police’ is entirely unneeded.

The more police or laws are needed in a society, it only shows how much further it has strayed from the ‘good’ or organic, which is also harmonious.

Needless to say we are quite far flung from that, a signature of this Age.

Going back a little less far, the 18th century, this is the more probable outcome. There would be regions of the US more ‘tame’ than others. There would be San Francisco or Deadwood, of which had their own loose enforced rules but were quite autonomous, full of vices and ‘dens of inequity’.

But there would also be the more prudent Protestant regions or towns, be it rural or what New England of old was.

The tamer would gravitate to the tamer, the wilder to the wilder, and both would self-regulate in their own ways.


GOP Senator Questions if Fox News Even Wants Donald Trump Re-Elected Reply

They don’t. The Trumpism that is on FAUX News is merely raw meat being thrown to the Republican “base” (i.e. useful idiots for the right-wing of the ruling class). FOX is the voice of the neocons. To a person, they hate Trump in what is a major heel vs. heel match.

By Benjamin Fearnow


Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley on Saturday questioned if Fox News even wants to see Donald Trump get re-elected in November, criticizing a Friday town hall interview the president did with host Sean Hannity.

Grassley echoed one of Trump’s frequent criticisms against Fox News by asking if the cable news network has any loyalty to the president. The Iowa GOP senator’s challenge comes hours after Trump and his longtime supporter, Hannity, conducted an interview taped Friday in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The senator particularly complained that Hannity allowed Trump to “digress,” which prevented him from touting his efforts to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with conservative justices.

“Does FOXNews want Trump Re-elected? Watched Hannity/Trump interview/KEY QUESTION “What goals in next term?Trump starts answer/gets off point and Hannity helps digress and that’s end of the most important Q to get FOUR MORE YEARS OF DRAINING THE SWAMP &Justices,” Grassley tweeted Saturday morning.

Newsweek reached out to both the White House and Grassley’s Washington office for additional remarks Saturday morning.


Biden Criticizes Trump Over Intelligence on Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops Reply

Before I would believe this, I would have to see it confirmed by independent sources other than “US intelligence.” This seems more like disinformation cooked up to undermine Trump’s reelection. It is clear that the Deep State, neocons, neoliberals, the bulk of the military-industrial complex, majority of the capitalist class, and 100% of the new clerisy (with most of the Left acting as useful idiots) have formed an axis for the purpose of purging the neo-realist insurgency within the ruling class that Trump symbolizes (however incompetently).

The objective of this dominant ruling class axis is to elect Sleepy Joe, cart him off to a nursing home or keep him doped up on pills (like they did with Reagan in the 1980s), install Kamala as the official acting prez, with the Dragon Lady being the real prez, and her old cronies Samanta Power Sunstein, Maudlin Half-bright, Susan Rice, the Kagan boys, Michele Flournoy, and Vicki Nuland being brought back into the State Department along with Republican defectors like Bill Kristol (or his puppets) and John Bolton, who is obviously lobbying hard for a position in a future Biden administration.

By Eric Schmitt, Michael Schwirtz and Charlie Savage

The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. assailed President Trump on Saturday for failing to punish Russia for offering bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afghanistan, while the White House denied that Mr. Trump had been briefed on the months-old classified intelligence assessment about Russia’s activities.


The Hershey Company joins group pulling advertising from Facebook to protest its content Reply

This is fucking unbelievable. Hershey literally uses black children in West Africa as slaves on its chocolate plantations. Not modern wage slaves. The pre-modern type of slaves. I’m beginning to understand why Maoist-types tend to massacre the entire capitalist class. This is Twilight Zone level stuff here.



The Hershey Company said Friday it would end all U.S. advertising on Facebook and Instagram in July as it joins the #StopHateForProfit effort by civil-rights groups protesting against hate speech and divisive content on the platform, according to a Business Insider story.

The company joins a growing list of companies boycotting Facebook and, in some cases, Twitter. Global products giant Unilever, which reported spending $9 billion on ads and marketing last year, Friday announced it would pull ads from Facebook because of the content on the platform. Telecommunications firm Verizon on Thursday also joined the pressure campaign, saying it was pulling ads indefinitely, according to a story on the website of The (San Diego) Mercury News.