John Bolton exclusive interview: Trump does not represent the Republican cause that I want to back 1

Well. well, well…Is Walrus man lobbying for a position in a future Biden administration? That would make the circle complete, and cement the recolonization of the Democrats by the neocons, along with the wider Deep State/chickenhawk/neoliberal/totalitarian humanist alliance. I figured this would happen.

By Con Coughlin


As a lifelong Republican who has held high office in the Reagan and both Bush administrations, John Bolton, Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor, is not someone who normally considers voting Democrat.

Yet, such is the strength of the 71-year-old Washington veteran’s disaffection with Mr Trump’s presidency, that this is precisely how he intends to cast his vote in November’s U.S. presidential election. Rather than voting for the president he served for 17 months as National Security Advisor until his resignation last year, Mr Bolton says he intends to vote for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate.


Bolton says he hopes Trump is 1-term president, warns country imperiled by his reelection Reply

President Donald Trump‘s longest-serving national security adviser John Bolton condemned his presidency as dangerously damaging to the United States and argued the 2020 election is the last “guardrail” to protect the country from him.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Bolton offered a brutal indictment of his former boss, saying, “I hope (history) will remember him as a one-term president who didn’t plunge the country irretrievably into a downward spiral we can’t recall from. We can get over one term — I have absolute confidence, even if it’s not the miracle of a conservative Republican being elected in November. Two terms, I’m more troubled about.”


Silence of the Swine: Abolish the Police and Bring Back the Panthers 2

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

One thing that has become crystal fucking clear to any sane sentient creature with a pulse who has paid attention to current events over the last month is the fact that America’s cherished fascist institution known as the police is completely and totally fucking useless to working class people. By night, our self-flagellating martyrs in blue become harder to find than Waldo as they’re outnumbered by the most irate of the citizenry they’ve wronged, who’ve turned their rage inward towards defenseless small business’ while the true target of their anger cowers in the shadows of the flames. By sunrise however, these heavily armed cowards suddenly rediscover that old fighting side of them and prove their shriveled manhood by laying into guitar-strumming pacifists with flailing truncheons, Covid-friendly tear gas, and a torrential downpour of barely-less-than-lethal rubber rounds. Just like schoolyard bullies and neo-Nazi skinheads, the neckless jarheads of the American police state are only badass’ when its ten against one and that one is a sickly old peacenik that could be bowled over by a stiff wind.


Joe Biden needs his Joe Biden. Here’s a look at the women under consideration as his vice presidential running mate Reply

If Biden wins, and right now there is a good chance he will, his Veep will be the defacto acting Prez, although she will be no more important to policymaking than Kayleigh McEnany, and will simply act as the mouthpiece for the Deep State-neocon chickenhawk-neoliberal-Wall Street-Big Tech-technocratic surburban-new clerisy alliance that now comprises the dominant faction of the power elite and managerial class. The Spiro Agnew impersonators from Conservatism, Inc. will be allowed to stay on as the token opposition, of course.


George Washington Statue in Portland Toppled, Covered in Burning U.S. Flag Reply

LOL. Portland is a haven for fundamentalist factions of the Blue Tribe. The Blue Tribe Khomeinists reject the traditional American civil religion in toto, even in its modified center-left forms. When are they going to go after Lincoln? Honest Abe wanted to emancipate the slaves so they could be deported to Africa (“colonization” as it was called as the time), pretty much the same position as George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party from the 1960s. Attacking Lincoln might ironically win them the grudging admiration of the neo-Confederates. And they could win the favor of palecons and libertarians by attacking Franklin “internment camps” Roosevelt, “Hiroshima” Harry Truman, and Lyndon “Gulf of Tonkin” Johnson. If they really want to get bold they could go after Richard “War on Drugs” Nixon, Ronald “welfare queens” Reagan, George H W “Willie Horton” Bush, even Bill and Hillary “Superpredator”Clinton (along with Joe Biden!). Set your sights high, folks.


Monmouth University to Remove Woodrow Wilson’s Name From Building Reply

LOL. Saint Woodrow of “war to end all wars” and Palmer Raids fame didn’t survive the SJW-Taliban purge. As both a racist and a progressive, Wilson is a hated figure not only among the left but among libertarians and paleocons as well. Even George Will may be happy about this one.

Michael Levenson

New York Times

Monmouth University in New Jersey said it will remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from its marquee building after administrators, professors and students said that the former president held abhorrent views on race and reinstituted segregation in the federal work force.


Revolution from the Bottom Up Reply

When I was an orthodox left-wing anarchist, one of the things that eventually led to my present heterodox positions was the observation that every leftist revolution in which anarchists participated led to the repression of the anarchists by authoritarian leftists, or by right-wing reactionaries who managed to gain popular sympathy by acting against leftist accesses. I consequently realized that a better approach was needed. Hence, the pan-anarchist/pan-secessionist approach. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe explains:


The Great Statue Debate Reply

Kyle is merely criticizing standard right-wing dumbassery in much of this, but one of the most important points he raises is that evidence shows that a majority of the US public still opposes removing Confederate monuments, and super-majority opposes removing historic American monuments.  When leftist revolutions fail, and repression comes from the forces of reaction, a common cause of this is leftists pushing things to the point that they lose the support of common people. And nothing alienates commoners in these situations more than attacks on their perceived cultural, religious, or historical icons.


Why the Rich are Revolting 1

This article discusses the very important point that authoritarian/leftist revolutions are always carried out by the left-wing of the upper middle class almost as a matter of general historical law. Revolts can come from any layer of society. Historically, there have have revolts by slaves, peasants, workers, ethnic groups, religions, soldiers, even the conservative sectors of the middle classes when they feel their interests are being threatened. Since the early modern period, there has been one authoritarian revolution after another carried out by the left-wing of the upper middle class of the era, while espousing the dominant ideology of the left-wing of the middle class at the time.


Create Your Own Reality Reply

“Rather than view ‘Western civilisation’ as something that must be saved in its entirety, I would prefer to see those with a ‘conservative’ mentality adopt a more eclectic approach. To pick and choose, define one’s own borders, create your own realities, distinguish between authentic culture and a national or geopolitical trading bloc that one is simply born into.” -Troy Southgate

Why LGBT People Should Be Conservative 2

In recent years, I have noticed an increasingly greater number of people from traditional outgroups who refer to themselves as “conservative,” just as I have noticed a growing wave of right-wing anti-capitalism. Obviously, these trends reflect the current establishmentarian tendency of blending cultural integration with intensified class oppression.

By Theryn Meyer

The Daily Caller

Growing up a gender-atypical child in the politically broken and culturally fragmented country of South Africa, social acceptance and even basic tolerance was often hard to come by. Dealing with the growing pains of adolescence as an unworldly teenager is challenging enough. But doing so in the lonely corner after being shunned by everyone in the room – your family, your friends, your community, your tribe – can make life for a queer kid seem unbearable at times.


The System’s Neatest Trick Reply

A Kaczynski classic from the early 2000s.

By Ted Kaczynski

Let’s begin by making clear that the System is not. The System is not George W. Bush and his advisers and appointees, it is not the cops who maltreat protesters, it is not the CEOs of the multinational corporations, and it is not the Frankensteins in their laboratories who criminally tinker with the genes of living things. All of these people are servants of the System, but in themselves they do not constitute the System. In particular, the personal and individual values, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of any of these people may be significantly in conflict with the needs of the System.


The System Is the Real Cause of Blame 10

By Troy Southgate

Those of you who are genuinely opposed to injustice, regardless whether you think Blacks get a worse deal than Whites or vice versa, might like to set your emotions to one side for a moment and think about the following. The mass protests organised by Black Lives Matter are two steps removed from what should really become the focus of public outrage. Let’s take it one stage at a time:
1. The RACE issue is irrelevant because it has not been established that George Floyd was killed for racist motives and police violence is directed at people of all colours and creeds.
2. The POLICE are not the ultimate source of blame as they are mercenaries who are answerable to the State.
3. The SYSTEM is the real cause of blame and those in the banks, boardrooms and stock exchanges are using your taxes to fund the politicians, bureaucrats, soldiers and police who enforce tyranny on their behalf.


Just a Temporary Pass by the Establishment? Reply

By Troy Southgate

What we are being told is a ‘cultural revolution’ in which the Left is targetting mediums of expression that do not meet with its ruthless iconoclastic standards is almost certain to have the opposite effect. Indeed, whilst leftists themselves probably think they are on the verge of some kind of Maoist uprising it seems clear to me that this is little more than a juvenile fantasy and that the Left itself is being handed a temporary pass by the Establishment in order for the current period of social unrest to justify a new form of tyranny that will come back to haunt its protagonists. What begins with the toppling of historical statues or the destruction of Classical art galleries, therefore, will surely herald a new age of state-sanctioned production that will determine the value of culture in the way that social media now decides what constitutes fake news.


Sen. Cotton blasts Justice Roberts: He should follow the law or resign Reply

What Tom doesn’t understand is that controversial topical issues are decided on the basis of the prevailing consensus of the dominant factions of the power elite. The Sunbelt faction of the ruling class that emerged in the postwar era, and which funds the Conservatism, Inc that Tom represents, is only a minority in the power elite, even if it makes common cause with the right-wing of the Israel lobby, right-wing clerical oligarchs, and factions with the Deep State/MIC.  Still not enough to achieve hegemony within the ruling class.


John Bolton wouldn’t be a good fit for any administration: Keith Kellogg Reply

This more or less confirms what I have been thinking is the real source of the conflict between the Trumpists and the Deep State, i.e. differences over strategy for the long-term survival of the Empire. On one hand, there is the Deep State/MIC apparatus, represented in politics by the neonconservative/liberal internationalist duopoloy. This faction thinks the Empire can keep going on like it is just fine. On the other hand are neo-realists who understand that the Empire is cracking and certain strategic adjustments and structural changes need to be made to keep from losing the whole thing. Bolton is a parody version of the former category.