My Teenage Rebellion Was Fundamentalist Christianity 1

In the deep blue zones, becoming a Christian fundamentalist would be like becoming a Satanist in the deep red zones.

By Carly Gelsinger

On a summer Thursday evening, shortly after my 16th birthday, my face was pressed into the maroon carpet again. Mildew filled my nostrils and I coughed. My youth pastor’s wife, Jessa, was playing piano, and my youth group friends and I had spread out and each found our own nook on the floor to meet God.

“The only thing holding us back from being in the Secret Place is our own sin,” Jessa shouted, her neck held high. I was mesmerized by the way God moved through her.


Tucker: America is splitting into two before our eyes Reply

If only it were true. Localized quarantines are what we should have been doing all along. It’s ridiculous to expect rural counties to abide by the same rules as New York and Los Angeles.

Some states are using science to guide their decisions and cautiously beginning to relax their lockdowns. But power-drunk politicians in the other half of the country are tightening their lockdowns even now.

The lockdowns may be the greatest mistake in history Reply

Whether it’s a “mistake” or not is beside the point. We need reparations from the state now. Total moratorium on rent, mortgages, utility bills, credit cards, student loans, medical bills, and car payments. If you take away peoples’ livelihoods, then you owe them. Period. It’s no different than if an individual breaks a person’s leg. They owe the injured party crutches and the cost of their doctor bills. Period. The state has essentially bankrupted the working class while engineering a looting spree for the ruling class. Once again, we need reparations from the state now. The supposed “extremism” of the anti-lockdown protests should be made to look like a church social in comparison.


Would You Care if a White Man Cured Covid-19? Hiring researchers by sex and race rather than scientific prowess is dangerous nonsense 2

I’m generally not a fan of Randian cop-lover Heather MacDonald, but this is funny.

By Heather MacDonald

Rightfully Yours

“If we are in a war, as our leaders tell us, we should act like it. Diverting scientists’ attention, time and funding away from research and toward identity politics is a decadence that we can no longer afford. Reviving the economy will be as urgent a task as fighting the pandemic. Yet an early Democratic version of last month’s $2 trillion relief package required corporations to bulk up their diversity bureaucracies if they want aid. The only qualifications that should matter for both science and private enterprise are knowledge, insight and drive.”

Scientists at Oxford University and King’s College London are racing to develop an inexpensive ventilator that can be quickly built with off-the-shelf components. Should it matter that all the lead researchers on the project are men? If you believe university diversity bureaucrats and many academic deans, the initiative will be handicapped by the absence of women among the project heads. If there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be to expose as dangerous nonsense the practice of hiring researchers by sex and race rather than scientific accomplishments.


No Lockdowns: The Terrifying Polio Pandemic of 1949-52 1

I’ve seen some of the circles around C4SS and other supposed “left-libertarians” bashing Jeffrey Tucker (whose orthodox libertarianism I don’t personally share, although I am in favor of all forms of voluntary libertarianism and anarchism) for questioning the sanctity of the lockdowns.

By Jeffrey Tucker

Many people infected with polio don’t show any symptoms. Some become temporarily paralyzed; for others, it’s permanent. In 1952, the polio epidemic reached a peak in U.S.: almost 58,000 reported cases and more than 3,000 deaths.

World War II had ended four years earlier and the U.S. was trying to return to peace and prosperity. Price controls and rationing was ended. Trade was opening. People were returning to normal life. The economy started humming again. Optimism for the future was growing. Harry Truman became the symbol of a new normacy. From Depression and war, society was on the mend.

As if to serve as a reminder that there were still threats to life and liberty present, an old enemy made its appearance: polio. It’s a disease with ancient origins, with its most terrifying effect, the paralysis of the lower extremities. It maimed children, killed adults, and struck enormous fear into everyone.

Polio is also a paradigmatic case that targeted and localized policy mitigations have worked in the past, but society-wide lockdowns have never been used before. They weren’t even considered as an option.



Robot dogs are patrolling Singapore parks telling people to socially distance Reply

It figures that Singapore would be in the vanguard of techno-therapeutic-fascism. It’s also interesting how so many American right-libertarians engage in such a pathetic veneration of Singapore (“‘They got low taxes, man!”) just as so many American leftists engage in an equally pathetic veneration of Cuba (“They got free healthcare, man!”).

By Edgar Su


Far from barking its orders, a robot dog enlisted by Singapore authorities to help curb coronavirus infections in the city-state politely asks joggers and cyclists to stay apart.

The remote-controlled, four-legged machine built by Boston Dynamics was first deployed in a central park on Friday as part of a two-week trial that could see it join other robots policing Singapore’s green spaces during a nationwide lockdown.

“Let’s keep Singapore healthy,” the yellow and black robodog named Spot said in English as it roamed around. “For your own safety and for those around you, please stand at least one metre apart. Thank you,” it added, in a softly-spoken female voice.

Despite the niceties, breaches of Singapore’s strict lockdown rules can result in hefty fines and even jail.


Covid’s war on women Reply

Is the coronavirus a tool of the phallocracy? Not that it’s a pissing contest, but more men than women have died from COVID-19 so far. This is Rush Limbaugh-like “left parody” material here.

By Ryan Heath and Renuka Rayasam


During this plague year, there is almost never good news, only degrees of bad news. Even so, the pandemic has been different (and worse) for girls and women.

It’s true that more men are dying than women from Covid-19 around the world — but that’s not exactly cause for celebration.

Another ambivalent data point: More workplace risk is falling on women, who are more likely to be considered essential workers. The upside to that is still having a job, but at what price? Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde pointed out today in a POLITICO interview that “70 percent of those working in health care and elderly care are women.”

More of the daily grind tends to fall, on average, on women: From the increased cleaning and chores that come with more time spent in the home, which falls disproportionately to so many female household members, to the extra education and childcare work created through closures of school and day care, where men have also been known, on average, to skimp.


Bernie Sanders can win because this isn’t Ronald Reagan’s America any longer Reply

This article was written in February before the Democraps literally conspired to ensure Sanders’ loss on Super Tuesday by pulling back all their house candidates at the same time and ordering them to endorse Dementia Man, except for Lizzie the Scamster, whom they kept in the race as a faux “progressive” spoiler. I’m not a Sanders’ guy at all, but the best thing about his campaign is that it hopefully demonstrated to his fans, particularly the younger ones, what a farce and a joke electoral politics actually are. Although some of them are now working on the dumbass idea of a “third party” (as if there is not already plenty of those).

By Alexander Friedman

Market Watch

JACKSON, Wyo. (Project Syndicate) — For the past 50 years, almost every U.S. presidential election has brought a new swing of the national political pendulum.

Richard Nixon’s shifty administration gave way, after Gerald Ford was in office long enough to pardon his former boss, to the choirboy Jimmy Carter. Four years later in rode Ronald Reagan, and then, following George H.W. Bush’s one-term interregnum, came America’s first baby boomer president, Bill Clinton.

An impeached (but brainy) philanderer, Clinton was succeeded by Bush’s son, the moralizing and anti-intellectual George W. Bush, who then gave way to the Spock-like Barack Obama, before the pendulum’s widening swing extended all the way to the unprecedented fringe of Donald Trump.


“Millennial socialism” and the swing of the political pendulum back to the left Reply

An investment advisor argues that the impact of the supply side and neoliberal revolutions (which challenged the older Keynesian paradigm that came out of the Great Depression) era have produced a backlash evidenced by the rise of “populism” (economic nationalism) on the right and the return of social democracy on the left. That does seem to be the case but, unfortunately, it doesn’t fundamentally change the terms of the economic debate. The standard “socialism vs capitalism” dichotomy is a false one which amounts to arguing about whether the king and his ministers, or the aristocrats and nobles, should have the greatest amount of control over the economy, as if they are not all part of the same ruling class. A similar false dichotomy exists among so-called “extremists,” i.e. proponents of proletarian-based “national socialism” and class/religious/cultural genocide vs. proponents of ethnic-based “national socialism” and ethnic/racial/national genocide.

By Shane Oliver

American Capital

When I was in my early 20s I thought socialism might be the way to go. Two things happened. One I studied economics which led me to the conclusion that socialism/heavy state intervention doesn’t lead to the best outcome in terms of living standards for most. Second, I had the benefit of a trip to the USSR before it and the eastern bloc disintegrated. It must have been Paul McCartney’s faux Beach Boys’, “Back in the USSR” that got me interested! Sure the history and scenery were fantastic and I like the fact that I saw it before the wall came down – but economically it was a mess. And trying to spend excess roubles before we left the USSR was a struggle (nothing but off chocolate to spend them on). “Socialism” seemed to work a bit better in the Deutsche Democratic Republic – but not really and it was a relief to come through Checkpoint Charlie knowing decent food (McDonald’s) was waiting.


As Atheists Get Older, They’re Not Getting Much More Conservative 3

This video points out data which shows that secular Americans typically do not follow the stereotyped pattern of young people become more rightward-leaning with age, but are also less likely to vote when compared with religious Americans. My guess is that the latter is probably true because those who have a skeptical view of religious institutions are probably more likely to have a similarly negative view of political institutions, and are less likely to take politics seriously. Although I have found that the organized atheist movement tends to be just as gung-ho in its political partisanship (the speaker in the video is an example) as their counterparts on the religious right.

The religious right and the social justice left are virtually identical in wanting to impose their preferred form of moralism on the wider society. For the right, dirty books and movies were always a target of their ire. For the left, it’s the confederate flag and this or that “microaggression.” The right’s pet project in state repression was always the war on drugs, and for the left its’s a war on guns. The left wants to replace the traditional right’s preference for vice raids on gay bars with a parallel bluenose raid on Christian bakeries. There are even areas where the two sides overlap (anti-vice crusaders from right and anti-sex worker rights feminists, for example, or pro-drug war liberals and minority civil rights leaders).

Politics as we know it should die and loving anarchy should prosper 5

By Carne Ross


Anarchism becomes more likely with the technology of the future (and that could be a good thing) Metro illustrations Ella Byworth/

The current way of doing politics and our economic life on this Earth is coming to an end. The climate emergency will require dramatic changes to the wasteful way we consume resources. The grotesquery of the 0.1% cruising in private jets while the rest struggle with rent and debt cannot last. A peaceful, harmonious society requires that people are fairly treated. For now, there is no justice, no peace. The breakdown of consensus is painfully visible in the poisonous cloud of abuse and polarisation on mis-named ‘social’ media.


Mexico’s Cartels Distribute Coronavirus Aid to Win Support Reply

José de Córdoba
Wall Street Journal

MEXICO CITY—Mexico’s drug cartels are in a war for the hearts and minds of poor Mexicans, providing them with food and supplies as they struggle to survive the economic meltdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the coronavirus struck Mexico, a plethora of videos and photographs uploaded to social media have shown what appear to be cartel operatives in about a dozen states handing out food packages marked with the logos of the different criminal groups to lines of Mexicans. In some cases the videos show the food being distributed by heavily armed men, driving in military-style trucks with cartel markings.


The Other 150 States Reply

By Tony Seed

In the dead of night, they swept in aboard V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft.  Landing in a remote region of one of the most volatile countries on the planet, they raided a village and soon found themselves in a life-or-death firefight. It was the second time in two weeks that elite U.S. Navy SEALs had attempted to rescue American photojournalist Luke Somers. And it was the second time they failed.


The United States of Globalization Reply

An interesting infographic from the Smithsonian Institute indicating where around the world US forces are involved. See an enlarged version here.

Smithsonian Magazine
Less than a month after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, U.S. troops—with support from British, Canadian, French, German and Australian forces—invaded Afghanistan to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban. More than 17 years later, the Global War on Terrorism initiated by President George W. Bush is truly global, with Americans actively engaged in countering terrorism in 80 nations on six continents.

The Empire is Cracking 1

One thing I really like about Peter Zeihan’s geopolitical analysis is that it is non-ideological. It’s not about taking anyone’s side as much as saying, “Like it or not, this is what is happening. Make of it what you will.” One of the best things about Zeihan is that he totally debunks the Russophobia, Sinophobia, and Iranophobia that is constantly being pushed by the neocon/neoliberal/Wahhabi/Zionist axis.

My suspicion is that as the US empire continues to crack, the US will not simply revert to “isolationism” but will attempt to maintain a kind of “multilateral unipolarity” in the sense of being less overtly imperialist in the style of the Reaganites and neocons, and instead attempt to maintain a facade of liberal internationalism, disguised by the rhetoric of “human rights imperialism” (see Samantha Power). If Biden gets elected, look for his Department of State and Department of Defense to move in that direction. That’s what the Obama administration was doing (see the destruction of Libya) before the Trumpian neo-realists came in, and a Biden administration will probably resume the Obama approach.



Trump Despises His Supporters, Disgusted by Them Reply

Lol. I can only imagine what New York liberal Trump really thinks of the deep red zone rubes who idolize him. The red-state rubes are the useful idiots of the right-wing of the ruling class, just as the blue tribe SJWs are the useful idiots of the left-wing of the ruling class.

Howard Stern explains that Donald Trump despises his own supporters, and are the people he would never allow into his own hotels and clubs