A Libertarian Defense of CHAZ Reply

By Stratton J. Davis

Ever since the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was created in Seattle, it has been a prominent subject of discussion for many. The question usually being discussed is whether we should support it or not. While those on the left seem to be in support of CHAZ (mostly), among the libertarian right there seems to be ill feelings.

While some writers such as Walter Block have offered their philosophical defense for it, many have found reasons to detest CHAZ. These reasons vary from CHAZ simply being a leftist concoction to how the inner workings of CHAZ do not reflect “true” libertarian values. Sure, some of their inner workings include a warlord who is bent on power and achieves it through force, as well as absurd rules that plunder from one group for the benefit of another (kind of like the government that they claim to hate so much does – ironic).


My Family Saw a Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween. Then I Learned How NYPD Impunity Works. 1

So I guess the main thing James Fields did wrong was not becoming a cop before he ran over Heather Heyer.

By Eric Umansky

Pro Publica

Last Halloween, my wife and then-6-year-old daughter were making their way home after trick-or-treating in Brooklyn. Suddenly, an unmarked NYPD car with sirens wailing began speeding against traffic up a one-way street, our neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. The officer seemed to be going after a few teenage boys.

Then, in an instant, the car hit one of the kids.


Let’s Colonize Titan Reply

The ultimate intentional community.

By Charles Wohlforth and Amanda R. Hendrix

The idea of a human colony on Titan, a moon of Saturn, might sound crazy. Its temperature hovers at nearly 300° below zero Fahrenheit, and its skies rain methane and ethane that flow into hydrocarbon seas. Nevertheless, Titan could be the only place in the solar system where it makes sense to build a permanent, self-sufficient human settlement.

We reached this conclusion after looking at the planets in a new way: ecologically. We considered the habitat that human beings need and searched for those conditions in our celestial neighborhood.

Our colonization scenario, based on science, technology, politics and culture, presents a thought experiment for anyone who wants to think about the species’ distant future.


Abandoned Places in Desolate Locations Throughout the World Reply

Some more intentional community locations?

Daily Mail

The world has left an awful lot behind – as these haunting images of decaying industry from all four corners of the globe reveal. They feature in new book ‘Abandoned Industrial Places’, by David Ross, which contains more than 200 photos of empty factories, laboratories, mills and mines. And while spooky, they are also irresistibly fascinating, with the structures they capture – some of which are jaw-dropping pieces of architecture – often having been left to decay among the stunning landscapes. Click through to see the most amazing images, with captions courtesy of the author…


Officer fired over Breonna Taylor’s death appeals termination Reply

Some of these characters definitely have chutzpah. I’ll give ’em that.

By Victoria Albert

CBS News

Former police officer Brett Hankison has appealed his firing over the death of 26-year-old emergency medical worker Breonna Taylor. In the appeal, Hankison’s lawyers argue that officials bowed to public pressure and fired him before the FBI, Kentucky Attorney General’s Office and the Kentucky State Police had completed their investigations.


EU holds off decision on borders, Americans set to be excluded Reply

If European leaders were sensible, they would have excluded Americans a long time ago.

By Philip Blenkinsop


BRUSSELS, June 26 (Reuters) – European Union countries failed to settle on Friday on a final “safe list” of countries whose residents could travel to the bloc from July, with the United States, Brazil and Russia set to be excluded.

Ambassadors from the 27 EU members convened from Friday afternoon to establish criteria for granting quarantine-free access from next Wednesday.


Minnesota Town Goes Woke, Pledges Not To Call Cops, Is Now ‘Overrun’ By Homeless Encampment 2

Awesome. Having a bunch of homeless people and drug addicts around keeps the rents low. A San Franciscan once told me he welcomed the sight of bums pissing in the alley for that reason.


A Minneapolis community, just a few miles away from where George Floyd died while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, pledged to “check its privilege,” allowing hundreds of transients and homeless individuals to take up residents on their front lawns and pledging not to call the police to handle incidents of drug abuse and mental illness.

Now that same town’s residents are concerned things have gotten out of hand. Crime is rampant and the homeless encampment now has more than 300 people.


A Minneapolis Neighborhood Vowed to Check Its Privilege. It’s Already Being Tested. Reply

This kind of like when Lenin referred to middle-class liberals as useful idiots for the revolution. If these do-gooder types can be guilt-shamed into anti-piggishness, fine. Whatever works.


New York Times

MINNEAPOLIS — When Shari Albers moved three decades ago into Powderhorn Park, a tree-lined Minneapolis neighborhood known as a haven to leftist activists and bohemian artists like herself, she went to work sprucing it up.

She became a block club leader, organizing her mostly white neighbors to bring in playgrounds and help tackle longstanding issues with crime.

On many nights, she banged on the car windows of men who had come to solicit prostitutes outside her door, she said. She kept meticulous notes when dozens of men would gather in a circle for gang meetings in the park across from her house. After each episode, she called the police.



FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln Reply

Here it comes. The state attacks with the right hand and co-opts with the left hand.

FBI Posts Photos Of Far left Rioters, National Guard Deployed As Fanatics Plan To Tear Down Lincoln. Trump announced last night hundreds of arrests of far left rioters over the destruction of statues.

The Cringe Fringe Left Going After Christianity is a Massive Mistake Reply

Indeed it is. What the totalitarian Left typically tries to do is ride the wave of popular rebellion to state power. But when they start attacking the religion is often when they start losing popular sympathy, and public opinion will then take a rightward turn. It happened in Hungary in 1919, in Spain in 1936, in Iran in 1979, and plenty of other places.  This is how you get the Falangists and the Revolutionary Guards.

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is the Worst Criminal in History 1

So, apparently, everyone from Genghis Khan to Hitler to Mao was just a prelude to the main event. When political rivals come to view each other as existential threats, it’s a sign that “democracy” is on its way out (see Carl Schmitt). I’m hearing this kind of rhetoric with increasing frequency from the Left and Right.  If Noam and David really feel this way, they need to join ATS today.

The Five Dangers Facing the Lumpenproletariat Reply

If recent events are a foreshadowing of events to come, which they may well be, it would seem that the lumpenproletariat faces five primary dangers when it comes to future revolutionary activity.


When Bakunin Met Stirner Reply

A core argument that I have previously advanced at ATS start with the view that Bakunin was correct that while anarchist revolution is a trans-class activity, the lumpenproletariat is potentially the most revolutionary class, i.e. the vanguard class, and that the urban lumpenproletariat, being the sector that is most in direct conflict with the state, is the vanguard sector of the vanguard class.


Why were the Greek city-states unable to create a permanently unified state? Reply

In the future, we can have war games between ancap/transhumanist Athens and ancom/primitivist Sparta. The Greeks managed to keep from becoming an empire for centuries. What can we learn from them?

By Tyson Ford

Mostly it has to do with geography. The terrain in Greece is broken and mountainous, making it difficult to travel from one region to another. So each polis developed its own customs and sense of identity. A good analogy might be that of Afghanistan. Many groups in Afghanistan are practically cut off from the world due to the terrain. This results in them being fiercely independent and resistant to authority.

For an extreme contrast, check out Ancient Egypt. This was an extremely homogenous place, where the Nile fed the agriculture like clockwork. The terrain was flat as a pancake, and it was very easy to travel up or down the Nile. The vast majority of people lived alongside this highway, and they still do today. So it was very easy for a single authority to impose his will on the entire population, and lay down the law very early in their history.


Human Scale Revisited: A New Look at the Classic Case for a Decentralist Future Reply

Kirk Sale’s classic.

Sometimes ATS contributor Rick Moore once said that any country larger than Liechtenstein is likely to be a tyranny. If we compare different countries, we see that the larger ones tend to be the most imperialistic and the most internally tyrannical. Nicky Reid once pointed out that while communist Cuba, fascist Singapore, and social democratic Iceland each have much different systems, the fact that they are all island micronations keeps them from becoming expansionist empires. Scale is everything.

Amazon.com: Human Scale Revisited: A New Look at the Classic Case ...