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Keith Preston

Anarchism and Crime

Solidarity Federation Anarchists are repeatedly accused by their detractors of being idealist, utopian and impractical. One matter, on which the libertarian perspective is often seen as particularly weak, is the thorny topic of crime. It would be fair to say that the “all coppers are bastards”-type polemics trotted […]

The Anarchist Response to Crime

This is pretty interesting although I’m not sure I agree on every point. By Scott, Insurgency Culture Collective In The Descent of Man, [Charles Darwin] gave some powerful pages to illustrate its proper, wide sense. He pointed out how, in numberless animal societies, the struggle between separate individuals […]

We’re Getting a Lot Closer

When I started ATS 20 years ago, the main objective I wanted to promote was to end US imperialism by dissolving the United States itself, a goal I had originally embraced in the 1980s. Initially, I had thought anarcho-syndicalism would be the vehicle but being involved with actual […]

The looming Democrat Civil War

By Joel Kotkin The Democratic Party has always been a loose confederation of outsiders — poor farmers, union members, populists, European immigrants and southern segregationists. As the actor Will Rogers said in 1924: “I am not a member of any organised political party. I am a Democrat.” Yet […]

Is It Time to Cancel FDR?

Michael Lind nails it again. The Democrats are now the new Rockefeller Republicans, and the Republicans are now Jacksonian Democrats (as was FDR). By Michael Lind, Tablet Seventy-six years ago today, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, serving his fourth term in office, died in his “little White House” in […]