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Keith Preston

‘It’s chilling what is happening’: a rightwing backlash to Biden takes root in Republican states

Given that a left/right/center populist/libertarian/anarchist/decentralist political realignment is obviously not going to be happening any time soon, the best we can probably hope for at present is for an ongoing push-pull between the “Left” (Brahmins and their useful idiots) and “Right” (merchants and their useful idiots) as pan-secessionist […]

Right or Left? Right and Left!

An interesting example of left/right crossover tendencies from the pre-WW2 era. Hans Zehrer is somewhat of an obscure figure today, at least in comparison with like-minded members of the German national-revolutionary movement such as Ernst Niekisch and Karl Otto Paetel, both of whom have managed to acquire a […]

Caught between Internationalism, Transnationalism and Immigration: A Brief Account of the History of Anarchism in Egypt until 1945

By Costantino Paonessa  Laura Galián Anarchism first appeared in the Southern Mediterranean countries at the end of the nineteenth century with the immigration of European workers and political exiles. Despite the important role anarchists played in introducing radical and revolutionary political thought in Egypt, only historians Anthony Gorman […]

Golden State Dysphoria

In my experience, most Republicans really don’t have a problem with racial, ethnic, religious,  sexual, or gender minorities as long as they are Republican. And most liberals and leftists despise minorities who are not liberals or leftists. By Matthew Schmitz, The American Conservative Conservatives are lining up behind […]

God’s Fifth Column

By William S. Lind, The American Conservative In the 1930s, a minor British novelist started writing a new book, which was not a novel. Instead, William Gerhardie proposed a theory of history he called “God’s Fifth Column,” which was also his book’s title. His theory was that, just […]

How strong is Russia?

When the US collapses and is no longer the driving force behind NATO, the two main things the Europeans will have to worry about are renewed Russian expansionism and Turkey’s neo-Ottoman ambitions. Fortunately, Russia and Turkey will be a counterbalance to each other. By Rebecca Cambell, UK Defense […]

When conservatives become revolutionaries

By Damon Linker, The Week The conservative intelligentsia keeps returning to authoritarianism. Back in June of last year, I wrote a column about how the intellectual right was talking itself into tearing down American democracy. The occasion was a debate between David French, a social-conservative defender of the […]

Welcome to Year Zero

By Wesley Yang The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of America announced last year that it would set diversity quotas for any film eligible to win a best picture award. In order to enforce these targets, there will be regular surprise inspections into the racial origins […]

An Interview with John McWhorter

This is a great interview with McWhorter, and one of the best discussions I have seen on these topics. He gives the answers I would be inclined to give to the interviewer’s questions. PBS, Firing Line Columbia University linguist and race commentator John McWhorter explains the origins of […]

The Novel Solutions of Utopian Fiction

By Kim Stanley Robinson, The Nation Climate catastrophe has transformed a minor literary genre into an important tool of human thought. Recently I read an excellent book: The Soviet Novel, by Katarina Clark. In it she observed that the USSR’s socialist realism suffered from what she called “modal […]