Kanye West Seizes Opportunity To Be Most Rational, Coherent Presidential Candidate Reply

The Babylon Bee is another great news source.

Babylon Bee

LOS ANGELES, CA—Noticing a lack of rational, coherent, sane presidential candidates, Kanye West announced this weekend that he will be running for president. The move surprised everyone who hasn’t been paying attention to 2020 at all so far.

Campaign advisers recently approached West suggesting he run for president since there was a desperate need for a candidate who could string together something resembling a rational thought. After thinking it over and talking with the Kardashians, West decided he would jump at the opportunity to be the only major candidate who uses words in their proper context and order as a normal human being would.


Remember the Red Guards Before You Cheer the Woke Mobs Reply

By Peter Van Burn

The American Conservative

I’m ambivalent about statues and J.K. Rowling being torn down, but terrified of the thought process behind the destruction. Decisions should never be made by mobs.  Is America on the edge of a cultural revolution?

The historical namesake and obvious parallel is the Cultural Revolution in China, which lasted from 1966 to 1976. Its stated goal was to purge capitalist and traditional elements from society, and to substitute a new way of thinking based on Mao’s own beliefs. The epic struggle for control and power waged war against anybody on the wrong side of an idea.


The Path to Better Policing Reply

Riots work. Even the Neocon Review is now calling for police reform. Some of the proposals are predictably a bit wimpy. But it’s something.

By Robert Verbruggen

National Review

After the egregious killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the days of protests and rioting that followed, there’s a bipartisan appetite for police reform. If such reform is implemented carefully and intelligently, it could reduce crime and improve relations between police officers and the communities they serve. But if it merely undermines law enforcement, the result could be soaring crime rates and ultimately a turn back to law-and-order politics.


Tucker: Can the left lead a country they hate? Reply

The problem that I see with Carlson’s monologue (and Trump’s speech) is that it’s the equivalent of a Roman emperor and/or propagandist proclaiming the glories of the Empire. To which the response is, “Yeah, but what about the plebians, imperial legions, and all the crucifixions, dude?” You don’t have to be an apologist for the Empire to dislike the Pol Pot wannabes on the other side of the spectrum, or to recognize the “woke” rhetoric of the new clerisy as a sham.

Where Are the “Woke”? 1

Who wants to bet there won’t be many woke activists protesting outside the Israeli Embassy or AIPAC headquarters? I’ve been asked by leftists in the past what it would take for me to change my attitude toward “Woke”/SJW/Antifa types. Burning down the Israeli Embassy or the offices of Raytheon might be a start.

A Palestinian family from Gaza, victims of a white phosphorus chemical attack by Israel, funded by the US TAXPAYER. Where is the mainstream media? Where is the International community?

Ruling Class, Your Days Are Numbered 2

This is an article on the protest in Richmond from where the above photo was taken.

By Hannah Allum

Robert E. Lee’s days are numbered.

A landmark statue of the Confederate general installed 130 years ago in Richmond, Va., is at the center of a campaign to remove monuments that glorify the losing side of the Civil War. There’s a legal battle over whether to remove the Lee statue, but few here expect his monument to survive the re-energized anti-racism movement sparked by the killing of George Floyd.