Mob Rule in Seattle Reply

I’ve generally found that some of the coolest reporting on extremists comes from their opponents. “Anarchist mobs rioting in Seattle!” You say that like it’s a bad thing. “Gun toting yokels march on Virginia’s capital!” And the problem is?

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists in Seattle have long sought to transform the city into a progressive utopia. But after the death of George Floyd, they accelerated their plans—and sought to implement them by force. This short documentary explores the left-wing violence plaguing the city, the rise and fall of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, and the continuing unrest dominating Seattle’s streets. This film tells the story of the recent BLM riots—and the anarchy to come,

Boycott Israel Reply

Hello, my name is Hallel Rabin. I’m an 18 year old refuser from an Israeli kibbutz and tomorrow I’ll be sent to prison by the Israeli military. Just before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, I refused to join the Israeli army and was held in military prison over the holiday. I’ve already been jailed for 14 days, because I don’t want to become a soldier for the occupation of Palestine. I tried to ask for exemption on the grounds of conscience, but the military refused to grant it. Instead, I’ve been sent to prison time after time in order to break my spirit. Tomorrow I’ll be incarnated for the third time in the course of a month.
We are living in a period of both change and struggle. Everywhere in the world, young people are fighting for real democracy, and are using civil disobedience to combat racism and injustice. But for Palestinians the injustices of the past continue to prevail. In the territories occupied by Israel, basic human rights and liberties are constantly denied, while the Palestinians are deprived of the freedom to live freely.
I was raised on the values of freedom, compassion and love. Fighting to keep another nation enslaved contradicts these values. For too long, the good people of Israel have agreed to participate in the atrocities committed by the occupation. While I know my refusal is small and personal, I wish to be the change I want to see in the world, and to show that another way is possible. Little people make big changes. It is time to shout: There is no such thing as good repression, no such thing as justifiable racism and no more room for the Israeli occupation.

A photographer who covered five years of Trump rallies on the most disturbing thing he saw—and his fears for the future. Reply

One thing that is interesting about culture war partisans is the way they always think the government, police, corporations, or whoever favors their rivals and that the other side’s extremists are really in cahoots with law enforcement or the intelligence services.

By Aymann Ismail, Slate

Photographer Zach D Roberts has been chronicling Donald Trump’s rallies from the beginning. And he was there last weekend for one of their last gasps during Trump’s presidency, the Million MAGA March in Washington, where he documented a now-familiar sight: Violent far-right groups like the Proud Boys mingling interchangeably with rank-and-file Trump supporters, intent on instigating the protesters and counterprotesters as much as possible.

Roberts kept his nerve for five years. His photos have appeared in both right- and left-leaning publications, which is good, he told me, because it makes it easier to pass himself off as “neutral” when covering groups like the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, and the Boogaloo movement. Roberts was documenting right-wing rallies long before Trump was on the scene—he covered NRA marches back in 2006—but he says he’s never seen marches like the ones he has recently. Over the phone, we talked about what he’s captured in four years of rallies, whether he believes his work might amplify the extreme groups he covers, and what happens once Trump leaves office. Our conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity.


Joe Biden Picks Normal Adult for Secretary of State Reply

David Pakman must constantly ask himself: “How milquetoast can I be?” In this segment, Pakman comes out as a full-blown stooge for liberal imperialism with the usual progressive caveats about “holding Biden accountable” blah, blah, blah.

Joe Biden will select Anthony Blinken as his Secretary of State, Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield as Ambassador to the United Nations as Biden’s cabinet continues to come together despite Donald Trump insisting that he actually won the election

Biden’s Secretary of State Pick Showed Support of Iraq and Libya Invasions Reply

By , Common Dreams

With the upper ranks of President-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy team beginning to take shape after new reporting indicated he plans to nominate long-time adviser Antony Blinken as secretary of state, progressives raised alarm over Blinken’s support for the disastrous 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and the 2011 assault on Libya as well as his recent consulting work of behalf of corporate clients in the tech, finance, and arms industries.


Lebanon’s confusing civil war Reply

Think of all the groups involved in street clashes in the US today. Three percenters, Boogaloos, Proudboys, BLM, Antifa, Marxists, “anarcho-” Marxists, militias, anti-lockdown protestors, MAGAists, SJWs, Oathkeepers, Red Guards, Redneck Revolt, Patriot Prayer, etc. Imagine all of them with weapons engaging in urban guerrilla with dozens of factions, and street gangs like the MS-13s eventually joining in. That’s what Lebanon was like in the 1970s and 1980s.

By the mid-1970s, #Lebanon‘s power vacuum reached its tipping point. Disenfranchised #minorities took up arms and plunged the country in total conflict.

The Great Divide: Sunni vs. Shi’a Reply

The Democrats and Republicans of the Middle East. Whenever I get asked why I don’t vote, I always respond “Because I don’t care who wins.” Often, the questioner will come back with “Why not?” and I will respond with something like “Well, what’s your position on the rivalry between the Shi’a and the Sunni?”

From the conflicts in Iraq and Syria to the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the struggle between Sunni and Shi‘a groups for hegemony is tearing apart the region and shows no signs of abating. But for all the religious discourse permeating the conflict, much of its roots are political, not religious. How does sectarianism fit into a larger narrative of the Middle East? How have governments manipulated sectarian differences? And finally, what is the U.S. doing about it?

‘What Was Your Normal?’: Black Activist Goes Viral After Rejecting CNN Commentator’s Claim That Things Will Go Back to ‘Normal’ Because Biden Won the Election Reply

By Niara Savage, CNN

A Black activist has gained attention from political leaders on social media after a video of her pushing back against a CNN commentator’s claim that things will return to “normal” since President-Elect Joe Biden won the election went viral on Twitter.

Sydney Teese, a social activist who has been vocal about racial injustice, was filmed challenging the idea that Joe Biden’s impending presidency will cause a return to normalcy, in a video that was shared to Twitter by journalist Chuck Modi. The video, which was retweeted by Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Talib, and has been viewed more that 2 million times.

“When I hear things like, ‘Maybe we can finally get back to normal,’ I think ‘What was your normal?’” Teese said in the video, which was recorded by Modi at BLM Plaza in Washington at the street celebration that broke out there on the evening of Nov. 7, the day most news organizations declared Biden had won the presidential race.


The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story Reply

By Michelle Tarado, Indian Country

Too often the story of the 1621 Thanksgiving is told from the Pilgrims’ point of view, and when the Wampanoag, who partook in this feast too, are included, it is usually in a brief or distorted way. In search of the Native American perspective, we looked to Plymouth, where the official first Thanksgiving took place and where today the Wampanoag side of the story can be found.

Plimoth Plantation is one of Plymouth’s top attractions and probably the place to go for the first Thanksgiving story. It is a living museum, with its replica 17th century Wampanoag Homesite, a representation of the homesite used by Hobbamock, who served as emissary between the Wampanoag and Pilgrims, and staffed by 23 Native Americans, mostly Wampanoag; 17th century English Village; and the Mayflower II, a replica of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth.

According to a Plimoth Plantation timeline, the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Harbor on December 16, 1620. The Pilgrims settled in an area that was once Patuxet, a Wampanoag village abandoned four years prior after a deadly outbreak of a plague, brought by European traders who first appeared in the area in 1616. The museum’s literature tells that before 1616, the Wampanoag numbered 50,000 to 100,000, occupying 69 villages scattered throughout southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Rhode Island. The plague, however, killed thousands, up to two-thirds, of them. Many also had been captured and sold as slaves.


Guatemala: Congress on fire after protesters storm building Reply


Hundreds of anti-government protesters in Guatemala have vandalised and set fire to parts of the Congress building, before being dispersed by riot police.

The building in Guatemala City was empty at the time of Saturday’s attack, which lasted for about 10 minutes.

The fire services put the fire out, but several people were treated for the effects of smoke inhalation.

The protesters are opposed to a budget approved by Congress of the Central American country on Wednesday night.

The opposition says the budget prioritises big infrastructure projects to be handled by companies with government connections and overlooks the social and economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are also angered by what they describe as major cuts to education and health spending.


The Great Reset – Covid, World Economic Forum And Klaus Schwab’s Dream of Globalization Reply

I don’t know about this Great Reset idea itself but most of what he is saying is obvious. Power is increasingly being transferred to international financial institutions, transnational federations, and multinational corporations, and away from traditional countries. Political, economic, military, cultural, technological, legal, and media power is being concentrated on a global scale on an unprecedented level. The economic policies favored by the global elites amount to neo-feudalism in practice, and they use all of these faux concern about the environment, public health, oppressed minorities, etc as their self-legitimating ideology because the god-emperor concept or divine right of kings doesn’t really sell in the 21st century.

8 million Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, new study says Reply

By Stefan Sykes, NBC News

The number of Americans living in poverty grew by 8 million since May, according to a Columbia University study, which found an increase in poverty rates after early coronavirus relief ended without more to follow.

Although the federal Cares Act, which gave Americans a one-time stimulus check of $1,200 and unemployed workers an extra $600 each week, was successful at offsetting growing poverty rates in the spring, the effects were short-lived, researchers found in the study published Thursday.


Between Anarchism and Marxism: The beginnings and ends of the schism…. Reply

By Benjamin Franks

This paper examines the development of the schism between Marxism and anarchism, which characterized the relationship between the two ideologies during the ‘short twentieth century’ (to borrow Eric Hobsbawm’s phrase for the period 1914-1991). In addition, it looks at the development of collaborative interactions between anarchism and Marxism in the subsequent 20 years, which parallel a more mutually productive and fluid interaction prior to the Russian revolution.


Vaccines Show Actually Big Government IS The Answer Reply

Actually, the polio vaccine was developed by a non-profit foundation with funds provided by the March of Dimes. Whether that’s good or bad may be a value judgment, but it’s a blow against the “government is necessary” argument.  Krystal and Saager are great journalists but their political ideal amounts to President Bernie Sanders or President Tucker Carlson. Lame.