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Keith Preston

President for Life?

While I generally regard the January 6 incident as an ordinary riot rather than a serious coup attempt, what is being described in this meme is by no means impossible. Also, it could come from any direction, not just the most obvious source. A right-wing demagogue who becomes […]

Darkness at Noon

A book that a lot of today’s “progressives” need to read. Originally published in 1941, Arthur Koestler’s modern masterpiece, Darkness At Noon, is a powerful and haunting portrait of a Communist revolutionary caught in the vicious fray of the Moscow show trials of the late 1930s. Available here. […]

When in Doubt, Choose Freedom

By Otfried Höffe, TELOS It is hard to believe. More than seventy years after the adoption of the Basic Law, a constitution opposed to all dictatorships, two principles have ceased to be self-evident: the content of the basic freedoms and the separation of powers in the organization of […]