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Keith Preston

Zionism needs anti-Semitism

John Hagee’s turn as a key speaker caused much liberal consternation – he is, after all, a notorious anti‑Semite. Daniel Lazare comments on the aftermath of the huge pro-Israel demonstration in Washington DC By Daniel Lazare, Weekly Worker Zionism says it is laying waste to Gaza and killing […]

To Whom Does Israel Belong?

by Georg Immanuel Nagel Arktos Journal Nov 24, 2023 Georg Immanuel Nagel argues that the ‘Middle East conflict’ can never be resolved and no state has the ‘right to exist’. Interestingly, both the left and the right are highly divided on this issue. There are friends of both […]

The anatomy of a madman?

The emotional part will easily be misinterpreted abroad, especially by Anglos. Such histrionic narcissistic figures are not uncommon in Argentinian football and are very well understood and popular in South America, Spain, and Italy. It’s sort of a “permanent joke” that many people in our countries find very […]

The Day The Irish Snapped

Scattered thoughts on multiculturalism, the Dublin riots, and the man who would be king John Carter Nov 24, 2023 Cú Chulainn and His Car, Joseph Christian Leyendecker, 1911 The transnational ruling class has decided that humans are to be treated as a fungible resource, to be moved around […]

The Populist Moment Never Happened

Bronze Age Pervent The election this year in Argentina has elevated to international stardom Javier Milei. His theatrical performances and comic passion, energy on camera remind people of Trump, Bolsonaro and other anti-establishment manic-charismatic champions in recent years. These rose up mostly as a result of people’s justified […]

Elon Musk’s empire of corporations

Saturday, November 25, 2023 From the Fortune Staff A special digital-only issue Elon Musk’s drills are boring below cities; his rockets and satellites are circling the globe; and his vast AI ambitions are just starting to take shape. But he courts controversy relentlessly—most recently endorsing an antisemitic post […]

Jobs set to boom

November 25, 2023 • 3 min read with Diamond Naga Siu Hey hey! Nice to see you post-holiday. If you’re looking for something to do, watch one of the 10 best movies of the year so far (but maybe avoid the 10 worst ones).   The Insider Today […]

Hidden Crimes

Sponsored by Classical Pursuits In the December 7, 2023, issue of the Review, Nicolas Niarchos grapples with the conclusions of Siddharth Kara’s Cobalt Red, an urgent but sensational account of cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: “Having seen what [Kara] describes, I can attest to just how shocking […]

Norm Finkelstein On Israel, Condemning Hamas, Hillary, Human Shields, Shapiro and More

Krystal sits down with political scientist, author, and activist Norman Finkelstein to discuss the conflict in Israel Palestine. 00:00 Introduction, Norm’s Background 9:54 Essential Facts on Israel/Palestine 30:05 Norm Challenged on Hamas Atrocities 39:00 Do Geneva Conventions Apply to Palestinians 42:28 Norm Debunks Hillary Clinton 56:39 Were Palestinians […]

How Social Engineering Drives Technology

Technology doesn’t disrupt society. Society adopts technology through a process of social re-engineering. This can’t happen without functional institutions. Nov 23, 2023 SpaceX/Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, United States This article by Samo Burja was originally published at Palladium Magazine on May 28, 2020. Common wisdom holds that […]

The Biden Regime Plans to Import 65,000 Additional Foreign Workers to Put Downward Pressure on Working Class American Wages, and more

Jose Nino’s Digest Here are my most recent articles for you The Biden Regime Plans to Import 65,000 Additional Foreign Workers to Put Downward Pressure on Working Class American Wages The Biden regime has plans of importing roughly 65,000 H-2B foreign visa workers. Such an immigration influx will […]