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The Patriotic Socialist Front Mission Statement

The Vision

There is no American nation, there is no American government, there is no American representation, there is only a colony of the Globalists. We are natives of a colony. That’s the entire cruel and unrelenting truth, which one must make peace with mentally before thinking ahead.


The manifesto of the Patriotic Socialist Front is a collection of socialist and syndicalist views that describe the vision of our movement, the attainable dream of liberation from the poverty, desperation, and horrors of the modern “American dream.” The American capitalist economic system that we currently slave under prioritizes the profits of the few over the well-being of working people. Every day wealth inequality, exploitation, and poverty continue to grow and fester within American society. This system uses imperialism as a means of expanding American economic and political power globally, often at the cost of human lives and the environment. The Patriotic Socialist Front believes that the people, not our current corrupt elites which only serve the interests of the wealthy and powerful, should be replaced with a government that prioritizes social justice, a fair economy, and peace both here at home and abroad.

To overcome these ills, this manifesto proposes a transformation of American society towards socialism, where the means of production are owned and controlled by the working class, and wealth is distributed equitably. We call for the establishment of a national trade union, and  syndicates, to give workers control over their workplaces and communities. We further call for the abolition of capitalist wars of aggression and support the establishment of a foreign policy based on peace, diplomacy, and international cooperation.

This is our vision for a society free from the exploitation and oppression of capitalism and imperialism and is a call for the working class to unite and fight for their rights and a bright future. Join us, brothers and sisters, freedom awaits!


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