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Remembering Leo Strauss

One of the neocons’ intellectual godfathers. Know your enemy. By Grant Haver The political theorist Leo Strauss (1899-1973) is perhaps an unlikely subject for Chronicles’ “Remembering the Right” series. Although no one can deny the extensive influence of his ideas on the conservative (and later, neoconservative) movement in […]

The Coming Counter-Coup Against the GOP

This article contains a fairly interesting critique of the police/carceral state from a “culturally conservative” perspective. If we can get the Left and Right hating the prison-industrial complex with equal fervor, then we’ve got something. By Stephen Baskerville, Chronicles The left’s new monopoly cannot be resisted without breaking […]

Is Traditional Liberalism Vanishing?

By Matt Taibbi “Mighty Ira,” a documentary about legendary former ACLU chief Ira Glasser, is simultaneously inspiring and unnerving. There’s a scene at the beginning of Mighty Ira, an elegant and thought-provoking documentary about longtime ACLU director Ira Glasser, where the movie’s eponymous hero walks along the grounds […]

Who is Winning the Culture War?

This is an interesting discussion of the culture wars from a serious left/Marxist perspective.  My viewpoint is that the cultural left has been the hands-down winner on most cultural issues (outside of certain narrow geographical, subcultural, institutional, or socioeconomic sectors). But the economic right has been the hands-down […]

A Reflection on Left-wing Nationalism

By Robert Lindsay There have been many leftwing nationalists – the Pathet Lao, Stalin, Samora Machel in Mozambique, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, Aristide in Haiti, Correo in Ecuador, the Fernandez’ in Argentina, and of course the Chavistas in Venezuela. The IRA was left nationalist. So was the ETA […]

‘Listen, No One Cares’

By Peter R. Quinones If you haven’t figured it out by now, calling out the Left on their hypocrisy when debating them is useless. Sure, pointing out the most recent inconsistency to those on your side is helpful for their arguments, but you have to realize that hypocrite […]

The Spark

Is a right-wing revolt on the way? The potential danger from the right is the possible eventual emergence of an Erdogan, Bolsonaro, or Duterte. By William S. Lind, Traditional Right Great historic currents are often set in motion by small events. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand did […]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denounces socialists and praises Biden administration, Democratic Party

Glad to see there are some Trotskyists who actually criticize human rights imperialism. “In the interview, Ocasio-Cortez presents the Democratic Party as having been completely transformed into a working class party.” Whatever.  The Republicans are far-right plutocrats and militarists (the perfect ARENA/Likud hybrid) and the Democrats center-right neoliberals […]

Who Are the Neocons?

Sometimes I get asked questions like “What exactly do you mean by neocons?” I’d say the term “neocons” can be used on several levels. The most narrow level is as a euphemism for the right-wing Trotskyists and social democrats originally associated with tendencies like the Schactmanites, Social Democrats […]

Alexander Reid-Ross and the Progressive Religion

With the honorable exceptions of the “Gods and Radicals” and “Anarchist News” websites, I have yet to see any major figures or groups in the “anti-fascist” or “left-anarchist” milieus disown or even criticize Alexander Reid-Ross. Apparently, “no platform” doesn’t apply to feds, spooks, and cops. Apparently, the progressive […]

The Right Can Win in States

While I am not personally “on the right,” this is the advice I have been giving the right for 20 years. During the 1990s, I came to the realization that the right was destined to lose on the cultural front, and that the totalitarian sectors of cultural left […]

Non-Existent American Socialism

Genuine Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, and other forms of historic authoritarian leftism have practically zero representation in US politics, even on the far fringes.  I think this meme is correct that most of the M-L groups in the US are functional social democrats which puts them in the center-left. For […]

Vaush Debates Jon Zherka (Infrared)

Vaush debate vs Infrared who is a bootleg version of Jon Zherka. They cover a variety of topics, but it gets quite heated especially from Infrared’s side and he starts screaming/malding. Timestamps: 00:00​ Debate Starts 01:27​ Liberalism 04:07​ Ukraine/Russia 05:16​ Define the word 09:17​ Vaush mutes him 13:00​ […]

The Antifa-NATO Axis?

It looks like the battles between the anti-imperialist (or at least anti-Western imperialist) tankieish left and the totalitarian humanist left are heating up, along with the battles between the class reductionist and intersectional sectors of the left, the scientistic and conspiracist sectors, the anti-Zionist and anti-anti-Semitic sectors, the […]

Leftism Against Anarchy

By No-Wing Anarchy, Medium The Bolshevik “betrayal” of anarchists during the Russian Revolution is a commonly known, and almost overly debated instance where anarchism has come into open and bloody conflict with leftism. There is no end to the accusations of murder at Kronstadt, or in Ukraine, and […]