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The Free Speech Facade

By Paul Gottfried, American Mind The Left’s support for civil liberties has always been contingent on its own relative strength or weakness. In a thoughtful commentary on “The New Normal and the Assault on Reason,” Glenn Ellmers makes this historical observation: For several centuries, at least since John […]

The Need for a New, New, New Left

What Nicky describes here is a perfect summary of what is wrong with today’s “Left.” ATS was created in part to challenge the hegemony of what might be called the “anti-iconoclastic left.” Most of today’s “leftists” are actually late 19th century/early 20th century progressives, only they have done […]

Latin America’s Left Turn

The Signal Why are voters across Latin America rejecting right-wing authoritarian populists? Amy Erica Smith on economic inequality, cultural backlash, and a shifting anger with elites. Right-wing authoritarian populists have been building power and rolling back democracy around the world for more than a decade. From Donald Trump in […]

What happened to “The Left?”

By Peter R. Quinones I have a few confidantes who contact me for private discussion or send me articles, etc. I was sent an excerpt from a Washington Examiner piece titled, “Archaeology of Freedom,” by Geoff Shullenberger, which looks into the question many have asked: what happened to […]

Our Friend, the Trump Propagandist

This is an interesting piece by two centrist neocons who discuss the infiltration of Trumpism by right-neocons. There seems to have been a genuine split in neocon circles over how to respond to Trumpism. There are those like Kristol, French, Will, Brooks, Frum, the Kagans, Goldberg, and Hayes […]

The Ticking Bomb of Crypto Fascism

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times The crypto market’s inevitable crash will pull America’s politics in an even scarier direction. Making predictions about looming social and political catastrophes is a dicey business, because most of the exciting things in history did not happen predictably. You can try to […]

How to rise above the partisan fray

By Damon Linker The Week As a liberal centrist, I’m used to taking heat from both sides of our political and cultural divides. When I criticize progressive “woke” trends, the left lashes back. And when I take aim at intensifying anti-democratic derangement among rank-and-file Republicans, the right retaliates. […]

The Psychology of BreadTube

Breadtuber throws himself into pursuits he just recently found about and never before thought of or cared for with the intensity of a professional flamenco dancer, with such enthusiasm that one cannot help but be confused by their level of emotional investment. But if you dig a little […]

Krystal Kyle & Friends | Chris Hedges

Christopher Lynn Hedges is an American journalist, Presbyterian minister, author and television host. He has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, NPR, Dallas Morning News, and The New York Times, where he was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years (1990–2005) and reported from more than fifty countries. Hedges […]

The Problem with “Left vs. Right”

By Gary Galles Mises Institute As a libertarian, I have long objected to being characterized on a left-right political spectrum (as with studies of political affiliations that group libertarians with republicans or conservatives on the right). In response to inquiries about where I fit in that framework, over […]

2 decades of right turns

By Bonnie Kristian, The Week This article is part of The Week‘s 20th anniversary section, looking back at how the world has changed since our first issue was published in April 2001. Saint Paul considered himself an “apostle to the Gentiles” though he did not number among them, […]

Anarcho-Fascism: It’s a Joke, but Not Always

By AntiBoomerEquation Prophet Battlestone’s Amysterium Those who put any effort into studying historical fascism will know that it was associated with syndicalism (worker self-management of industries) and corporatism (as in medieval or Roman society, where the different orders have representation on government and self regulation of affairs). It […]