No, Fascism Can’t Happen Here 8

An excellent analysis based on a serious understanding of how modern liberal-democratic corporate-public administration states actually work.

By Tyler Cowen

The Atlantic

And the reason has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

Could it ever happen here? Fascism, that is. That question is a standard refrain from American history, dating back at least to the 1930s and also related to the classic Sinclair Lewis novel It Can’t Happen Here. It was asked with increasing frequency after the ascent and election of Donald Trump, both on the left and by “Never Trump” commentators on the right, and has continued to be raised as Trump has governed.

But I would like to hazard a prediction that no, it cannot happen here. I won’t claim it could never happen over the centuries, rather that it can’t happen in anything recognizably like the America of today.

My argument is pretty simple: American fascism cannot happen anymore because the American government is so large and unwieldy. It is simply too hard for the fascists, or for that matter other radical groups, to seize control of. No matter who is elected, the fascists cannot control the bureaucracy, they cannot control all the branches of American government, they cannot control the judiciary, they cannot control semi-independent institutions such as the Federal Reserve, and they cannot control what is sometimes called “the deep state.” The net result is they simply can’t control enough of the modern state to steer it in a fascist direction.


A violent Antifa vs Antifa gang war has broken out 2

All those nice, humanitarian Antifa folks just doing their part in the righteous struggle for social justice.

Narrative Collaspe

Update: Thanks to online attacks between rival Antifa, we have learned that a member of Nashville ARA was charged with rape last January.

Recently, scores of Antifa attacked people attending an event at Michigan State University. Eventually, police intervened and arrested twenty-four Antifa. The Antifa perps were arraigned and released on bail over the course of the next three days. Twelve were charged with misdemeanors and four with felonies. (We are still trying to locate the names of the last four charged with felonies.)

According to Antifa sources, over $25k was spent on bail money and some of the people charged with misdemeanors are still under investigation for possible felony charges. Lacy MacAuley, a major leader of the Antifa movement, was charged with a felony. It appears that two of her travel companions from the DC area were charged with misdemeanors.

It has now been disclosed that a violent mob fight erupted between rival Antifa gangs later that night. Local Antifa affiliated with the Great Lakes Antifa [GLA] say they were ambushed and attacked by members of a visiting gang called Nashville ARA. One member of the GLA gang, described only as “Jewish comrade,” was bashed in the head with a metal police baton.


Robert Stark talks to Keith Preston about The Geek Squad & Corporate Surveillance State Collusion Reply

Stark Truth Radio. Listen here.








FBI Paid Best Buy’s Geek Squad to Spy on Customer Devices who are Passing over User Data
Violations of the 4th Amendment which prohibits warrant-less searches based on no probably cause
Farming out state repression to the private sector as a way to get around the 4th Amendment
Motivations for informants to plant contraband
The potential use of these tactics for political oppression
Government surveillance powers over the internet
Internet Censorship and applying the 1st Amendment to Corporations
How the Left has abandoned Freedom of Speech in favor of the Social Justice paradigm
The Left’s support for the Federalization of the Police
How the Police State is now impacting the middle class
Jeff Session’s stances on civil liberties and his lawsuit over California’s Sanctuary State Status
Calexit, it’s legitimacy based on electing a new people, and the New California Movement
Trump’s foreign policy, tariffs, and his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un

Nihilist Hedonism; or Cyberpunk as Eutopia 9

An interesting application of Stirnerite principles.


Instead of a Blog

I do not believe in objective standards, norms, ends, means or values; but I have a strong preference for the combination of hardass and self-indulgent traits one finds in the mercenary reaver cultures of places like medieval Burgundy. Essentially, I care about what I care about and consider anything else a means to that end. But I don’t really believe in ‘muhTroof’ or anything; I do not (for example) believe in ‘natural law’, I just believe in shooting thieves on sight. But if you can get away with stealing from defenseless peasants or the fat-asses of the power elite, good for you.

I have a lot in common with LaVeyan Satanism, but more through a sympathy of attitude than any fake-occultist stuff. I tend to favor the most extreme and materialistic aspects of civilization and barbarism, my ‘ideal society’ would be a bunch of heavily armed autistic stock jobbers who obey and disobey the law entirely based on sociopathic cost-benefit analysis.


Robert Stark interviews Ashley Messinger Reply

The Stark Truth. Listen here.











Robert Stark and co-host Brandon Adamson talk to ASHLEY MESSINGER. Ashley is based in the UK and writes for Brandon’s You can also find Ashley on Twitter.


Why Brandon’s moniker is now “The Left of the AltRight”
Ashley’s political evolution to the Alt Left(Left Wing of the Alt-Right)
Ashley’s disillusionment with the Alt-Right
The immigration and demographic situation in the UK
Radical Islam, the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, and the Rotherham scandal
The ineptitude of right wing politics in the UK
Ashley’s preference for SWPL cultural amenities
Whether there is a large enough demographic for a “Red Pilled” SWPL movement
Misconceptions about English culture
The Thacherite Neo-Liberal de-industrialization of the UK
Ashley’s support for a secular form of Distributism
Luck egalitarianism 
The Signalling Model of Education 
Automation and the Basic Income
The Techno Futurist faction of Neo-Reaction
Effective Altruism
Ashley’s article The Push to Normalize Polonophilia

The Bankruptcy of the American Left 2

Kudos to Chris Hedges. This is as good an analysis as I would ever expect from someone on the Left. This is a fairly straightforward Marxist analysis within a social democratic ideological framework. But he knows who the real enemy is.

By Chris Hedges



“Disunite and Be Dominated!” 1

Baraka was one of the great American black nationalist writers of the 20th century. His point is this statement is what I have always said as well. Merely promoting demographic conflict helps rather than hurts the system. Look at how easily the system has coopted anti-racism, feminism, gay rights, etc. over the past few decades. Look at what a joke Trumpism has turned out to be. But someone who favors abolishing the system for real is a genuine threat. The entire panoply of “extremist” tendencies in North America, including SJWs, Antifa, Anarcho-leftoids, Alt-Right/Lite, Neo-Nazis, and “Patriots” seem incapable of comprehending this.

Image result for baraka amiri white people capitalism

“Anti-Imperialism” vs. “Anti-Fascism”: A Brewing Rivalry on the Left? 5

The source for this extended essay is somewhat dubious, but its content is interesting nevertheless. This kind of writing seems to have become increasingly common in some far left circles. A serious rivalry seems to be brewing between the “anti-imperialist” and “anti-fascist” camps among the far left. The anti-imperialist far left tends to be Stalinist or Maoist oriented, or at least has its roots in all that, and favors supporting anti-imperialist (or at least anti-Western imperialist) regimes worldwide. However, a problem is that anti-imperialist regimes tend to be socially and culturally conservative (which is true of the developing world generally). The Western Left has made “anti-cultural conservatism” into its primary issue in recent decades. While the anti-imperialist far left emphasizes opposition to Western/American hegemony, the Western Left (which some far left anti-imperialists described as the “colonial left”) emphasizes cultural leftism, with so-called “anti-fascism” being the most extreme example of this. So the issue seem to come to down who the different factions of the far left regard as a greater enemy, Western imperialism on one hand, or things like “fat phobia” on the other hand. Another complication is that sectors of the “far right” have adopted a view of international relations that is almost identical to that of the anti-imperialist Left. So the far right and far left end up at largely the same place on foreign policy issues, which is an outrage to the left-wing camps that regard anti-fascism, anti-cultural conservatism, anti-rightwingism, etc. to be their primary value. For those uninterested in reading the whole essay, a decent summary is offered here.


An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left

Originally posted on Ravings of a Radical Vagabond this is a comprehensive summary of Third Positionist fascist currents old and new, and the successful insertion of their ideas into leftist milieus and alternative media outlets.

Note for safety purposes: this post will contain links to far-right pages for documentation and sourcing purposes, and any link to such a page will be in bold and italic, such as this.

Note: Several revisions were made to this post between its initial publication and its present re-publication, and therefore there might be significant differences between its present form and quotes from its original version, such as in Tendance Coatesy‘s boosting of this post and commenting it (which I highly encourage reading).

This long post started as an investigation about the Left and Syria which I started after I read the Sol Process blog’s publicati0n of three posts concerning shady pro-Assad sources used in leftist circles (which can be read here: part I, part II, part III), and which later expanded into a more extensive investigation. I also thank the acknowledgement of my blog post by Russia Without BS, whose blog was helpful in the initial stages of my research.


The Alt-Right is Gay 5



One thing about European New Right philosophy that I think is right is that America is a completely separate culture and civilization from Europe even if it is a derivitive in many ways. Interestingly, North American New Righters try to be more European culturally and intellectually even if many of them are Americans by birth and citizenship. That said, as the demographic change continues and whites become just another minority I don’t see how white nationalists will not become even weirder to most Americans or not be a right wing version of the creepy cross dressing homo plastic surgery freaks of leftist identity politics groups with their own bizarre subcultures and idiosyncracies. I am just not convinced that a high brow, intellectual, racialist counter culture is going to achieve intellectual hegemony in US cultural institutions and then trickle down from the Alternative Bourgeoisie to the white masses to forma zee Eudapean Amedikin Etno Homozexuelle State.


A Former Alt-Rightist Calls Out the Alt-Right 2

I have no way of personally verifying whether the claims made in this piece are true or not, but multiple sources from alt-right circles have said much of what is being said here is correct, with a couple of exceptions

From Reddit

So this is so something I’ve had mulling in my head for some time now and I just really wanted to get my thoughts out there. I feel like it would be healthier. Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I am a former white supremacist who helped organize the Charlotessville rally. My actions have destroyed the lives of countless people and lead to the death of a young woman.

I suppose I should start from the beginning so there is a little better context about my involvement. My beginnings as a white supremacist began a few years back when I first stumbled upon a podcast called “The Daily Shoah”. For those who don’t know, this is probobly the largest alt-right podcast out there, run by Mike Penovich and Jesse Dunstan (better known as Mike Enoch and Seventh Son) of “”. At first, I didn’t even take what was being said to heart. It was mostly just dark entertainment, but after having their words filling my ears for hours at a time every week, I began to actually take what they were saying to heart. I think when a lot of people imagine what turns people into white supremacist, they think of a middle aged bike gang member bruning crosses, but I was just a young college student who thought the N word was funny. It took a few weeks, but I soon internalized their arguments.


The Alt-Right: Just Another High School Clique 2

I don’t share this guy’s politics, but his criticisms of the direction the Alt-Right has taken seems fairly accurate. Sorry, but I just don’t see these guys overthrowing any states, ruling classes, or empires. Instead, they’ve become the mirror image of the Left. If the Left could be considered a kind of cool kids’ club that’s about achieving status by means of virtue signaling, victimology, and progressive stacking, the Alt-Right has become the “revenge of the nerds,” i.e. a cool kids’ club for the uncool kids.

[Btw, here’s a somewhat interesting piece by an Antifa writer outlining a strategy for ensuring that the cool kids’ club remains exclusive to cool kids. The history that is outlined in this seems fairly accurate. What she’s calling for is left unity against both the elite and the far right, and in a way that is predictably completely uncritical or non-reflective when it comes to problems with the Left.]

MISES UK Conference 2018 – Libertarian Toryism, Dr Sean Gabb Reply

Though ultimately about the future, this will also be a speech that dwells on the past. The first past event that I wish to discuss is what happened in June 2017. When I stood down as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, I was asked if I had taken leave of my senses. I was not visibly broken down by age and ill health. I had evidently not run out of things to say. Why, then, was I steeping aside in favour of a young man who was nearly forty years my junior?…

MISES UK Conference 2018 – Leftism versus Humanity, Andy Duncan Reply

We are, I believe, at a turning point in history. I see a glimmer, the tiniest wee glimmer, of the ‘End of Socialism’. So what is socialism? At its core, it’s a religion of theft. And its God is ‘The State’. So what’s ‘The State’? Well, the state is a murderous organised criminal gang, aided and abetted by its intellectual bodyguards who get their cut by masking this criminality