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The Jerk Off Left

“I am not nor I have I ever been a Communist” or a social conservative, but I have rarely seen a better description of the Center for a Stateless Society and/or Alexander Reid-Ross type of “left.” Banned Hipster “I’ve been writing for a decade about how CIA funded […]

A Marxist Analysis Of The American Left

Historically, the original left was not socialism but the Enlightenment liberal philosophy that paralleled the rise of the bourgeoisie in opposition to the Ancient Regime. As an anti-bourgeoisie philosophy, it could be argued (and some have) that Marxism is not only anti-liberal but, a Counter-Enlightenment perspective rooted in […]

Who Are the Trumpists?

Does not this Wikipedia description of France’s National Rally not sound like a perfect description of the transformation of the Republicans from Reaganism to Trumpism? “At the end of the 1970s, Le Pen refurbished his party’s appeal by breaking away from the anti-capitalist heritage of Poujadism. He instead […]

Who Are the Progressive Democrats?

Does not this Wikipedia description of Ted Kennedy sound like a perfect description of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party today? The only difference between the Ted Kennedy liberals and today’s progressives is that the identity politics/political correctness of today’s liberals have become more extreme and visceral. […]

America is the 1%

While I don’t share his loopy Maoism, this video by Jason Unruhe explains pretty well why I reject virtually all US political factions, from far-left to far-right. Nearly all of these are merely rival teams within the global 1%. Most of the anti-one percenters are in fact one-percenters. […]

The Importance of James Burnham

A new and excellent article from Michael Lind. By Michael Lind, Tablet What a newly rediscovered thinker got right and wrong. Who could have guessed that in the third decade of the 21st century, many conservatives would be discussing class struggle, while most progressives would be determined to […]


I have written before about why I am not a “conservative.” With all due respect to serious intellectual conservatives like my friends at the Charlemagne Institute, about 99% of American-style conservatives are the political equivalent of Joel Osteen fans even in their better moments. I could make an […]

Are the Taliban Burkean Conservatives?

By Ulick Fitzhugh, The Burkean A Historicist Revolt in Jurisprudence “The Guilty Have No Past” – Death in June Edmund Burke’s ‘Reflections on the Revolution in France’ cemented, in the eyes of conventional scholars and lay people alike, his place as the father of modern conservatism. Although frequently […]