Feds say far-right group coordinated attack on Minneapolis police precinct during protest 2

, The Hill

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota on Friday announced that the FBI brought charges against a member of the far-right “Boogaloo Bois” group for organizing and participating in an effort to “incite a riot” outside a Minneapolis police precinct in May amid protests against the police killing of George Floyd.

According to the legal complaint filed Monday, Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Boerne, Texas, who claims to be a member of the Boogaloo Bois, communicated with fellow members in late May ahead of a planned trip to Minneapolis as police had already started clashing with protesters in the city.

The documents claim that federal agents obtained a video from the evening of May 28 showing an individual walking up to the door of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis and firing 13 rounds from “what appears to be an AK-47 style semiautomatic rifle.”

Federal officials said the shooter can be seen in the footage walking up to the camera and high-fiving other individuals before shouting “Justice for Floyd!”


Hundreds protest, clash with police in Naples over new coronavirus curfew Reply

No early bedtime for us, say the Italians.

France 24

Hundreds of protesters in Naples threw projectiles at police and set rubbish bins on fire late Friday during a demonstration against coronavirus restrictions in the southern Italian city.

Calls were issued on social media to challenge a curfew that took effect in the Campania region ahead of the weekend, enacted in response to a spiralling second wave of infections that saw nearly 20,000 new cases detected in the last 24 hours.

A mostly young crowd marched through the streets of the regional capital and chanted as the curfew started at 11 pm, with some lighting smoke bombs.

One carried a makeshift sign that read: “If you close, you pay.”

Regional president Vincenzo de Luca had called for stricter confinement measures to contain the virus in Campania, which recorded 2,300 cases over the last day.

“We are on the verge of tragedy, we need a national lockdown,” he said.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has so far avoided reimposing the kind of restrictions that saw the entire nation confined to home quarantine for two months earlier this year and precipitated the country’s worst post-war recession.

Italy was the first European country to be badly hit by the virus. It has now registered nearly 500,000 cases and 37,000 deaths, according to health ministry figures.


White Noise: Inside the Racist Right 1

The Atlantic has a documentary out on the Alt-Right. This looks interesting, and many of the criticisms of the Alt-Right that are probably expressed in this are obviously justified, though much of it looks to be the standard right-wingophobia porn. The Project Veritas of the neoliberals.

“White Noise” is the definitive inside story of the alt-right, following Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern, and Mike Cernovich as they ride a wave of racist ideas to viral fame. Even as the movement breaks into the mainstream, it fractures, leaving its leaders to grapple with backlash, infighting, and self-doubt. “White Noise” will premiere on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play in the U.S. on October 21st.

Is Fascism the Main Danger Today? Trump and Techno-Neoliberalism Reply

By Mark G.E. Kelly, TELOS

In this article, I argue against the prevalent tendency, both in popular and scholarly discourse, to understand the Trump presidency as representing an incipient American fascism. I point out that Trump’s actual administration has shown no features distinctive of fascism, and that all alleged fascist policies of Trump are deeply in continuity with the pattern of liberal U.S. politics. I further argue that the most extraordinary aspect of Trump’s presidency, his strident rhetoric, while representing a deviation from U.S. politics as usual, is nonetheless not distinctively fascist. Lastly, I point out that, while Trump’s rhetoric and policies have drawn him support from literal fascists, he has little real connection with them and has largely disappointed rather than encouraged them. Instead, I suggest that Trump’s presidency represents the opposite of robust use of state power we associate with fascism, namely, a further decline in federal executive power in favor of the power of corporations. I conclude by suggesting that the increase of the censorious power of Big Tech, in particular, represents a far greater threat to democracy than Trump, and that the left’s monomaniacal focus on opposing Trump has allowed this tendency to go unchecked.


Critical Race Theory Reply

Poor Chick-fil-A. Hated by Left and Right alike. And neither one pays much attention to the fact that Chick-fil-A is just another fast-food plantation.
“Sometimes this was literal: showing that critical race theory had conquered him, the head of Chick-fil-a said every white man should shine a black man’s shoes, then he did exactly that, on camera. I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten my last Chick-fil-a sandwich.”
By William S. Lind, Traditional Right

To his great credit, President Trump recently ordered an end to “anti-racism” training for federal employees and contractors. A number of articles discussing his actions have referred to “critical race theory”. What is “critical race theory”?


Why Is Wokeness Winning? 2

By Andrew Sullivan, The Weekly Dish

A question I’ve wrestled with this past year or so is a pretty basic one: if critical race/gender/queer theory is unfalsifiable postmodern claptrap, as I have long contended, how has it conquered so many institutions so swiftly?

It’s been a staggering achievement, when you come to think of it. Critical theory was once an esoteric academic pursuit. Now it has become the core, underlying philosophy of the majority of American cultural institutions, universities, media, corporations, liberal churches, NGOs, philanthropies, and, of course, mainstream journalism. This summer felt like a psychic break from old-school liberalism, a moment when a big part of the American elite just decided to junk the principles that have long defined American democratic life, and embrace what Bari Weiss calls “a mixture of postmodernism, postcolonialism, identity politics, neo-Marxism, critical race theory, intersectionality, and the therapeutic mentality.”


Stepping Back from the Brink Reply

A good discussion of the present situation by fourth-generation warfare theorist Bill Lind. As the discussion thread following this article indicates, more and more I am seeing people on “both sides” (although there are actually dozens of “sides”) saying of their opponents, “But they want to kill us!” We are increasingly reaching the point of what Carl Schmitt considered to be the essence of the “political.”

By William S. Lind, The American Conservative

As the elections fall upon us, most people are focused on who wins, Republicans or Democrats. That is an important question, since a Democratic victory would bring a serious assault on freedom of thought and expression. What you see on campuses is what the cultural Marxists want to force on society as a whole. “Cancel” is the new synonym for “liquidate.”

There is nonetheless a more portentous question facing our country: do politics stay within the banks of the political system or do they overflow those banks and inundate daily life? The answer to that question may lead to another: do we remain the United States or will the astonishing disintegration of the Soviet Union be followed by the even more astonishing disintegration of our own country?


Where Do You Want to Live: Red State or Blue State? Reply

I would prefer neither as both are rapidly becoming corporate fiefdoms which is part of the reason why I am an anarchist. Nor do I see any need to take advice from some neoliberal mouthpiece and neocon stooge like Stephen Moore.

We’re supposed to be the United States of America. But in many ways, we’re now divided into two very different nations: red states and blue states. Which ones are succeeding? Which ones are failing? And why? To answer these questions, economist Stephen Moore compares them side-by-side.

They Say Scandinavia But They Mean Venezuela Reply

Whenever I am reflecting on how many total idiots can be found on the Left, in order to maintain a sense of balance, I find it helpful to watch a Prager U video in order to be reminded of the vast numbers of complete morons on the Right. In this one, Debbie D’Souza, wife of career grifter and neocon stooge Dinesh D’Souza, spins the usual FAUX News line about how “Bernie and AOC want to make America into Venezuela.” As if the plutocrats and technocrats who control the Democrapic Party view these recycled New Dealers/McGovernites on the “left” end of their party as anything other bothersome interlopers. As if “wokeness” is somehow not a part of the ruling class ideology.


Not Left vs. Right, But Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Reply

One thing I have noticed is that folks on the left who like me claim me as one of their own, as do folks on the right, while those on the left who don’t like me say I’m on the other team, as do those on the right. Then there are those on both the left and right who say, “he’s on the other side but he’s one of the good ones.”
While I would agree there are important philosophical differences between the left and right (views of human nature as malleable vs. fixed, constrained vs unconstrained visions, metaphysical vs. materialist outlooks, egalitarianism vs elitism, universality vs. particularity, linear views of history vs. some other view, mythical idyllic pasts vs. mythical utopian futures), I think an important problem with the left/right spectrum is that it has nothing to say about the question of power per se. I tend to prefer Kirk Sale’s model.


LEVIATHAN AND ITS ENEMIES: Anonymous Elites in Power 2

It’s interesting how anticapitalism is starting to grow on the Right because many have realized the corporations are not their friends. Conservatives are always wondering why they are unable to effectively resist the leftward totalitarian drift. I would argue it is because they accept many of the same premises and foundations as their hated progressives such as, for example, the legitimacy of the state and related forms of paternalism. Social justice warriors are merely social conservatives under another name. They merely replace the traditional pieties of “faith, family, and flag” with new ones like race, gender, sexuality, health, science, equality, and ecology. Now, that the corporate class is embracing the new pieties, proponents of the old ones are moving toward anticapitalism.