Celebrity Left Twitter is “a Thing” 2

By Rachel Haywire

I first came across the term “Celebrity Left Twitter” when I realized I had the same enemies as a bunch of communists. My initial reaction was disgust, being that communism epitomizes a collectivist mentality that seeks to downgrade the individual to the lowest base denominator. Nevertheless, the more I researched this phenomena, the more I realized these communists were onto something: these uppity progressive journalists were the spawn of satan. 

The far left and the far right are basically the same thing, riling against “the elite” in its various forms. Whether the elite = The Jews or The Nazis or The Communists or The Fascists or The Cultural Marxists, the elite is still the elite.

Now let’s ask ourselves what “the elite” means while removing our political affiliations for a moment. The elite = the people who control us. The elite = those who we cannot criticize. The elite = the people in power. Who is in power now? My answer is as follows: sociopathic millionaires who pretend to be ultra-progressive in order to appeal to the dominant political current. These are the people who were cheering for Bush during his war in Iraq, only this time they are fighting for gay marriage. Their aim is simply to be on the winning team, and they will adapt their views accordingly. They go where the money doth flow.

The enemy of the enemy isn’t always my friend. As Jim Goad puts it, the enemy of the enemy is probably just another enemy of mine. Yet the enemy of the enemy is often worse than the enemy itself. These progressive journalists are worse than communists. It’s these progressive journalists who are keeping us down, while the communists can’t even keep down a tent.