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No Cake? No Peace!

Some Gay Cake Nazis earlier today

Several times I’ve seen what I assume was a hypothetical suggestion that PC elites might one day persecute a Xian bakery for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding .  Well, that day has now arrived (more or less).  The Great March Of Progress shatters another fascistic obstacle in the fight for universal equality!   Death to the Nazi Bakers and their reactionary evil!

I’m really not making this shit up; check the BBC story here

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  1. People have a right to protest anything they want, as far as I understand it that’s what anarchism is all about.

  2. Sure they have a right to protest, but anarchists should really take a dim view of the state persecuting a small business in order to impose the state ideology. Note that this event was almost certainly ultimately state sponsored, which means they have invited this guy to do something for which there would otherwise probably have been no demand and then spanked him when he refused. This amounts to a deliberate attack on a religious doctrine using essentially the same technique The Roman Empire used to go in for. “All you gotta do is admit Caesar is a god too, or you’re lion food buddy”

  3. We had a case like this in the US recently:

    From the time I initially learned what homosexuals were, I always assumed they were just another variation in all the different kinds of people there are (like blondes or black people). However, in the cultural environment I grew up in rather extreme forms of “homophobia” were basically the norm. I had the most liberal views on this issue of anyone I knew of. Until about a decade ago, I was a staunch supporter of the gay rights movement. While my views of homosexuality itself and my politically and legally libertarian approach to the issue have remained unchanged throughout my entire lifetime, it seems to me that the gay rights movement has now joined the establishment and is just another busy body group that wants to push other people around. In other words, they’re now emulating their former antagonists like Rev. Pat Robertson or Rev. Fred Phelps. And it seems my own personal views of the issue have gone from being ultra-liberal to apparently Hitlerian just by my having stood in one place for nearly 40 years.

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