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The Lighthouse: Assaulting Weapons | Who Owns the University? | What Happened to Stanford?

March 21, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter Independent Truths with Dr. Scott Atlas Dr. Atlas interviews Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow, for a fascinating conversation about key issues exposed by the pandemic—like the history behind government violations of civil liberties and the ideological takeover of America’s universities. […]

3/21/23: NYPD Barricades For Trump Arrest, Trump Implies Desantis Is Pedophile, France Protest Explode, WH Press Corps Silences Reporter, Fauci Confronts DC Residents, Finance Youtubers Sued, Iraq War Hawks For Ukraine, Trita Parsi on Iraq Failures

Krystal and Saagar discuss the NYPD setting up metal barricades ahead of a potential Trump arrest, Trump lashes out at Desantis with incendiary claims that he is a gay pedophile, protest in France reach a fever pitch over Macron’s Pension Cuts, the White House Press Corps silences a […]

3/20/23: Is Trump’s Arrest Imminent?/MAGA Rages At Desantis/Credit Suisse Rescued/ Putin Tours Ukraine Warzone/Iraq 20 year Anniversary/Anti-Lab Leak Propaganda/Jon Stewart KO’s Larry Summers

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump’s claims that he will be arrested on Tuesday, Lawyer Bradley Moss (@BradMossEsq) joins to give his legal opinion on Trump’s legal scenario, MAGA demands Desantis block arrest of Trump, Pence is frozen on Trump criticism, Credit Suisse rescued on brink, Biden Sec confirms […]

Actually, it is nice to be rich

The Week  Staff Actually, it is nice to be rich Brendan  Morrow What’s next for Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan? Justin  Klawans At least 15 dead after Ecuador’s 6.8-magnitude earthquake Advertisement from Wisebread High Paying Card For Good To Excellent Credit The Week  Staff The truth about […]

Second thoughts about DeSantis?

Rafi  Schwartz Second thoughts about DeSantis? Justin  Klawans Is it time to stop dyeing the Chicago River green? Harold  Maass Will GPT-4 change the world? Advertisement from Wisebread Best Rewards Card of 2023 With $200 Bonus Devika  Rao Parasitic fungus that kills spiders discovered in Brazil Brendan  Morrow […]

3/17/23: Jon Stewart Pushes Mark Cuban On SVB, Carcinogens Detected in East Palestine, Roger Waters Concert Cancelled For Israel Position, McNally Caught w/ Embarrassing Social Media Flirting, Snapchat Rolls Out Crazy AI bot, Ken Klippenstein on Gov Gavin Newsom’s Connection To SVB

In this episode we discuss Jon Stewart giving push back to Mark Cuban’s takes on SVB bailout in a recent interview, an independent test in East Palestine, Ohio detected deadly carcinogens in the water, a Roger Waters concert was cancelled due to his past statements on Israel, Lieutenant […]

3/16/23: US Pushes Tik Tok Sale For National Security, Stock Chaos, Potential “Lehman Moment”, Jamie Dimon Bailout Meetings, Neocons Attack Trump/Desantis on Ukraine, Michigan Rolls Back “Anti Union” Law, The Fed Must Be Stopped, Biden’s Controversial New Indian Ambassador

Krystal and Saagar discuss the US pushing for a Tik Tok sale citing National Security concerns, Stock Chaos as the Credit Suisse bank struggles incite new fears, Nouriel Roubini claims we are in a “Lehman moment” as bank bubble bursts, meetings between Jamie Dimon and the Biden Treasury […]

3/15/23: Russian Jet Shoots Down American Drone, Desantis Speaks On Ukraine, Tucker Scoffs Trump Foreign Policy, Is SVB Like 2008, Biden Approves Fossil Fuel Drilling, ChatGPT4.0, Women in Workforce, Ebola Outbreak to Covid Lab Leak

Ryan and Emily discuss a Russian jet shooting down an American drone, Desantis gives statements on Ukraine similar to Trump but receives more backlash, Tucker ridicules what Trump got done during his term and calls him “autistic”, Is SVB the sign of another 2008 like collapse? Biden approves […]

3/14/23: Bank Stocks Collapse, David Dayen Trashes Bailout Defenders, China Humiliates Biden on Ukraine, Kamala Unpopularity, Majority Poll Believes Lab Leak, Bailout Reveals Rigged System, East Palestine Forgotten, Matt Taibbi Responds to Congressional Smears

Krystal and Saagar discuss Bank stocks collapsing after Biden says Banking System “Sound”, Secret Fed Bailout pumps billions into banks, David Dayen (@ddayen) executive editor at The Prospect trashes Jason Calacanis’s takes on SVB bailout, China humiliates Biden with potential Ukraine peace deal, Dems panic over Kamala’s unpopularity, […]

It’s Time to Call Off the War on Drugs

MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2023 The true principles of our Constitution… are wisely opposed to all perpetuations of power, and to every practice which may lead to hereditary establishments. – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Messrs. Bloodgood and Hammond [1809] HORNBERGER’S BLOG March 13, 2023 A Cruddy and Dangerous Monetary […]

3/13/23: Massive SVB Bailout, Crypto Bank Collapses, Execs Sold Millions Before Collapse, JD Vance Rips Republicans on Norfolk, Pence Blasts Trump and Tucker, Desantis Blames Wokeness on Bank Collapse, Fauci Freaks Over Prosecution Calls

Krystal and Saagar discuss the massive SVB bailout propping up the banking sector, Romney and Mark Cuban demand bailouts, Crypto Bank Signature collapses amid tech fallout, SVB Executives sold millions in stock and took bonuses before collapse, Matthew Zeitlin (@MattZeitlin) from the GridNews joins us to talk about […]

3/10/23: Taibbi Attacked By Dems in Twitter Files Hearing, US NYT Nordstream Report, Jon Stewart Backlash Over Lab Leak Jokes, Chris Rock on Meghan Markle, Work Monitoring Employee Brain Waves, Migrant Child Labor Abuse

In this episode we discuss Matt Taibbi attacked by Democrats as a “so called journalist” in Twitter Files hearing, the New York Times releases a report saying the Nordstream pipeline was destroyed by “Pro Ukranian groups”, Jon Stewart speaks about the backlash he received from his Lab Leak […]

3/9/23: Capitol Police’s Jan 6th Nonsense Defense, Tucker Trump Texts, Budget Standoff, Biden Gov Demands Elon Contacts, Chomsky’s Warning on ChatGPT, Fauci Confronted on Lab Leak, Former CDC Director on Gain of Function, Tucker’s Ukraine Test, Stock Buybacks Destroying Economy, Ken Roth on Netanyahu Power Grab

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Capitol Police’s defense of new footage release on Jan 6th showing them escorting the Q-Anon Shaman, texts from Tucker Carloson reveal his hatred for Trump, Biden’s Budget hits standoff as the Debt Default looms, Biden Gov demands Elon Musk provide internal communications and […]

3/8/23: Seymour Hersh EXCLUSIVE: SHREDS NYT Nord Stream Report, Warren Slams Fed Rate Hikes, Biden Defends Medicare Future, China Accuses US Of Containment, DC Crime Bill, Ryan Vs KJP Spying Question, German Chancellor on Nordstream

Ryan and Emily are joined by legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh to discuss his belief that the New York Times Nordstream report is fake, Elizabeth Warren slams Jerome Powell for considering future interest rate hikes that may cause a recession, Biden says he has a plan to extend […]

I am not a number

View in browser  |  Your newsletter preferences 03.07.23 Obscure government algorithms are making life-changing decisions about millions of people around the world. Now, for the first time, we can reveal how one of these systems works. For Suspicion Machine, a four-part series from WIRED and Lighthouse Reports, we […]

3/7/23: FAA Near Death Accidents, Clearest Signs Of Trump Indictment, DHS Illegal Spying Program, Fauci Prompted Lab Leak Coverup, New Jan 6th Footage Revelations, Alex Murdaugh’s Verdict, California Housing Crisis, Introducing BP Partner Spencer Snyder

Krystal and Saagar discuss the FAA in a state of emergency after multiple near death accidents, Jet Blue and Spirit airlines merger blocked, the clearest signs yet of a Trump indictment, Dems celebrate the return of Trump, DHS revealed to have illegal spying program, Fauci caught prompting a […]

3/6/23: Trump Dominates CPAC, Bannon Declares War on Fox News, New Norfolk Southern Train Derails, MSNBC Attacks Marianne, Russel Brand on Bill Maher, Amazon Bails On HQ2, Teenage Liberal Depression, Former Navy Pilot on UFOs

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump dominating at CPAC, Desantis short circuiting when asked about Trump endorsement, Steve Bannon declaring war on Fox News, another Norfolk Southern Train derails, Buttigieg concedes he needs to do more, MSNBC smears Marianne’s candidacy, Russel Brand goes viral on Bill Maher, Krystal looks […]