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4/10/23: Leaked Ukraine War Docs, China’s Red Lines On Ukraine, Mossad Behind Israel Protests, Pentagon Censors Leaks, Elon Vs Substack, Texas BLM Shooter, Laura Loomer Vs MTG, Jon Stewart Destroys Pentagon Official, Abortion Pill

Krystal and Saagar discuss a massive trove of leaked documents released to us that show inner details on Ukraine War, China’s Red Lines on the Ukraine War, and how Mossad worked to foment the protests in Israel, the Pentagon racing to censor the leaks, Elon declaring war on […]

Should child labor laws be loosened?

Joel Mathis Should child labor laws be loosened? Becca Stanek How to get away affordably this summer The Week Staff Surviving mid-career job loss Justin Klawans Competing federal rulings spell trouble for abortion pill access The Week Staff 5 unlawfully funny cartoons about justice Brendan Morrow Everything we know about Joker 2 Catherine Garcia The […]

4/8/23: Saagar Reacts To Las Vegas Shooter Docs, Fired Starbucks Union Organizer Alexis Rizzo, Boomers HomeBuying Bonanza, Pentagon Claims SVB Bailout National Security Interests, James Li On Billionaires

Krystal and Saagar discuss the FBI releasing documents about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooter, we’re joined by Alexis Rizzo a Starbucks Union Organizer who was fired days after Howard Shultz’s testimony, Boomers going on a HomeBuying frenzy, Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein) and Daniel Boguslaw (@DRBoguslaw) look into how […]

4/7/23: Medhi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi, Ukraine War Plans Leak, Blackrock Paris Stormed By Protests, TN Dems Expelled, RFK Jr, Taiwan Mccarthy, China Saudi Arabia, Trump Indictment

Ryan and Emily discuss the confrontation between Mehdi Hasan and Matt Taibbi over The Twitter Files, Ukraine War plans leaking over social media, Blackrock Paris is stormed by French protestors, Tennessee Democrats expelled from House for participating in gun control protests, RFK Jr announces his run for presidency […]

Nothing to see here

The latest in Main Street conservative news View this email in your browser Dear Reader,We call this Friday Good. The offices of The American Conservative are closed today as we remember Christ’s Passion and look forward to celebrating his Resurrection. Assistant editor John Hirschauer has written a reflection […]

4/6/23: Maddow Refuses To Broadcast Trump Live, Petrodollar Collapsing, Ukraine Open To Negotiations, West Admits Nordstream Coverup, Trump Major Cash Flow, NPR Labeled US State Media, Don Lemon’s Psycho Behavior, Feds Inside Proud Boys, Millions Flee Coastal Cities, New Chicago Mayor

Krystal and Saagar discuss Rachel Maddow refusing to broadcast Trump’s speech live, the Petrodollar collapsing with new China deals, Ukraine open to negotiating with Russia, the West admitting the Nordstream bombing coverup, Russia’s dire warning after Finland officially joins NATO, Trump swamping the competition in fundraising dollars, Twitter […]

The Lighthouse: Where Homelessness is Concentrated | Trusting W.H.O.? | DeSantis on Ukraine

April 4, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter The Phantom National Homelessness Crisis Lawrence J. McQuillan (The American Spectator) Homelessness is not strictly speaking a national crisis. It has reached crisis level in a relatively few cities, notably in California, that subsidize self-destructive behaviors. In these places, officials refuse to […]

Donald Trump’s 4 biggest legal threats

The Week  Staff Stealing Ukraine’s children Rafi  Schwartz Donald Trump’s 4 biggest legal threats Devika  Rao Scientists break record for fish filmed in deepest waters to date Theara  Coleman The Adnan Syed case, explained Advertisement from Wisebread High Paying Card For Good To Excellent Credit Brendan  Morrow Moana […]

The ‘next Joe Rogan’

 View in browser Subscribe April 3, 2023 Hello, Insiders! I’m still thinking of our harrowing hacker story. (ICYMI: A hacker gained control of our senior reporter Avery Hartmans’ phone and wreaked havoc.) Have you ever been the victim of a scam like that? Let me know: And […]

4/3/23: Trump’s Lead Explodes Post Indictment, Anti-Trumper Enters 2024, Marianne Williamson Polls Surge, Pro-Russian Blogger Blown Up, Fox News Faces Massive Payout, Elon Strips NY Times of Checkmark, Meme Lord Convicted, Biden Kills Healthcare For Millions

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump’s lead over Desantis exploding after the indictment news, Trump en route to NYC for surrender, Asa Hutchinson enters the 2024 GOP primary race, Marianne Williamson has a surge poll despite media blackout, a Pro-Russian blogger is blown up by a bomb in St. […]

3/30/23: Trump Jury Disbands For 1 Month, Kremlin Detains US Reporter, US Blocks Nordstream Investigaiton, Tucker/Ilhan Blast Tik Tok Bill, Jamie Dimon To Testify in Epstein Case, Credit Suisse Fraud, Elon Loses 20 Billion On Twitter, Blackstone Steals Homes, Assault Weapons Ban, Starbucks Worker on CEO Lies

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Trump Grand Jury disbanding for 1 Month, Republican voters shredding “Weak” Mike Pence, Trump mocks Desantis over Disney battle, a US Wall Street Journal reporter is detained in Kremlin on accusations of “spying”, US blocks a Nordstream investigation by the UN, Zelensky invites […]

3/29/23: Chris Christie Insists He Can Beat Trump, Is TikTok Ban A New Patriot Act, Steven Donzinger Denied By Supreme Court, SBF Caught Bribing China, Serial Podcast Murder Conviction Reopened, Stephanie Ruhle’s Media Grifts, Elon Musk Indian Gov Censorship, Ebola Lab Leak

Ryan and Emily discuss Chris Christie insisting he can beat Trump in 2024, Jon Stewart denies Trump arrest will make him a martyr, is the Tik Tok ban in congress “The Restrict Act” looking like the new Patriot Act, the Supreme Court declining to hear Steven Donzinger’s challenge […]

The Lighthouse: Haunted Financial Markets | Spending Straitjackets | Trump’s Lockdown

March 28, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter The Fed’s Policies Haunt Financial Markets Judy L. Shelton (Wall Street Journal) Inadequate supply, relative to massive spending-induced demand, spurred the inflation we have now. But why is Chairman Powell’s destruction of that demand through ‘emergency’ interest-rate hikes the answer? What about […]

3/28/23: Trans Suspect Behind Christian Mass Shooting, Netanyahu Caves to Protests, Peter Beinart on Israeli Hypocrisy, Top SVB Accounts 13 Billion, American Patriotism Plummets, IRS Targets Matt Taibbi, US Military Shortages, Binance Sued

Krystal and Saagar discuss a Trans suspect behind the Christian Mass School Shooting, Netanyahu caves after Israeli protests erupt, Peter Beinart joins the show to discuss Palestinians seeing hypocrisy behind Israeli protests, the top SVB accounts had 13 Billion in cash, Trump trashes SVB Bank bailout, American patriotism […]