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6/23/23: Bohemian Grove Sued, Killer Whales Attack Yachts, Zuckerberg’s Twitter Competitor, Pentagon Social Media Patrols, LIV Golf Merger Falling Apart

This week we discuss Bohemian Grove sued over Worker abuse, Journalists backing Yachts over Killer Whales during recent ocean attacks, Zuckerberg planning his own version of Twitter called “Threads” to be released soon, Ken Klippenstein covers The Pentagon patrolling social media for mean tweets about US Generals, and […]

Carlson Claims RFK Jr. More Loathed by Media Than Trump, Kari Lake Sued for Defamation, Indian Prime Minister Addresses Congress Amidst Human Rights Protests

Friday, June 23, 2023 Refer a Friend | Forward | Unsubscribe Tucker Carlson Says RFK Jr. More Hated by Media Than Trump: ‘Trump Got a Gentle Scalp Massage by Comparison’ In his sixth episode of Tucker on Twitter, Carlson declared, “There’s never been a candidate for president the […]

41 Dead in Prison Riot

41 Dead in Prison Riot At least 41 female inmates were killed during a violent gang confrontation at a prison. Read More… Surprising Move: Trump Leaves Out Ivanka and Kushner Former President Donald Trump revelas plans for his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Read More…

The new Cold War in the Arctic, explained

Joel  Mathis The new Cold War in the Arctic, explained Theara  Coleman Should taxpayers fund religious schools? Rafi  Schwartz Will Trump’s indictment be a fatal blow to his 2024 hopes? Advertisement from Wisebread Earn $200 After Spending $500 Brendan  Morrow The future of ‘Doctor Who’ Becca  Stanek Affordable […]

6/22/23: Submarine Out Of Oxygen, Potential China Base In Cuba, SCOTUS Caught On Billionaire Vacation, Teen Test Scores Plummet, Elon Says Cisgender Is Slur, Billionaire Backed Populism, Remote Worker Revolution, Amazon Prime Lawsuit

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Coast Guard reporting that the OceanGate Submarine has run out of oxygen, China potentially opening a military base in Cuba, China freaking out after Biden calls Xi a Dictator, SCOTUS Justice Alito caught on billionaire vacation, Teenage Test Scores plummet after pandemic, Elon […]

American dream’s more likely abroad

June 22, 2023 Hello, Insiders. Matt Turner here. The Federal Trade Commission sued Amazon on Wednesday, accusing the e-commerce behemoth of tricking customers into signing up for Prime subscriptions. The FTC complaint gives special mention to an Insider investigation from chief tech correspondent Eugene Kim, which reignited what […]

Is it time for a thaw with China?

Peter  Weber 5 theories for why Trump kept boxes of secret documents Peter  Weber Alito did not disclose private jet trip from GOP billionaire with business before Supreme Court Harold  Maass Is it time for a thaw with China? Advertisement From Wisebread Earn $200 After Spending $500 David  […]

6/21/23: Tucker And Trump React To Hunter Charges, Obama Blames Economy For Rightwing Populism, Trump Trial Date Set Week Before Debate, Impending Student Debt Ruling, Andrew Tate Charged In Romania, Venezuela Sanctions, Titanic Submarine Missing And New Lab Leak Evidence

Ryan and Emily discuss Tucker and Trump responding to Hunter Biden’s charges, Obama blaming economic woes for the rise of rightwing populism, Trump trial date set a week before the first GOP debate, student debt SCOTUS ruling impending, Andrew Tate charged in Romania, Venezuelan and Cuban sanctions, a […]

15 Killed in Mass Casualty Collision

Children Killed Retrieving Luggage on Highway Two children were struck and killed by a car in California while attempting to retrieve luggage that had fallen from their vehicle.  Read More… 15 Killed in Mass Casualty Collision At least 15 people were killed in a collision when a bus carrying 25 […]

Hunter Biden Reaches Plea Deal and the GOP Cries About It, While MTG Claims ‘We Are Controlled by Communists” and Boebert Forces an Impeachment Vote

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 Refer a Friend | Forward | Unsubscribe Hunter Biden Reaches Deal to Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Tax Charges Under an agreement with the Justice Department, the president’s son agreed to probation for filing his taxes late, and he can avoid a charge that he […]

Titanic sub search and rescue

June 21, 2023 Hello, Insiders. This is Kieran Corcoran, an executive editor in Insider’s News division.   We are gripped today by the effort to rescue the submersible lost near the wreck of the Titanic. Our reporting so far found reason to be pessimistic: successful rescue is rare, […]

The charges against Hunter Biden, explained

Justin  Klawans How the cruise industry is pivoting to sustainability Rafi  Schwartz Hunter Biden pleads guilty to federal tax crimes Devika  Rao UN passes first-ever high seas treaty protecting marine life Advertisement From Wisebread Earn $200 After Spending $500 Joel  Mathis Can Republicans win minority voters? Brigid  Kennedy […]

6/20/23: Hunter Biden Charged w/ Felony, Biden Campaign Freaks Over RFK, Jordan Peterson Interview Nuked By YouTube, Putin Claims Peace Deal Was Signed, Trump’s Fiery Fox News Interview, Epstein JPMorgan, Meghan Markle Spotify Grift, Dr Hotez Joe Rogan Debate, Legacy of Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Saagar and Ryan discuss Hunter Biden being charged with a gun felony, the Biden team worried about RFK Jr., YouTube nukes an interview between Jordan Peterson and RFK Jr., Putin claims a Peace Deal was signed years ago, Ukraine counter offensive slows to a grind, Trump hangs himself […]

Did Trump Admit Obstruction on Fox?

Did Trump Admit Obstruction on Fox? Plus: Americans may be getting more socially conservative, poverty policy beyond welfare, and more… ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN Trump tells Fox News that he couldn’t give back subpoenaed documents because his golf shirts were mixed in. Lawyers rightfully stress that if you find yourself […]

What is The People’s Party that launched Cornel West’s presidential campaign?

Rafi  Schwartz What is The People’s Party that launched Cornel West’s presidential campaign? Harold Maass, Peter  Weber Russia reportedly tried to assassinate CIA asset in Miami Advertisement by Enbridge Turning food waste into renewable energy. Discover how. ” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” /> Theara  Coleman 4 global organizations the US […]

6/19/23: Unions Back Biden Despite Bertrayals, Voters Reject Trump Biden Rematch, DeSantis Attacks Trump On Abortion, Blinken Declares No Taiwan Independence, Tucker Goes To War With Fox, Streamer XQC Gets $100 Million Contract, US Shifts Right On Culture War, Newsom Plots Against Biden, And No Labels Defends 2024 Run

Krystal and Saagar discuss unions backing Biden despite his recent betrayals, voters rejecting a Biden v. Trump rematch, DeSantis attacks Trump on abortion, Trump leads Biden post indictment, Blinken takes trip to China, Tucker and Trump attack Fox News, streamer XQC gets $100 million contract from Twitch competitor, […]

Chris Christie Says Trump Is a ‘Petulant Child’, Bill Barr on Trump: America ‘Can’t Be a Therapy Session’ for ‘Troubled Man’, Steve Bannon Declares ‘Full on War’

Monday, June 19, 2023 Forward Chris Christie Says Trump Is A ‘Petulant Child’ When Someone Disagrees With Him The former New Jersey governor also refused to say whether he would support the indicted ex-president should he become the 2024 GOP presidential nominee. Read more | Join the discussion […]

Secret ‘Goldilocks’ documents

June 19, 2023 Hello, Insiders. Hallam Bullock, an editor on Insider’s audience team, here. Today marks Juneteenth, a federal holiday in the US commemorating the end of slavery. From parades to pageants, here’s how America has celebrated Juneteenth over the decades.   Today, we’re exploring how the jury […]

Mass Shooting at Birthday Party

Mass Shooting at Birthday Party An 18-year-old woman was shot while six others sustained injuries during a shooting incident. Read More… Three Dead in Boat Fire Three tourists have now been confirmed dead after a fire broke out on a diving boat they were traveling on in the Egyptian Red Sea.  Read […]

Will prosecuting Trump help his campaign?

The Week  Staff A startup ‘extinction event’ Harold  Maass Will prosecuting Trump help his campaign? Justin  Klawans At least 40 killed in rebel attack on Ugandan school Advertisement by Lifebook Celebrating Father’s Day with LifeTime Memoirs The Week  Staff AI: The worst-case scenario Catherine  Garcia The Check-In: Safety […]

6/16/23: Saturn Moon Has Ingredients For Life, Charles Barkley On CNN: “I’m Joining The Titanic”, Beyond The Headlines On Inflation w/ James Li

This week we discuss a Saturn Moon discovery that might have ingredients for Life, Charles Barkley’s comments on joining CNN show his concern about “joining the Titanic”, and James Li brings us a new episode of “Beyond The Headlines” On Inflation. To become a Breaking Points Premium Member […]