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7/17/23: Ukraine Bombs Crimean Bridge, DeSantis Sheds Staff Amid Money Troubles, Winners and Losers GOP Fundraising, Tucker Carlson Rips Mike Pence, Historic Hollywood Strike, Twitter Payments For Creators, California Woke Math, Hollywood Replaces Actors w/ AI, EV Prices Collapse w/ Doug DeMuro

Krystal and Saagar discuss DeSantis campaign tanking, new GOP fundraising numbers, Tucker Carlson rips Mike Pence on Ukraine live at a Turning Point event, Biden struggles on 2024 fundraising, SAG joins WGA in historic Hollywood strike as Ron Pearlman attacks Bob Iger’s comments on the strikers, Twitter begins […]

AI’s latest victim

July 17, 2023 Well, it’s Monday. A nice cup of coffee would definitely brighten up the workweek. But coffee is so expensive nowadays. Ugh. Even Warren Buffett’s wife was overheard complaining about a $4 java while attending summer camp for billionaires.   Billionaires — they’re just like us. […]

‘You Didn’t Drain the Swamp’, “MAGA’s MVP”: Marjorie Taylor Greene Sits on a Throne in Pro-trump Rap Video, Rep. Jayapal’s Israel Comments Spark Backlash

‘You didn’t drain the swamp’: Trump battles Maria Bartiromo on poor performance as president Fox News host Maria Bartiromo challenged former President Donald Trump about his performance while in office. Read more | Join the discussion “MAGA’s MVP”: Marjorie Taylor Greene sits on a throne in pro-Trump rap […]

4 Dead in Boat-Jumping TikTok Challenge

4 Dead in Boat-Jumping TikTok Challenge Officials have reported the loss of four lives in Alabama, attributed to a risky trend popular on social media platforms. This trend involves people jumping from moving boats into water. Read More… Texas Teen Accidentally Shoots Mother A 19-year-old woman was arrested after unintentionally […]

9 Dead in Market Shooting and Fire

9 Dead in Market Shooting and Fire Masked and armed individuals attacked a public market, leading to the death of nine people by shooting and fire.  Read More… Prank Turns Deadly, Teens Charged with Murder Three teenagers from Georgia are now facing serious charges of felony murder after a […]

RFK Jr.’s Bonkers Theory COVID Was Designed to Spare ‘Jews and Chinese’, MTG Trashes Robert Kennedy Jr., Tucker Carlson: ‘You Have a Right to Decide Who You Hate’

RFK Jr. Floats Bonkers Theory COVID Was Designed To Spare ‘Jews And Chinese’ Kennedy’s remarks gave an antisemitic flavor to this week’s press dinner turned shouting match. Read more | Join the discussion Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Republicans Are Being ‘Fooled’ Into Liking RFK Jr. By His Anti-Vax […]

The ultrarich’s life hacks

July 15, 2023 Hello, Insiders! We made it to the weekend again. If the travel hack skiplagging is confusing to you — don’t worry! The money-saving loophole (when you book a flight with a layover in your intended destination) only exists because airlines break one of the basic […]

Biden Trounces Trump and Desantis With Record 72 Million in Fundraising; George Santos’ Campaign Paid Him; China Doesn’t Want to Compete. It Wants to Win.

Biden Trounces Is Trump and Desantis With Record 72 Million in Fundraising Anyone worried about Democratic 2024 enthusiasm should look at the fact that the Biden-Harris campaign raised twice as much money as Trump and three times more than Ron DeSantis. Read more | Join the discussion George […]

7/14/23: Biden Staff Fears His Private Rage, Record Number Of Americans Live Alone, CNN Attacks Cornel West, RFK Non Union Merch, School Choice Hidden Agenda, Publicly Funded Stadiums

This week we discuss reports of Biden’s private bouts of rage with his staff, a record numbers of Americans now live alone, CNN attacks Cornel West as a spoiler candidate, RFK Jr’s campaign is caught using foreign non union merch breaking from norms, James Li looks at the […]

Teen Found Dead After Online Date

Teen Found Dead After Online Date Two people have been caught in connection with the murder of an 18-year-old from South Carolina, who disappeared last week while on a date with someone the teen had met online. Read More… Massive Crash: Greyhound Bus Wreck Claims Three Lives, 14 Injured Three […]

Us Secret Service Ends Cocaine Investigation; Domestic Abusers Are Using Abortion Bans to Control Their Victims; Republicans Vote Down Greene, Gaetz Ukraine Bills

White House cocaine: US Secret Service ends investigation It said it had attempted to determine a suspect through fingerprints, DNA traces and video evidence, but had not been able to do so. Read more | Join the discussion Domestic Abusers Are Using Abortion Bans to Control Their Victims […]

Dismantle NATO, or At Least Get Out

THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2023 What has transformed the limited war between royal armies into total war, the clash between peoples, is not technicalities of military art, but the substitution of the welfare state for the laissez-faire state. – Ludwig von Mises, Human Action [1949] HORNBERGER’S BLOG July 13, 2023 […]

7/13/23: Hollywood SHUTDOWN, Actor Negotiations Collapse, Americans Feel Recession, FBI Dodges Jan 6th Questions, Billionaires Flee DeSantis, RBG SCOTUS Corruption, Morning Joe Begs Biden Staff, Biden Whistleblower, Housing Vultures, Panel on Jonah Hill

Krystal and Saagar discuss the breaking news of SAG going on strike with the WGA writers guild in a total Hollywood shutdown, Americans feel Recession despite Inflation cooling, the FBI dodges Feds at Jan 6th questions in hearing, Jan 6th Rioter Ray Epps Sues Fox for Defamation, Billionaires […]

7/12/23: Trump, Dems Trash Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Tuberville Stumped On White Nationalism, Zelensky Fumes At NATO, Hunter Biden Star Witness Indicted, Tucker Interviews Andrew Tate, Oppenheimer Barbie Real History, Congress Covid Origins Hearing, Sierra Leone Elections

Ryan and Emily discuss bipartisan pushback to Cluster bombs to Ukraine, Zelensky fuming over NATO’s conditions on entrance, Tuberville stumped by CNN host on white nationalist question, Hunter Biden star witness indicted, judge approves Microsoft-Activision merger, Tucker Carlson interviews Andrew Tate, Emily looks at the real history of […]

Tuberville’s White Nationalism Comments Trigger Uproar, Trump ‘Unlikely’ to Participate in Debates, MTG Proposes Pulling the U.S. Out of NATO

Tuberville’s white nationalism comments trigger GOP uproar Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) sparked uproar Tuesday after refusing to denounce white nationalists in a CNN interview, forcing Republican senators to respond Read more | Join the discussion Trump ‘unlikely’ to participate in debates Jason Miller, a longtime adviser to Donald […]

Social Media Censorship BACKFIRES: Biden Admin Flags Itself, Pro-Ukraine Accounts as Russian Disinformation, Docs Reveal

July 11 2023 Social Media Censorship BACKFIRES: Biden Admin Flags Itself, Pro-Ukraine Accounts as Russian Disinformation, Docs Reveal COMMENTARY By Tyler O’Neil The FBI under President Biden urged Meta, Instagram’s parent company, to remove the State Department’s official Russian-language Instagram account. More Law Banning ‘Gender Transition’ of Minors […]

7/11/23: Trump Crushing DeSantis In Florida, Zuck’s Threads Hits 100 Million, Morning Joe Tells Americans Shut Up, Disney Parks Empty, Biden Abandons Grandchild, Obama Lectures Gen Z, Sound of Freedom Film, Teamsters President On UPS Strike

Krystal and Saagar discuss Trump crushing DeSantis in Florida primary polls, DeSantis brands Trump as Pro Gay, Twitter traffic plunges as Threads hits 100 million users, Elon begs Mr.Beast to post videos on Twitter, Morning Joe tells Americans to Shut Up about the Economy, US faith in institutions […]

George Santos Compares Himself to Rosa Parks, Student Loan Borrowers Facing ‘ Real Danger’, Senator Tuberville Faceplants

Republican fabulist George Santos compares himself to Rosa Parks Congressman who has pleaded not guilty to 13 fraud-related counts condemned as ‘disgrace’ by prospective opponent Read more | Join the discussion Student loans: Looming payments put spotlight on ‘real danger’ for borrowers Americans with student loans could see […]

‘Fake work’ in Big Tech

July 11, 2023 Hey there! If you’re still not buying the hype around Meta’s Threads, you’re not alone. There’s one major retailer that is a noticeable holdout: Costco.   Speaking of Big Tech, remember all the criticism employees in the industry got for doing “fake work”? Well, it […]

Should Ukraine join NATO?

Brigid  Kennedy Should Ukraine be admitted to NATO? Rafi  Schwartz Soccer legend Megan Rapinoe announces retirement Advertisement from wisebread Earn $200 After Spending $500 Rafi  Schwartz Where in the world is Yevgeny Prigozhin? Brendan  Morrow Kevin Spacey’s UK sexual assault trial, explained Advertisement from wisebread Earn $200 After […]

Court Says Prostitution Law Doesn’t Violate First Amendment But Language Should Be Interpreted Narrowly

Court Says Prostitution Law Doesn’t Violate First Amendment But Language Should Be Interpreted Narrowly Plus: Democrats dismiss nonwhite moderates, Schumer wants investigation into energy drink, GOP prosecutors threaten Target over Pride merchandise, and more… ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has […]

7/10/23: Biden Defends Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Biden Says Ukraine Not Ready For NATO, DeSantis Pressed On Low Polling, Slowing Growth In Jobs Market, Twitter Threatens Lawsuit With Zuckerberg, Colleges Nuke Merit Admissions, AOC Endorses Biden, Will Jawando Runs For Maryland Senate

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden shipping Cluster Bombs to Ukraine, up to 100 CIA personnel in Ukraine, Biden saying Ukraine isn’t ready for NATO, DeSantis pressed on FOX News about declining poll numbers, the words GOP candidates use to stand out, Jobs report shows slowing growth, Elon threatens […]

Afghan Interpreter Who Risked Life for Us Shot and Killed in DC, Former Mob Boss on Trump: ‘He Don’t Keep His Word’, Man on Scooter Shoots People in New York

Afghan interpreter who risked life for US troops shot and killed in DC The former military interpreter found work as a ride-share driver and even managed to send money back to Afghanistan to help family and friends. Read more | Join the discussion ‘He don’t keep his word’: […]

‘Watching the Rewatcher’

A few issues ago, New York exhaustively explored the behind-the-scenes ways in which the TV industry hit new chaotic peaks over the past year. The people who make TV are invaluable (pay writers fairly!), but the chronically online who have made it their literal job to make versions […]

Amex’s sales shake-up

July 7, 2023 The weekend is here! Fun-fact Friday: The smell of fresh-cut grass is actually pheromones that plants release when under attack, per Science Illustrated.   Our big story today focuses on the potential root cause of a shake-up within American Express’ sales division.   In today’s […]