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Bobby the K

Dear Reader, At our offices, we have a habit of saying the magazine’s name with an emphasis on the second member—The AMERICAN Conservative. As you might expect from that, we are enthusiastic about the Fourth of July, and wax sentimental about our fair country amid the hot dogs […]

7/06/23: Major SCOTUS Rulings, LGBTQ+ Rights Case Faked, Biden Blocked On Social Media Censoring, Facebook Launches Twitter Competitor, DeSantis Runs Trump Anti-LGBTQ Ad, New 2024 Data, UPS Workers Ready To Strike, Cocaine Found At White House, Lib Twitter Profile Exposed As Fake, American Marriage Plummets and Israel Launches Attacks In West Bank

Krystal and Emily discuss the major recent Supreme Court rulings, reports that the LGBTQ website case was based on a fake scenario, judge blocks Biden from pushing for censorship on social media, Fakebook launches Twitter competitor, DeSantis runs wild anti-Trump LGBTQ ad, new data on 2024 odds, UPS […]

Donald Trump Suggests Joe Biden Uses Cocaine, Josh Hawley Tweeted a Fake Quote to Push Religious Propaganda, Ruling Puts Social Media at Crossroads

Donald Trump Baselessly Suggests Joe Biden Uses Cocaine, Calls Prosecutor ‘Crackhead’ The former president said cocaine found at the White House must have belonged to Joe and Hunter Biden; the Biden family was out of town. Read more | Join the discussion Reporter Asks Karine Jean Pierre If […]

Woman Pushed Off Cliff to Her Death

Prince Harry and Meghan Under Fire From YouTube Star Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are potentially facing legal action after featuring an image of a YouTuber named Shallon Lester in a documentary series about their lives.  Read More… Woman Pushed Off Cliff to Her Death An Alabama woman has been […]

Gunman arrested for Philadelphia mass shooting which left 5 dead is BLM activist who wore women’s clothes: sources

By Emily Crane and Andy Tillett The rifle-wielding suspect who donned a bulletproof vest before allegedly shooting dead five men and injuring two children in Philadelphia has been identified as a Black Lives Matter supporter who shared gun-toting memes on social media. Kimbrady Carriker, 40, was nabbed shortly after the […]

A Vermeer for the IRA

“One of the most intimate and quiet of painters, and one who often chose to work on an unusually small scale, Vermeer has become, paradoxically, a crowd-pleaser.” So writes Ruth Bernard Yeazell in the July 20 issue of the magazine, on the occasion of a recent show of […]

‘We Are Way Behind’: Top DeSantis Official Sounds Alarm, Protecting America: The All-Volunteer Force Is in Crisis, Fourth of July: Independence Day

‘We are way behind’: Top DeSantis PAC official sounds alarm Steve Cortes got pretty blunt during a Twitter spaces session on Sunday night. Read more | Join the discussion The All-Volunteer Force Is in Crisis A half century after the induction of the last draftee, America’s military faces […]

51 Dead in Horrifying Road Accident

51 Dead in Horrifying Road Accident In a devastating accident a truck collided with several vehicles and market traders, resulting in at least 51 deaths. Read More… Presumed Human Remains From Titan Sub Brought to Surface The US Coast Guard has confirmed the extraction of what are presumed to […]

‘Dangerous Creep Towards Authoritarianism’, Christie Says Trump and Biden Are Both Past Their ‘Sell-by Date’, “Bidenomics”

AOC Challenges SCOTUS ‘Legitimacy’ After Triple Court Rulings: ‘Dangerous Creep Towards Authoritarianism’ Ocasio-Cortez joined CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday to discuss the court’s rulings that struck down affirmative action, LGBTQ protections, and President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness program. Read more | Join the discussion Christie says Trump […]

Pence’s Pallid Pomp

Fintan O’Toole Unrepentant Pence Mike Pence’s religiosity may be entirely sincere, but it is also instrumental and highly politicized. He, like Trump, is in show business. Carolina A. Miranda ‘Places That Weren’t Supposed to Be Places’ Three exhibitions of Caribbean art in New York, San Juan, and Chicago […]

Billionaire Dies in Race Car Crash

Billionaire Dies in Race Car Crash A Chicago-based billionaire and respected philanthropist, tragically lost his life in a car crash at the Aspen Motorsports Park in Woody Creek, Colorado. Read More… Two Dead, 12 Injured in Street Party Shooting A street party in Michigan, about 102 miles northwest […]

Major blow for borrowers

July 1, 2023 Hello, Insiders! Happy Saturday — and of course, happy Canada Day to our readers up north. We heard you’re launching a remote-work scheme to lure digital nomads… so maybe we’ll see you up there soon?   On the agenda today: Angry Microsoft employees are roasting […]

The Ever-Widening War

SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2023 With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the neoconservatives saw a chance for hegemony and regarded the accomplishments that put a leash on Armageddon as hindrances to the exercise of American power. — Paul Craig Roberts “The Ever-Widening War” (2023) HORNBERGER’S BLOG […]

6/30/23: Hollywood Advice For Joe Biden, JPMorgan Deletes 47 Million Emails, John Kerry Confronted On Iraq War Crimes, Fox Struggles To Defend Leaked Trump Audio, James Li On FedNow Central Payment System

This week we discuss Jeffrey Katzenberg’s “Hollywood Advice” for the ageing Joe Biden, JP Morgan sued for deleting over 47 million emails, French TV confronting John Kerry over the Iraq War Crimes, Fox struggling to defend Trump’s leaked audio of his classified documents, and our partner James Li […]

6/29/23: Voters Reject “Bidenomics”, Pod Save Bros Meltdown Over 3rd Party, Troops At Mexico Border Polling, Russian General Detained For Coup, AirBnB Death Spiral, Ro Khanna On Defense Spending, AI Sexbots, Shein Influencers, Debate Panel Affirmative Action

Krystal and Emily discuss Biden unveiling his “Bidenomics” economy speech, the Pod Save Bros melting down over Cornell West’s 3rd party run, Did the RFK Jr Podcast Tour backfire?, the real reason Republicans want troops at the border, Trump planning a big return to Twitter, a report that […]

The Biggest Problem in American Politics: ‘We’re Electing Idiots’, ‘Communists’ Don’t Vacation in Florida, Trump Reverses Course

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 Refer a Friend | Forward | Unsubscribe ‘We’re electing idiots’: Liz Cheney pinpoints the biggest problem in American politics Outspoken Donald Trump critic and former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) summed up the problem with U.S. politics Monday night. Read more | Join the discussion […]

Students Play Dead to Survive School Attack

Students Play Dead to Survive School Attack Forty-one people, including 38 students, were killed when an Islamist extremist group attacked a secondary school. Read More… Nebraska Teen Found Dead in Burning Bonfire Pit An 18-year-old high school graduate from Nebraska was found dead under suspicious circumstances while celebrating his graduation in […]