All Nations Party

All Nations Party

The All Nations Party supports pan-secessionism and true nationalism. It is a small step toward pushing for self-determination and true national sovereignty in what is now the United States.

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The Grand Prize

The All Nations Party supports the break up of the United States into countries for what we see as the true nations of the United States. While not definitive, our early proposal is:

white (green in pacific northwest), black (dark grey in deep south) and mestizo (brown along the southern border) nationalist states,

a mormon state centered around Utah, (dark red)

a pacific state on the left coast, (gold)

a libertarian state in Colorado and New Hampshire, (purple)

The Lakota and Eastern Oklahoma in rose red

the Republican States of America in dark blue,

the Progressive States of America in light blue,

the Democratic States of America in medium blue,

and the remainder of the United States on the east coast and Florida (red)

Hawaii and Alaska are to become separate countries.

There are three advantages to this.

1. We can see how separate countries operate, and what systems work best. There can be real experimentation and real competition between systems, instead of a monolithic, incoherent mess caused by battling interests and committee decisions.

2. For implementation, we don’t have to convince anyone of anything EXCEPT the right to secede. Other than that, there is no particular ideology that has to be pushed, the only barriers are convincing people of the right to self-determination and dealing with the practical problems of partition.

Sectarian separatist movements all go nowhere because they lack the numbers to win elections at the Federal level. The All Nations Party target coalition does have that potential.

Radical progressives, liberarians, Aztlan nationalists, et cetera will never have the numbers to implement the policies they want (a majority of hispanics do NOT support Aztlan). It is only by grudgingly working together, with people you don’t like, that we will have the numbers needed to gain sovereignty and self-determination.

3. Most importantly, you can have a nation for you, run for people like you, with your values. This is the grand prize. And this party gives you a chance to attain it in your lifetime.

If you support this program, there are three things you can do:

1. Donate money. With money we can get into campus activism and event activism, and attempt to register the party in certain states, and turn the ANP into a real party.

2. Spread the word in real life

3. If you’re active on the internet, follow and like ANP posts and videos to increase their prominence.

This isn’t a social outfit. We’re not interested in blogging for it’s own sake, or some personality out to get popular on the internet, or some kooky sectarian movement trying to save the delta smelt.

We’re interested in creating a real political movement to create liberty in our lifetime.

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  1. My first take is, some of these states aren’t viable. That is, if their populations were as stated, they wouldn’t have the wherewithal to exist peaceably and prosperously. It then occurs to me that probably everyone is thinking the same thing, the only difference being WHICH proposed states one thinks might not be viable! Of course, that WOULDN’T be the state made up of one’s own group, would it? Oh, well. 🙂

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