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Decentralized cities

Jonathan Hillis Mar 7, 2021 • 5 min read One of the favorite past times of tech twitter during the pandemic has been predicting the next Silicon Valley.Austin, with its natural beauty, weird-chill vibe, flagship university, killer BBQ, and long history of technology companies is an obvious choice. […]

It’s time to break up

By Tom Woods It’s difficult to know exactly when it happened, but not long ago many Americans suddenly looked around and discovered that they and their neighbors inhabited completely different moral universes. Whether it’s Black Lives Matter, or teaching gender theory to children, or the usefulness or otherwise of […]

Smaller Is Better

Ep. 2223 Smaller Is Better Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute joins me to make a worldwide case for smaller states, decentralization, and secession. Special Offer We love our monthly Happily date box — it’s full of games, recipes, and activities that bring us closer together. With a […]

Breaking Away: The Case for Secession, Radical Decentralization, and Smaller Polities by Ryan McMaken

Mises Institute The Mises Institute keeps old classics available to new generations and publishes new original titles expanding our understanding of Austrian economics, the free market, and a classical liberal society of nonintervention. In addition, the Mises Institute’s online library is the world’s most extensive online collection of […]

Opinion: Secession is not the solution

By JEFFREY FRENKIEWICH Concord Monitor Jeff Frenkiewich is a Milford Middle School social studies teacher and a UNH adjunct professor In recent years, the idea of secession as a solution for America’s political divide has gained increased popularity, particularly on the Right. After Donald Trump’s loss in the […]

A leading California secession advocate got funding and direction from Russian intelligence agents, US government alleges

By Charles R. Davis Business Insider At a 2018 rally in Sacramento, hundreds of Californians called for a national divorce, citing “irreparable and irreconcilable differences.” “Ultimately, the best people to govern California are us Californians,” Louis Marinelli, the founder of the secessionist group Yes California, told the newspaper […]

What Happens If We Come Apart?

The geographically non-contiguous fragmentations we see today might well be a prelude to something like Balaji Srinivasan’s concept of the “network state,” which itself is only a few steps removed from the “panarchic” concept of non-territorial governments of Paul Emile de Puydt, Gustave Molinari, Max Nettlau, and John […]

How Do We Win?

By Peter R. Quinones Anyone who has been following me since my Rightward turn knows that one of the main strategies that I have been promoting is becoming politically active on the most local level specifically concentrating on Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “What Must Be Done” strategy. The speech is […]

Balaji Srinivasan on the Network State and How to Start a New Country

Balaji Srinivasan on the Network State and How to Start a New Country | Brought to you by Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro Cover sleeping solution for dynamic cooling and heating (, Athletic Greens all-in-one nutritional supplement (, and Shopify global commerce platform, providing tools to start, grow, market, […]

Libertarians Should NOT Support Texan Secession

“Secession is only good when our team does it,” said the special pleaders at C4SS. “As such, this is the distinction between defending the autonomy of territories like the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities, Freetown Christiania, and ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes from the states they exist within and supporting the […]


By Keith Preston The federal system collapses like the USSR/Warsaw Pact. Minorities of Reds/Blues are behind enemy lines. Migration like the India/Pakistan partition begins. Massive violence happens. Hundreds of warring factions emerge like Syria and Lebanon. Another possibility would be a situation like Northern Ireland during the time […]

How It Might Should Be Done

This guy gets it.  Some of his talks are available on YouTube. Idris Robinson, Ill Will August 16th, 2020 The following is a transcript of a talk delivered in Seattle on July 20, 2020, lightly-edited by the author for readability. A video recording produced by Red May is […]