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Exiting Anarchist Politics: Pan-Anarchism in Action?

The eco-villagers, exitarians, panarchists, radical anc-aps/agorists, national-anarchists, bolobolo fans, democratic confederalists, startuppers, intentional communards, neo-tribalists, PLEers, SEZers, crypto-anarchists, seasteaders, smart citiers, new urbanists, micronationalists, and Benedict optionists all have some interesting ideas that might fit under the paradigm of pan-anarchism, from far left to far right, and spanning […]

A History of Decentralization Jun 11, 2019 14 minute read (full) First let’s decentralize history… This month’s thematic has been a real challenge for us and raised many questions in our minds. Why? The history of decentralization is complex and non-linear. But most of all, it is difficult to be considered from […]

11 Micronations in Europe You Never Knew Existed

This needs to become a global trend, like McDonald’s. By Harry Stewart The culture trip. We’ve all heard of places like Liechtenstein and the Vatican, tiny European nations with minuscule populations. Yet these are internationally recognized states—actual countries, if you will. Even more bizarre are Europe’s micronations: quirky […]

How to build your own country

By Joe Quirk CNN If you’d like to live in a country that caters to your values and lifestyle, why not build your own? Nearly half the earth’s surface is a blue frontier over which no country holds sovereignty, and startup cities that float permanently in international waters […]

The United City-States of America, Mapped

The future infrastructure of pan-anarchism? The city-states should only be the meta-structures for thousands of local communities, intentional communites, neighborhoods, districts, and autonomous zones. And why only 100? Ancient Greece was comprised of nearly 1100 autonomous cities. The Holy Roman Empire included hundreds of kingdoms intersecting with many […]

Mexican cities secede to escape corruption and cartels, forming corporate dystopias, precarious utopian projects, and Mad Maxish militia towns

The infrastructure of pan-anarchism is already being created. Boingboing.Net Mexico’s corrupt, failing government that covers up official mass murders by attacking journalists and dissidents with cyberweapons is locked in a stalemate with the country’s horrific, mass-murdering gangs, and the Mexican people are caught in the crossfire. The weak […]

A Small Revolution

By Jeff Deist Mises Institute Dr. Robert Murphy and I enjoyed a robust discussion of the current political landscape this past weekend at the University of Central Florida. A significant percentage of attendees, maybe half, agreed with the proposition that the US is past the point of political […]

Secession is a Means, but Not the Ends

The recent events involving the efforts of Catalonia to separate itself from Spain, and the resulting repression at the hands of the Spanish state, along with the growing prominence of the Kurdish independence movement, have been accompanied by a range of criticisms being levied against both movements. The […]

Calexit: Is Secession the Answer?

By Keith Preston American Renaissance American political culture has come to be defined by enormous divisions. Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt notes that present day political polarization is wider than at any time since the Civil War. Social science research finds that more Americans would oppose their son or […]

Is the realignment happening already? (UK)

Is the realignment happening already? By Keir Martland (26th June 2016) At about midnight, the globalists in the Parliamentary Labour Party began their coup. Blairite Hilary Benn told socialist anti-interventionist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn that he had no confidence in his leadership and the latter had no option […]

Brexit as a Means to True Secession

By Chris Shaw I’ve made it clear that I don’t see the EU referendum as particularly important. The major economic questions surrounding the modern world, from banking fragility and capital creation, to huge levels of private and sovereign debt and politico-economic centralisation are not remotely addressed within this […]