Sanctuary Cities: The Way Forward for Pan-Anarchism and Pan-Secessionism?

The article below seriously advocates for “pro-choice” sanctuary cities. Meanwhile, there are now at least 41 “pro-life sanctuaries” in existence. Pro-gun sanctuaries now include 1200 localities. About 40% of local jurisdictions in the US are now marijuana sanctuaries.  Over 500 jurisdictions in the US are immigration sanctuaries. Efforts are underway to create 100 sanctuaries for psychedelic drugs. There are now a handful of sex worker sanctuaries.  There is a polyamory sanctuary in Massachusetts. This trend opens the door for all kinds of possibilities. Theoretically, there could be an infinite number of sanctuaries for an infinite number of lifestyles, causes, or ideologies, and not only in the United States but around the world. There can be sanctuaries for tax resisters, unschoolers, runaway kids, escaped convicts, debtors, anti-vaxxers, anarchists, communists, cults,  ethnic separatists, environmentalists, animal rightsers, off-the-grid livers, squatters, tent cities, and virtually anything else. The USA is one of the most statist anywhere in the world. If these kinds of communities can proliferate in the US and survive, then sanctuaries of an infinite variety can potentially proliferate anywhere. Certainly, there are plenty of prototypes for this as I pointed out in this talk a few years ago.

By Abigail Burman California Law Review

You live in Mississippi, work an hourly, minimum wage job, have no savings, and have young children. You are also seven weeks pregnant and want to have an abortion.

Technically, you can go to an abortion clinic. But even though you have Medicaid, it won’t cover any of the procedure’s costs because Mississippi generally follows the federal Hyde Amendment restrictions. So not only will you have to find a provider and schedule an appointment, you will also need to come up with hundreds of dollars to cover the cost of the procedure, money for gas to get to the clinic an hour from your house, and money to pay someone to watch your kids. In addition, Mississippi has a mandatory waiting period and a mandatory ultrasound law, so you will need another hundred dollars to pay for an ultrasound, as well as twice the time off work, childcare, and money for transportation. Altogether, going to a clinic to get an abortion could cost you well over five hundred dollars, the equivalent of more than seventy hours of work. And if you cannot afford the procedure now, the costs will only go up.


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