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Against Overproduction

by Don Fitz [This is the final part of an exchange between Robert Pollin and Don Fitz carried in Green Social Thought (GST) and ZNet.  The first portion consisted of two articles by Pollin which originally appeared in Truthout on 7/3/21 and 6/10/21.  The second portion was a […]

The Importance of James Burnham

A new and excellent article from Michael Lind. By Michael Lind, Tablet What a newly rediscovered thinker got right and wrong. Who could have guessed that in the third decade of the 21st century, many conservatives would be discussing class struggle, while most progressives would be determined to […]

Twenty Years of 9/11

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley It’s been twenty years since 9/11 but it feels more like twenty years of 9/11. That’s probably because an entire industrial complex has been constructed around a concerted effort to keep those wounds fresh and harvest the anguish […]


I have written before about why I am not a “conservative.” With all due respect to serious intellectual conservatives like my friends at the Charlemagne Institute, about 99% of American-style conservatives are the political equivalent of Joel Osteen fans even in their better moments. I could make an […]

The American Dream of Secession

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley Do you smell that, dearest motherfuckers? Secession is in the air and not just among freaky anarchists like me. From coast to coast, from border to border, Americans of all stripes, shades and sizes are openly discussing and […]

Which Model of Pan-Secession is Best?

My guess is that the constituents for pan-secession will include conservatives who do not feel they can ever win under the current system but do not want to go down the road of overt authoritarianism, liberals and leftists who have a “better off without them” attitude toward conservatives, […]

Canceling Critical Race Theory

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley I am not a politically correct animal. Out of the good of my bleeding heart, I’ve tried, but my species of genderfuck extraterrestrial just doesn’t swing that way. When the good lord Kali made this mess, she made […]

On Having Whiteness

Change the title of this to “On Having Jewishness” and the problematic aspects of this line of thinking are illustrated. This article, along with the writings of Ibram X. Kendi, is the most extreme example I have seen to date of full-blown “left-racial supremacism” entering into mainstream discourse. […]

They Shoot Trans Kids, Don’t They?

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley It’s official dearest motherfuckers, those goddamn Jesus freaks have declared war on trans kids, my kids. As I gaze upon the legislative wreckage from the tsunami of hate laws that have washed over the Bible Belt and beyond, […]

Attack the System S2: E15

Thursdays the 13th, origins of Friday the 13th, significance of the number 12 in astrotheology, the biblical character Judas, Derek Chauvin and his co-defendants are indicted on federal civil rights charges, legal meaning of double jeopardy, the Rodney King case from 1991/92, LA riots in 1992, the attack […]

How the State Will Co-opt the Anti-Police Movement

One thing that we learned from the anti-police riots last year is that the state/ruling class/power elite generally prefers to co-opt and absorb protest movements rather than engaging in large-scale direct repression. Remember that corporations and banks were adopting BLM symbolism as their own,  and conducting seminars on […]

Attack the System S2: E14

Derek Chauvin is guilty, how the law defines murder and manslaughter, how Chauvin was thrown under the bus to protect the system, the Justine Diamond case,  why police welfare checks are dangerous, criticism of the Chauvin trial as a show trial, how cops and civilians are held to […]

Attack the System S2: E13

Another police killing in the Minneapolis area, Duante Wright, a cop who supposedly didn’t know the difference between a gun and a taser, bulk of police training is firearms training, the problems with hiring combat veterans as police officers, Joe Rogan’s interview with ex-cop Mike Wood, cops who […]

Why Donbass Matters

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley Dark storm clouds are gathering over the contested Ukrainian border regions of Donbass and Crimea as two antiquated superpowers surge headlong towards a conflict that could easily end in nuclear oblivion. It may take two dinosaurs to tango […]

Attack the System S2: E12

Changing the name of the podcast, the death of DMX, DMX controversies, DMX animal cruelty charges, how celebrities and politicians are always praised when they die, welcoming Regan to the program as a guest host, Regan’s website Transforming the Darkness, Nancy Pelosi rents office space to pedophile-connected group, […]

Kick the Puppy/Attack the System S2: E11

Iran and China sign an economic and security agreement, US allies go their own way on Iran, American hegemony is receding, the coming “multi-order order,” Biden continues Trump’s trade policies with China,  China is an economic colony of the West, history of the US conflict with Iran, Republicans […]

“Removing Pesticides from Our Public Spaces”

Public areas such as parks, playgrounds and schoolyards are routinely sprayed with various chemicals to control insects and plants. Evidence has mounted showing that these chemicals damage human health. Pesticides tend to be used disproportionately in African American communities. These chemicals also have unintended consequences for humans, animals […]