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By Keith Preston The federal system collapses like the USSR/Warsaw Pact. Minorities of Reds/Blues are behind enemy lines. Migration like the India/Pakistan partition begins. Massive violence happens. Hundreds of warring factions emerge like Syria and Lebanon. Another possibility would be a situation like Northern Ireland during the time […]

The Real War Heroes

The first chapter of  the book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War By William T. Hathaway RADICAL PEACE presents the experiences of war resisters, deserters, and peace activists who are working to change our warrior culture. This chapter describes helping a soldier to desert. “That must be them.” Petra […]

Is lasting peace possible?

By William T. Hathaway The wise men of the establishment are again telling us that hopes for lasting peace are a delusion. They declare that human nature makes it impossible, that war is built into our genes. They point to research by evolutionary biologists that indicates our closest […]

Privatizing Nature

By William T. Hathaway The financial wizards of Wall Street have devised a new way to profit from Mother Nature. They’ve created a class of stocks called Natural Asset Companies that will control the earth’s resources such as water, wildlife, forests, minerals, and farmland. The project was developed […]

Cuba Prepares for Disaster

by Don Fitz The September 2021 Scientific American included a description by the editors of the deplorable state of disaster relief in the US.  They traced the root cause of problems with relief programs as their “focus on restoring private property,” which results in little attention to those […]

Inequities of Legalized Marijuana

Webinar 7 pm CT USA, Wed, Mar 2, 2022 The billion-dollar marijuana market should have room for every ethnic group. But going from decriminalization to medical and recreational use has resulted in a patchwork of dangerous inconsistencies.  The weaponization of marijuana laws against communities of color leaves victims […]