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Thinking Beyond Roe

By Amy Littlefield, The Nation

If Supreme Court rules as expected, a group of committed abortion rights supporters is ready to fight to “liberate abortion.”

Jessy Rosales stood in front of the Supreme Court Building on Wednesday, holding a yellow circle printed with the words “I had an abortion” in one hand and a homemade poster that read “Me and all my homies heart abortion” in the other. Inside, the justices were considering whether to grant Mississippi’s request to uphold its ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy—and to end the right to legal abortion in the process.

Rosales had an abortion five years ago. As a low-income college student at the University of California–Riverside, she had no car, struggled to find a clinic, and faced a long wait for an appointment when she did find one. By the time she had her abortion, she was past 15 weeks. As she stood flanked by thousands of people at competing rallies on the pro-and anti-abortion sides, Rosales said she started sharing her story to break the isolation she felt.

“I remember, during that time, I didn’t know anybody else who had had an abortion,” she said. “It felt so wrong and weird.”


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